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  1. Chipping away it, little by little. Startiing to see a little daylight at the end of this project tunnel.

    Detailed the grill using "The Detailer". I really dig this stuff as its super easy to use..


    Got the 409 dressed. Little detailing on the valve covers plus a parts bin air cleaner( needed something low profile as the bodydrop was pushing the motor against the hood). My second plug job. Still gotta remember to leave some slack to avoid the "wires under tension" look. Gonna clean them up at the distributor a little. Macro shows all sins.



    My first scratch built parts! Bellflower tips. Round styrene, BMF, and parts bin chrome elbows. Little dab of glue, a brush of paint, I was psyched!



    Got the body in Diamond Dust base coat. Ive been using Duplicolor sandible primer. Works great, is cheap, and has no adverse reaction to Testors lacquer Goodbye scratch marks, so long bondo boogers..



    Next up is the gut plus a valiant attempt at some sort of panel paint job. Thanks for looking and the inspiration!

  2. cool impala all though becarefull with the chaisses it pretty weak and flimsy and break and fall apart too i know because i onece had this model before.

    I know right?

    Didnt take much work to get the chassis pan on the floor., I just raised the axle mounts and left everything else pretty much alone. The molded in mufflers and crossmember hang below the rockers though, so I shortened the mounts to tuck the whole pan up where it belongs. Ill get some pics later.

    The pan may be flimsy, but Im suprised by the amount of flashing on this model, plus the body has more thin spots and dips than some resin kits.

    Working on the Bellflower tips right now.

  3. Made a little progress, Laconia Bike Week is goin down and Ive spent the past week or so on two wheels checking the scene and not much time at the bench. But Im getting a few things done.

    I got the car to lay rocker by modifying the belly pan some more, so its got a body drop of sorts going on. I sectioned the interior tub along with the core support to get things back in line. This build is morphing into more of a modern iterpretation of a early 60s cruiser. The pan has solid axles with everything molded in so undercarrage detail wont be exstensive.

    The two show off things this time around are the egg crate grill in the front along with a recessed tubular tail panel bringing up the rear. Guess what Im using for taillights and Id like to know which way you think they look mounted best. Also please note that I just slapped this stuff together for some quick progress pics and theres still a long ways to go, but you get the idea.

    Thanks for checkin it out!





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