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  1. Looks awesome. My uncle had an Ecklers kitted Vette in the 70's. This looks much nicer. Show off your builds man, thats what this place is here for..
  2. This is a fun kit. I dig the skunk stripe and the antennae.
  3. Channeling Harry Westergard with this one. Looks great.
  4. Great work! Love the tube grill and later headight buckets and bumper. Fits great.
  5. I know right? Didnt take much work to get the chassis pan on the floor., I just raised the axle mounts and left everything else pretty much alone. The molded in mufflers and crossmember hang below the rockers though, so I shortened the mounts to tuck the whole pan up where it belongs. Ill get some pics later. The pan may be flimsy, but Im suprised by the amount of flashing on this model, plus the body has more thin spots and dips than some resin kits. Working on the Bellflower tips right now.
  6. Lookin good. Doors are a killer mod.
  7. Made a little progress, Laconia Bike Week is goin down and Ive spent the past week or so on two wheels checking the scene and not much time at the bench. But Im getting a few things done. I got the car to lay rocker by modifying the belly pan some more, so its got a body drop of sorts going on. I sectioned the interior tub along with the core support to get things back in line. This build is morphing into more of a modern iterpretation of a early 60s cruiser. The pan has solid axles with everything molded in so undercarrage detail wont be exstensive. The two show off things this time around are the egg crate grill in the front along with a recessed tubular tail panel bringing up the rear. Guess what Im using for taillights and Id like to know which way you think they look mounted best. Also please note that I just slapped this stuff together for some quick progress pics and theres still a long ways to go, but you get the idea. Thanks for checkin it out! http:// http://http:// [url="http:// %5Burl="http://"]http://
  8. Gonna be a good one for sure.
  9. Great car. Love the front end grill treatment. Any more front end pics?
  10. Dope ride. Nice detailing with a sweet stance.
  11. If Stacy doesnt pick this one, it's rigged for sure. This build is all around amazing. Are those Vette taillights? Man, they blend in so well. Good luck with the contest.
  12. You nailed the proportions, so sick. Great engine. Where'd you get the taillights?
  13. In the first pic I thought it was under water..trip out man! Nice set up. Love the paint and it sits right..nice and low. Great hippy bus build. P.S. The group's name was Canned Heat.
  14. Love this thing. That lid is hammered!
  15. Yeah , its possible. One plus is the depth of the shutlines. The hood, trunk, and doors have nice deep recesses, just begging to be cut open. I would've (yeah right) if I could find the patience. Go for it!!
  16. Sweet. Where did you get the flipper caps?
  17. That paint is so straight. I had a build for the JJ too, but never got it done. Very nice build. Where did you get the headers?!?
  18. Nice chop. Looks like a Boyd car or one from those old monochromatic BF Goodrich ads. Smooth man.
  19. Crazy. Any hints on what was used? Or is it scratched?
  20. Wow, thats one nasty street machine.
  21. Man that thing has been under the knife. Whatever color, please not Subaru Blue.
  22. Thanks for the motivation guys! Mike, I sorta dig the flat grill. I know what you mean though. That flat surface is begging for a grill swap or somethin. David, you dont have any old snapshots lying around do you? Im jealous. I was born wrong time, wrong coast. Ive got a few ideas in my head that along those lines..
  23. This project was shelved a long time. After 3 failed paint jobs, it sat in the purple depths for the seemingly last time, to be stripped and put on the shelf collecting dust and contempt. A few weeks back I got a hold of some Model Masters Flamin' Orange and a little motivation to just get the ###### thing done. The patient quest for perfection was replaced with a caffeine fueled, mad 4 hour dash and here are the results. The kit is the curbside Round 2 re-release of the Styleline 61 Galaxie. Its pretty much box stock with the exception of the reversed Astros and putty galore. The front and rear pans were molded along with the taillights, taillight surround, tag holder and door handles. Most of the trim was shaved along with the wipers and cowl. Paint is the forementioned MM Orange with black base-coat. Yep black . Doesnt show well in the pics, but gives off a cool brassy glow in the sunlight. No anal retentive sanding between coats. Hell, it doesnt even have clear! Left some of the chrome do dads on for effect. A hasty foil job completes the exterior I slammed the thing until the tires touched the fenders. That goofy sticker in the window is hiding a crack in the glass, even the window tabs were shaved down to get a few mils lower. Interior is brushed silver with a little detailing. Who needs gauges when your skimming the pavement...and you dont have a motor?!? All in all , its done and looks cool enough. Thanks for reading and checkin the pics!
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