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  1. I think this is a neat little model. Sure its curbside, but that means its easy it slam, and more time can be spent on the asthetics. This ones got Cragar 5s, or ideally they look like Astros to me with the offset and skinny tires, from another kit. Fit with little fuss. I was lazy and just cut out the tubs and drilled new axle holes. Curbsides are easy! I had to sand the bottom side of the chassis to get it off the floor, but talk about simple, slammed early 60's goodness!

    The body has the front and rear pans from the kit. I bondoed those in along with filling the handle detents. Got rid of all the mold lines and the emblems.

    Paint is rattle can MM Go Mango with MM clear. Im taking my time with this one and waiting for it to cure, then Im gonna cut and buff it. I wouldve liked to go flake or candy, but I figured this will be a little easer for one of my first builds.

    Ordered some foil and Im trying my hand at that. Hopefully it will be scraping the scale streets by next week! post-9554-0-86189600-1331603649_thumb.jp



  2. New to the site. Just getting back into models. Heres my 3rd build to date.

    AMT 49 Ford. Slammed, homemade WWWs, shaved hood, doors, trunk, molded rear pan. Model masters rattle brown, Testors brushed gold gut. Unrealistic blown flathead. Id love to cruise this thing for real!!





    Not 100% happy with the paint, but my next one Im using some tricks Ive learned on here.

  3. Whats up everyone. My names Albie and I just found this site a few weeks ago. Its awesome! A little about me. Im 36 and been playin with cars (1:1) my whole life. Im currently building a 52 Chevy and a bodydropped, bagged 88 S10 Blazer. Im also into riding Harleys, tattoos, skiing and chasing girls (although at my age the girls have turned into women. Ha ha.)

    Anyway, a month ago I was skiing Killington, crashed into the woods and came out the owner of a left heel bone that is broken in half. Killer!! So, needless to say Im grounded, stuck in my house immobile. I hate TV and Ive read every book and magazine in my collection twice. I was goin crazy till I picked up some models.

    These are the first ones Ive done in 20 years and it probably shows. But Im hooked and been using this site for its great info, ideas, and the killer builds are getting me stoked.

    Heres the first 3 in cronological order. All done the past 4 weeks. Im in the process of a new one and Ill post it in the under construction.

    post-9554-0-87635700-1331601558_thumb.jp post-9554-0-83557500-1331601583_thumb.jp Revell 49 Merc. Box Stock. Lowered with way to much negative camber and wonky wheels. Crappy flat paint (My first 1:1 paint job was sucky too)

    post-9554-0-27414500-1331601703_thumb.jp post-9554-0-75453500-1331601730_thumb.jp post-9554-0-43077300-1331601800_thumb.jp 69 Nova box stock. Little better

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