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  1. Nice work, Albie.

    Did you make it to Classic Plastic? I was hoping to meet up with you.

    If not, there's always MassCar March 16 in Taunton. Do be sure to say hello if you make it down.

    Charlie Larkin

    Unfortunately no Charlie. It was held in my own backyard too.I was in the middle of getting the doors open to my new bakery (albieds.com plug plug, still need to update the page..)and had to pass. March 16th is looking good though as things should be back to almost normal. Maybe Ill have a few new builds and some snacks along with me? Hope to see ya!

  2. The end of the year, when regurgitating past builds is totally accepted and you get to show off year old triumphs. Post content without putting any work in? I'm down for that! I also love getting a peek at the stuff that might have sunk to page 3 during a short respite, vacationing without WiFi, or sleeping off a weekend bender..Great stuff this year guys, you are my biggest inspiration. Keep it up in '14!

    I started 2013 with the purest of intentions. January marked my second full year of getting back into the hobby. That is if you consider hasty 12-year-old-brush-paint-and-tube-glue fiascos building at a level that you can, "get back into"! I was just starting to build stuff I was happy with and I had a whole slew of new ideas I wanted to try out. Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, I had way too much going on in the peripheral to really sit down at the bench for any productive amount of time. I bought a new house, started a new business and actually got one of my 1:1 projects running and driving..sorta..Still got the passion though. Here's to a 2014 with a messy,busy workbench!

    '61 Impala Mild Kustom. More of a 2012 build, but I DID finish and post it after midnight on Jan 1!
    Building "Golden Banana" was a zen-like experience and the first model that my inner self whispered, "Nailed it!" Oh, and I did meditate in between BMF sessions..try it, it works.


    '65 Rivi, early 70's style lowrider/custom. After countless hours getting those wonky AMT filler pieces to jive (putty, sand, repeat ad nauseam) and 2 ill fated paint jobs, Erythrophobia spent countless weeks sitting on my bench unattended and unloved, taunting me every time I walked past. I was almost at my breaking point, contemplating using the Rivera as a sacrifice to the styrene Gods, as the were obviously angry with me. It sucked to build and wouldn't even let me take a decent picture of it. I love this car, but hate it a little more..

    Red Dead Redemption? More like Red Dead Aggravation!

    I've also progressed to the point of building multiple cars at once.Seems to keep the burn out at bay. I'm working on Revell's excellent 48 Ford and AMT's killer 62 Poncho. There are being built OTB...well maybe a little lowering, a nip tuck here, some custom lights.........................

  3. Now that's some very, very fine modeling. One thing I enjoy about the end of year retrospectives is that it reminds me of the wide variety of build styles we are treated to here on the forum. This is very far removed from what I can ever hope to do, with the exception of that very nice '55 Chevy. That's one I'll be studying! Thanks for the inspiration and I hope to see more of your exceptional builds in 2014!

    Agreed! The weathering on that Duster....man, I'd love to build junk like that!

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