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  1. Good luck Charlie! Interesting build of a great subject. I, too, would love to tackle an old glue bomb. I'm used to taking dilapidated 1:1 subjects home. I think it would be cool to do the same in scale! Watch listed..

  2. OK front bumper. I wanted some continuity, so lets do a few a mods.

    Stock bumper with turn signals.


    Bumper hogged out with a tube garnish. The "custom" kit grill with tube bars and Lucas headlights added. Still up in the air with this grill treatment..


    Currently, the car , err truck is in one piece, and I'm almost ready to shoot it in primer. The bumpers were cleaned up, primed and painted gloss black, still waiting for a shot of Alclad. More progress pics soon..

  3. Normally when you chop a top you lengthen the roof to align the A and B Pillars, or you can angle the A pillars a bit more. You could extend the roof with some sheet or strip plastic rather than purchasing an additional kit.

    Very true Nate, with an emphasis on normally.. I'm just experimenting with different techniques. Since the El Camino has such a short roof-line, I thought extending it would ruin the look, giving it too much of a pancake profile. Same as tweaking the A pillars alot. Too much lean and it begins to look squinty. The stock glass fits with a tiny bit of trimming so I think I'm on to something as far as keeping it stock-ish. Also, I want to keep the rain gutters. Truth be told, slicing the body in half seemed much easier (to me anyway), than recreating the gutters..What can I say, I love sanding vertical joints (sarcastic). In hindsight I should have cut along the door opening. Would have been way easier to create a new shut line than putty, sand, putty, sand, repeat...

    Been working on the bumpers and grill..Some quick and dirty progress pics..And yes these where shot before the body was in unison again!

    Stock rear bumper dechromed and looking..umm, truck like. Made the mistake of using lemon scented ammonia that left a weird yellow film (probably from the yellow dye, not the scent). Luckily, a bath in Purple Power fixed that. The pics are pre-PP..


    Little nip and tuck to the bumper while cutting out some of the rocker so it would have a nice flush fit.


    Not useful as an actual bumper, but looks cool nonetheless. This was the "custom" bumper provided in the kit that had taillights molded into it. I've got other ideas for the taillights, so they were cut out and replaced with some tubing. The most challenging aspect of doing this was creating a radius for the openings...Some of the joys of a rollpan with none of the practicality of a bumper..





    These were taken before I discovered the wonders of tacky putty for mocking up parts. The finished bumper fits much tighter, squares up nicely with the body lines and will be without that taped-on tension.


  4. Nice! James, I bought some 5500k photography lights from ALZO digital. About 40 dollars shipped for the pair. Then I made a diffuser plate out of an old picture frame and a thin sheet of tracing paper. After goofing around with my camera settings, I want to shoot all my builds again! Money well spent. Build looks great btw!

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