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  1. Nice project! My friends and I made the trek to the Nopi Nats from 99-2002. Great times. I agree on being old school..Really love it down South, except for the heat.. Here's a pic of my old Bimmer at the Nats from 01. I sold my BDed Mazda the year before to finance this and promptly cut it up. It was on air in '02 but I lost all pics of it


  2. Where did you get the wheels?

    I got this set at Harry's Hobbies in Norton Ma. A kick butt model shop that's worth the drive from almost anywhere. Well, almost anywhere. Check out a few of the cooler model e-tailers on the web like Model Round Up and Scale Dreams. You can find them on Flea-bay as well, just don't be the sucker that spends 25 bucks on a set (I mean c'mon) They retail between 10-12 bucks. I do not feel guilty helping you feed your new addiction..

    Thanks for the views and comments dudes!

  3. Glad you like it guys!

    Interesting solution but I would have been more inclined to just bend the rear pillars to more of an angle to fit.

    I think you've created a bunch of issues. for instance, now you need to shorten the interior tub and chassis, drive shaft etc. Keep posting, this should be an interesting build.

    I wanted it to look as stock as possible with a factory type flow of the B pillar. This way the rain gutters line up pretty well and I still have a stock type shape. Shortening the chassis isnt a big problem. This model has a simple chassis plate with all the detail molded in. I could probably get away with trimming the back side a hair and moving the rear axle forward .05". The interior tub has a .25" package tray that should be easy to cut down. But your right, this should be interesting...for reasons soon to be discovered. lol I will document the car crash..er build.

    Thanks for your comments!

  4. I've been wanting to do a top chop, and I figured now's as good a time as any so...

    Marking the B pillar 0.05". Did the same to the A pillar as well except cut it near the top.


    Got rid of the wing windows and their frames as well as opening the side and backglass a bit. Tweaked the A pillars into position by slicing through the bottom corner and a little gentle persuasion. Tweaked the B in the same manner. One prob though..



    Man, do I get another roof to extend this one? I don't really want to buy another kit.

    The greatest advantage of building models? They are so easy to cut it in half..


  5. Ok, so first things first. I believe the El Camino and its older cousin the Ranchero are cars with beds. Cut the roof off of a 2 door station wagon and you still have a car. Put a long roof on a pickup and you have a SUV. Car chassis, car engines, car front clips, car accoutrements, makes a car... with a bed. Anyway if the mods feel its a truck and want to switch it to light trucks I respect that.

    I just wanted to do a quick build, throw something together and get on with the next one. AMT's 65 El Camino fit that bill. Pretty good mold, not a lot of clean up. Low parts count, should be a quick build... Then it happened (as it always does). Shave the emblems? Check. Might as well do the door handles..Check. Could go a little lower...and so on and son on.

    Here's where I'm at so far.

    So its another 60's kustom. They need to be low so lets raise the bed.



    Cut it out


    Clean it up and try to keep it stock looking.


    Pegasus Chrome reverse. Any better 60's custom wheel? Not many.


  6. Sweet. Way back in the day (97-98) I had a mkII with shaved handles and hatch. Seems the vw guys nowadays are getting away from clean body mods. Nice to see one done up this way, looks killer.

  7. I just use my imagination, to me there are hidden headlights behind that slick killer lookin grill and on that big smooth round ass I see thin LEDs down by the plate that light up behind the paint when you hit the brakes. Haha...see, it's all there, no ones looking hard enough.

    By far one of the baddest lookin Rivieras I've ever seen Albie. Another great looking build. Nice job fixin the paint, that red looks beautiful.

    Thanks again guys!

    Jason, any progress pics??

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