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  1. Chris, Way back in 2012 I happened across this website and saw the amazing things you were accomplishing. 6 years later and I still came back to tell you what an amazing build this is! Your imagination and detail are amazing - thank you for bringing us along to see how you pulled all these things off! Congratulations!
  2. Oh my goodness. Sir, you are the 21st century equivalent to CarToons, on steroids! Way to think outside the box! Great job!
  3. Cale, I think it looks COOL with that stance! Although there are a lot of builders who absolutely want to build a 1:1 in 1/25 scale, I remember the FUN when I was starting modeling of building what my imagination came up with...I used to call mine "junkers" but they were the most fun builds of all. There's no right or wrong, and if you want to go with wire rims, go for it! I'm watching!
  4. Chris, Best of luck in 2018 in all things...I'm a lurker who's been watching your Snake Vega take place since you cut the rear hoop off it. There's a legion of us who have been amazed by all the out of the park details you've plugged in - I wonder if Hendricks wouldn't find your tribute fascinating NOW, huh? You're in the home stretch...you got this!
  5. Tim, Your builds are amazing! For the love of all things good, no more bee stings in 2018! Loving your AA/FA!
  6. I'll be watching! I never knew of this truck until I saw your post about your plans to build it. Very cool subject!
  7. My family goes way back in the transportation business, and I'm interested in building a momento of that. Does any company make material that would work for the sides of this? I've thought about gluing ribbing to sheet styrene, but I'm thinking it would be almost impossible to be consistent with the size of the ribbing and the layout. Perhaps I ought to consider getting some 3d printed.
  8. Absolutely LOVE the 'what if' ideas. That's the beautiful part of modeling is that only your imagination is the limiting factor. What if Don Carlton had a nitro breathing brute, ala 'Fantasia'? Would it have been a tank? Could he have beaten the old altered funny cars with it? I think your Willys is one of the cooler ideas I have seen in the drag racing part of the forums in a long time! And your paint looks AWESOME!
  9. Very nice work so far! Looking forward to seeing more of your handiwork.
  10. lol I keep coming back to see if there's an update...it sort of reminds me of looking in the local record store as a kid to see if Boston had released a 2nd album We understand life gets in the way hehe.
  11. Looking forward to seeing color on this...are you planning on weatherizing it, Terry? I compliment your sense of scale, your builds just look "right". I can see a lot of your trucks rumbling down the street if I close my eyes and think of it.
  12. Chris, Have you ever seen any of the model kits released in the 70s that had the chute open (deployed)? Since you were talking about different ways you might display your AWESOME funny car, thought I'd throw that idea out! Your attention to detail still amazes me, I've been following this journey for well over a year and LOVE the updates!
  13. VERY NICE! I remember building this kit many years ago myself...seems like it was molded a grape purple - it's been awhile.
  14. I'm sensing you're going to be spending more time at the bench...I know you've been looking forward to finally getting the motor painted and detailed!
  15. I was chatting with a couple drag racing photographers (Tom West, Rich Welch) who gave me a big background on this type of ride. It was classed as "AA/MR" (Modified Roadster) until the advent of the Comp classes. Daddyfink, I was thinking about the same thing but will probably have to build an entire new hoop to get the roll cage up past the top of the body, though. Not sure what I'll do for the mill, I'm going to make my kit close but probably not an exact copy . Truthfully, I have always envisioned one of these but never seen anything but fuel coupes.
  16. Found this pic and am totally enthralled w/ it, it is a perfect marriage of a FED and a fuel altered. It looks as though the roll cage sits a bit higher than normal. I'm thinking of marrying a FED kit (front end) to a Bantam, then dropping a T body on top. Ideas?
  17. Came across these wheels online today and got to thinking I have a 69 Firebird kit that something like these wheels would look great on. Thinking of a set of big and littles, 15x7 and 15x10s. Does anyone have a recommendation for something simliar?
  18. On the plus side, you have the experience from remembering how you built the bottom tray the first time so you know what worked (and didn't work). I'd be willing to bet you'll surprise yourself how quickly you knock this out!
  19. I'd love it if Shapeways had an old-school AA/FA frame (95"-98" inch wheelbase) for sale. I'm really amazed what 3D printing can do...
  20. Chris, Amazing detail, will be fascinating to see the level of detail that the 3D printing will allow. On an aside, I have been discussing modelling in a fantastic FB group named the Glory Days of Drag Racing. Much of the recent discussion has been about how Revell worked the deals to advertise on so many of the 70's AA/FC cars (McCulloch, Snow, etc). Basically, Revell offered up a free paint job (remember, this is the pre-wrap days where everything was hand-lettered) if the owners would incorporate the Revell name into their car...I also was able to have them identify my first model kit, the Revellion FC (A Plymouth Valiant on a digger chassis, probably 1967 or 1968). It's awesome that MANY of the top racers of the day grew up modelling, and many still collect kits (though they're busy on the 1:1 cars and don't build kits). We got on the subject of 3D printing and I shared the amazing blower/hat you drew up w/ them as a fantastic example of what modelling has evolved to. Hope you don't mind! Joe
  21. Does anyone recall Revell ever offering a kit of the Revellution theme FC mounted on a digger chassis? That was the first model I ever built, and I'm curious if anyone else remembers it? Also, are there any similiar kits to this that were ever built? I'm thinking it would be fun to pay tribute to a legend of the sport...
  22. Chris, would creating a Mooneyham decal do the trick? I understand it's not 3d but would certainly be doable. Probably easier to pull off than casting or photo-etching, too.
  23. Was out garage saling today and found a hand-cranked Craftsman pin vice for $2, I was thinking if/when I ever get into a rivet frenzy like you have, Chris, I'll be set! Hope you didn't do EVERY rivet hole with one of the pin vices w/ the little thumb spinner...I feel like I could probably get a job in your rivet factory w/ genuine (hand) powered tools!
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