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  1. DiamondJoeQuimby added a post in a topic Petty 1968 Roadrunner   

    This is really cool. Look forward to more updates.
  2. DiamondJoeQuimby added a post in a topic Thanks from a newb   

    Thanks guys. Those threads on painting convinced me to pop for an AB...and build a booth...

    Figured my daughter (12) is into all thinks art and pint related so I thought we could learn on the AB together. I had an old Aztek one like 20 yrs ago but never messed w/ anything DA or close to this nice so I'm sure there will be a learning curve.
  3. DiamondJoeQuimby added a post in a topic completely unrelated electronical question (need help)   

    You need a load resistor for the LEDs to flash or get an automotive base led bulb w/ the resistor built in for a std flasher circuit. Here is a link from superbrightleds.com for their flashing LEDs and load resistors. Hope that helps. Cheers


    edit, just read that it is an AC system. Sorry. Disregard. Only think I can think is to get a power inverter, then transformer. Or just convert to a DC system
  4. DiamondJoeQuimby added a topic in General   

    Thanks from a newb
    Just want to pop in and say thanks for all the great info around here. After about a 5 year hiatus from model building and about a 15 year hiatus from frequent model building I got a wild hair to to a vertical of the Ferrari supercars (F40, F50, Enzo, FXX). So I started poking around and found this forum. I've been searching, reading, and re-reading for the last couple of weeks. Thanks to all the info and enthusiasm from you all I picked up a Paasche VL today w/ a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon, have the plans drawn up for a paint booth in the garage, and the first of the kits, a early 90's vintage Tamiya F40. On top of that I have seen so many cool tricks and techniques that I'm planning on picking up a couple of "practice" cars before I even start the Ferraris. So, my free time is booked for the foreseeable future. Cheers!
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