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  1. Here is a wrecker combining the Revel Snap 359 as a basis with the body from the AMT 359 Wrecker kit.
  2. I built an Australian styled version which I finished last year. Many Auslowe parts were used. Decal stripes from Modeltruckin.com.
  3. I have just read that the Great Dane Extendable Flatbed Trailer, AMT 1111 has been listed for a future release.
  4. The Stevens Hobby webpage had two AMT trailers listed for future release. Would be great to see them both again. AMT 1103 1/25 Peerless Logging Trailer AMT 1106 1/25 Wilson Livestock Van Trailer
  5. I have been dealing with Auslowe for a number of years and made my first purchase back in 2000. Auslowe are a great company to deal with and it is run by Nigel and Renee Lowe. They are great people to deal with and are very helpful. They have a Facebook page also and any questions asked or messages sent are often replied to very quickly. The main reason why it may have taken 15 days to get your order completed and to be shipped is that they may have had to cast some of the parts that you ordered. Not every item they have is in stock all the time. Some parts are cast to order. I live about 2 hours drive from their shop and I have had the same thing happen to me. If they get swamped with orders which believe me they do, it can take a while for them to complete orders. Its no big deal. They are not going to run off with peoples money. There were a few people that bad mouthed them via Facebook last year and they nearly considered giving up. This is their business and their livelihood so people may need to be patient at times. Like I said a great company to deal with and great people as well.
  6. Looks like this kit is out as Stevens Hobby has it listed as 'In Stock' on their website.
  7. Just had a look through the Stevens International website and in the Revell-Monogram product listing the 1/16th W900 Kenworth Aerodyne is listed as kit no.2508 with a TBA release date which could be anytime soon. Directly below that kit no.2510 is listed as a 1/16th Kenworth W 900 Wrecker Truck. Could this be a typo?
  8. Received notification from Model Car Mountain that my kits have been shipped and are on their way.
  9. Which Model company will be potentially producing the Kenworth T909?
  10. I think the FLD kit has the correct frame and rear suspension, the Peterbilt kits are correct as well and the other US truck kits share the same generic frame, rear suspension and as stated different cab and hood mounts.
  11. Cabovers are used in Australia primarily due to our overall length laws. Most of if not all grocery distribution trucks used by Linfox, Camerons, Aldi etc.are European Cabovers. As for B double combinations both interstate and local again the majority will be Cabovers to keep within overall length and maintain legal payload capabilities.
  12. Just checked the Model Truck Builders From Around The World page on Facebook and Drake Collectibles have announced at the Australian Model Expo that they will be releasing two new kits. A 1/24 scale model kit of an Australian Kenworth K200 Aerodyne and a Drake Trailers 4X8 Swingwing Low Loader and 2X8 Dolly for 2015. Here are some pics of the kits:
  13. Just checked out the Model Car Mountain eBay store and they are listed as a pre order for a mid June arrival at $31.99 plus shipping.
  14. I bought the same kit when it was re issued back in 2003 thinking it was the re issue of the original R685ST with the spoke wheels. Upon opening the box I felt a little deflated to say the least. What was on the cover was not actually in the box. Oh well I still have it along with the issue that has both the spoke and Alcoa wheels(Red truck on box cover). Maybe Round 2 will reissue it again this time with the spoke wheels and square tanks.
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