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  1. homerojr added a post in a topic Any aftermarket parts for 1/12 Enzo and 1/12 Shelby 500?   

    Thanks, Casey! Now that's good news!
  2. homerojr added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Any aftermarket parts for 1/12 Enzo and 1/12 Shelby 500?
    I got the revell 1/12 Shelby and tamiya 1/12 Enzo, and after some extensive web search, wasn't able to find any items. The Shelby, though a nice kit, is desperately in need of PE parts and decals (resin parts as alternative would be nice too!). The Enzo Ferrari is a superb $300 kit, IMHO worth every cent, but several new PE items can be developed, as brakes, engine parts, carbon fiber templates, etc.
    I'm SICK to build both, but I'm afraid when I'm in the middle of the builds aftermarket companies start releasing parts..No doubt it eventually will happen, but if not in a forseeable future ( I mean some months..), for god's sake I'll start both!!
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  3. homerojr added a post in a topic In box pictures of new Tamiya 1:12 Enzo......   

    Expensive? Yes..
    A beauty? YES! I build a 1/24 Tamiya Enzo a couple of years ago and it was probably one of the most demanding and perfect kits I put my hands on in my 30 years career as model builder..
    I've bought this 1/12 and so far it seems to worth every $!
  4. homerojr added a post in a topic Another Hemi Dart   

    Great hemi Dart build! And I loved the discussions also!