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  1. Raymond Gallant added a post in a topic "the Little Ones" Longueuil, Qc   

    Hi again Howard,

    Before I forget, here's my home email addy. (remove the arrows) <<regalant@nb.sympatico.ca>>

    No, I wouldn't have been there in the 90's because I moved East just around the time we started up Globe 25. It was within that first year of the club I'm pretty sure. I did attend a few meetings but I had already moved by then but I was there at the writing of the constitution and all that necessary paperwork.

    I'll be visiting Cliff in a few weeks on a business trip to Ottawa. Their collections are beyond description... Like the "Eldorado" of model cars, micro cars and some big cars thrown in to the mix.

    I was never as close to Gary as you were but I will give him a call next week. I'll be away until Saturday night and that's his work number.

    Thank you for this Howard.


    p.s.: When you get a chance, read my profile on the Spotlight Message Board. I haven't figured out how to put my profile on this board yet.
    I don't know if this link will work for you... http://wwwboard.spotlighthobbies.com/index...raymond+gallant
  2. Raymond Gallant added a post in a topic "the Little Ones" Longueuil, Qc   

    Another little story for you Howard...

    Do you remember this picture I showed you a few days ago.

    I met some friends that car show weekend that turned out to be my best lifelong friends of all times (I hope that doesn't sound to mushy but there are no other words to describe them).

    On the Sunday of that weekend, right after I went up on the podium to pick up the 2nd prize trophy I won in the Competition Class, I was walking away with my new friend waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. As we walked behind the curtains to get to my club's display table, something horrible happened. The model rolled of the trophy shelf and shattered in pieces on the concrete floor. My friend kept reassuring me as we picked up the pieces that nothing was broken, just dissassembled. We went back to his table and we glued it back together to put it on the trophy (for the picture I've linked for you).

    My new found friend was Larry Read (and his twin brother Cliff). Larry, Cliff and I have been friends for 45 years now. We went to Ontario College of Art together in the late sixties. We worked for the same companies, although never at the same time. I worked for Imperial Oil for 10 years after taking over a job that Cliff was leaving. I worked for 8 years at Canadair a couple of years after Larry left Canadair.

    I just got off the phone with Larry this morning... Your ears must have been burning because he talked about you as a friend too.

    What a small world we live in, especially since the advent of the Internet.

    Later Howard...

  3. Raymond Gallant added a post in a topic "the Little Ones" Longueuil, Qc   

    Wow!!! I have the same plaques that you have from the Piston Poppers car shows. Mine start in 1963... I'll have to look for them to see how many I have.

    Let me tell you a little story about another model car club that I was a founding member of. It's called Globe 25... I know, I know, it sounds a lot like Group 25 in Toronto but that's not why it was called that. G.LO.BE was an acronym for Raymond Gallant, Jacques Loiselle and Denis Bergeron. Three of the 5 founding members... The other two were Francois Spenard and GARY HEAVYSAGE!!! I have been looking for Gary for years. I asked about him a few times over the years on HHMB. He moved to Ontario about the time I moved East to New Brunswick and we completely lost touch.

    Do remind him of me and give him my email address if you're still in touch with him.

    I didn't know most of the hobby shops you mentioned except Westmount Hobbies and I only have a vague recollection of it. I remember hunting trips that Denis Bergeron and I took all around Montreal looking for plastic kits in every "Depanneur" we could find. We came across some super deals that way. We also bought out whole collections and divied them up once we got home. We didn't collect the same stuff then but today I'd like to get my hands on all those old kits.

    Where do you live NOW Howard? I live in a small fishing village on the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick called Neguac.

    It sure is great talking to you. I do hope your friend can find info on the "Little Ones" from Longueuil.

    Later Howard

  4. Raymond Gallant added a post in a topic "the Little Ones" Longueuil, Qc   

    Hi Howard,

    No, I don't recall the Morgan's contest but our club did have a display at the Show Mart in 1963.

    I've tried twice to upload a picture of our club display but the MCM system doesn't seem to want to cooperate. Here's the Fotki addy to that picture... http://images29.fotki.com/v310/photos/2/20...trip1963-vi.jpg
    About half the models on the table are mine.
    This is how I narrowed down the precise year of that display.

    My memory is not as good as it used to be and I can't recall if the "Little Ones" had a display table. They may have but I seem to recall meeting them through the Central Aquarium Contest. I tried slot racing but never got into it. I ran a sidewinder motor in a '32 Ford Sedan called "Hellapoppin In the Groove"...

    I'll be curious to see if we (you) can contact any of the old "Little Ones" gang.

    Raymond Gallant
    p.s.: Where did you (do you) live in Montreal. I lived in Ahuntsic, moved to Snowdon area when I married then to DDO when the first child arrived.
  5. Raymond Gallant added a post in a topic Working On A "new" '32   

    Lookin' good Terry... I like the bullet holes.

    Raymond Gallant
  6. Raymond Gallant added a post in a topic Ford Maverick   

    If you're not adverse to the dreaded D-word... Walmart sell 1974 Maverick diecasts in what looks like 1/25th scale.

    Raymond Gallant
  7. Raymond Gallant added a post in a topic Classic Chrysler Roadster   

    I was a Technical Illustrator for an aircraft manufacturer during part of my working career and I certainly can appreciate the work that went into your colored pencil illustrations. Fantastic work.

    Where is the link to the '32? I didn't see it.

    Do you have a Fotki link?


    Raymond Gallant
  8. Raymond Gallant added a post in a topic Licensing Fees Gone Wild...   

    The way I see it, it's free advertising for them. But I do understand that they do have to protect themselves.

    Protect themselves from what? Free advertizing? It's not as if I can use 1/25th scale tires to compete with Goodyear.

    That kind of thinking is why I never wear someone else's advertizing. No Nike shoes for me, Levi labels get snipped off my jeans before I wear them, etc.. I figure if corporate america wants to charge me for licencing, they should pay me for their free advertizing.

    My 2 cents.

    Raymond Gallant
  9. Raymond Gallant added a topic in Where's Waldo?   

    "the Little Ones" Longueuil, Qc
    Hi all,

    In the 1960's there was a model car club called "The Little Ones" in Longueuil, Quebec (a suburb of Montreal, Quebec, Canada). Seeing the "Where's Waldo" section reminded me that I haven't heard of these guys for over 40 years...

    I don't even remember their names but they were a great bunch of guys. They used to put on a model car contest sponsored by Central Aquarium, a hobby and pet shop on Saint Catherine street in Montreal. I remember winning a few trophies in 1965 or so.

    Sure wish I could get in touch with these fellows...

    Thanks guys.

    Raymond Gallant
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  10. Raymond Gallant added a topic in General   

    Newbie... saying HI!!!
    Hi All,

    Just registered... Just wanted to say hi.

    Raymond Gallant
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