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  1. Here we go again a show year for the modeling, but a fun year after all The knight The little one 1/72 The Marilyn The big beautiful doll The misery machine The ice bird The side quest a hot wheels repaint Hope you like them, and leave a comment
  2. My last model of this year, a Camaro modified to look like a Pontiac trans am (please don’t killme) a little work on the front the rest is out of the box, yes I design and print the decal, no more to say enjoy and comment
  3. 77’ Chevy van “The Misery Machine” My latest finish model, an extreme over the top version of the famous “Mystery Machine” from Scooby Doo, but you might notice the differences. Graphics designed by me, paint is very acrylic, the blue is Gunze H323 light blue, the orange is Model Master Boyd Sublime mango an is cover with several layers of Vallejo transparent and Tamiya X22, yes the final coat is X22, also some alclad candy orange on the tire rims and bumpers. The spoiler is from a cheap toy car over some spare plane missile pylons. Also from the spare box came a laptop to look for information about the creatures of the night. Misery Machine… I feel appropriate for the joke and even more appropriated to hunt zombies and other creatures of the darkness. Enjoy and Comment.
  4. Yes dear colleagues is 1/72 scale a fun and little model from Glencoe Models… and a big mess that has noting line up and left big gaps on every joint, but it was fun to build. Paint is Tamiya TS-7 racing white (that ended been hard to photograph) and X-9 brown, some “chrome” is Alclad candy silver base, and the rest is Vallejo and others. My classic archive card: Some views: Here is next to a 1/72 pilot figure Next to a Truck And with a Tank!!! before start building and before the final assembly I Hope you like it and comment!!!
  5. Thank you for your comments I appreciate all of them. Today February first and yesterday was a model contest in my city and here is this model along with his Bronze medal, and my other models the little green alien girl Bronze medal, the blue corvette also Bronze medal, the Corvette pacer that got a Honorific mention and the pacer X didn’t get anything…
  6. Greetings, here is my most recent finish model: The Knight Rider (Pontiac firebird 1982) the MPC round2 reissue… Sensei kamikaze version… is TV accurate? Well no, is the closest ting you can achieve with this kit. The front and the back where sanded down and transform to be more like the car on the TV show, beside that is out of the box, the body was painted with two coats of Tamiya TS-14 black and three coats of TS-13, the rest is mix of Tamiya, Vallejo and Humbrol. First my traditional archive model File: Extra pictures: Close up to the engine bay: The engine before to be installed: The underside, a little rust by dry-brush I hope you like it, and comment!!!
  7. thank you, so much for your comments I appreciate all of them, see you in the 2015... I already started my first model of 2015 and is a car …
  8. The else: The cow bike: Indian sport scout “Pocco Special” 1/12 testors For this lovely lady I hope you like them, and happy builds for the 2015
  9. First the cars: The good: 1940’s Ford Sedan Delivery Van… “The little green alien girl” 1/25 Amt The bad: Crysler PT Cruiser 1/25 Revell The ugly: Amc Pacer X 1978 1/25 MPC The Vettes: 1978 Corvette “Indy 500 pace car” 1/24 Revell Corvette Convertible 1967 1/25 Revell The planes: The disappointment: Arado Ar-196 A (worst kit ever) 1/48 Italeri The fun: Shorts Tucano T.1 1/72 Airfix The brown: OV-10D Bronco “desert storm” 1/72 Academy The gentleman: Sopwith Camel 1/48 Revell The Royal: Royal Navy Sea Harrier 1/48 Tamiya
  10. Corvette Convertible 1967 Saludos a todos, here is my most recent finished model, little to say straight of the box the body color is Tamiya cans, a base of TS 44 brilliant blue, then a coat of TS 50 mica blue followed by 4 coats of clear TS13. Some photoected details where added logos mostly and I know the side logos where not present in the real car, but I just could not resist to put them in, also the antenna is leaned, some error that ended looking nice. Hope you like it, and comment. The Picture of errors, in this particular photo you can see everything what I did wrong with this model…
  11. Tank you for your comments, I appreciate them!!!
  12. Saludos a todos, I present to you my most recent finish model, the Corvette 1978 Indy 500 pace car. Completely out of the box the body is painted with Tamiya cans black and silver leaf with some coats of TS 13, the rest is a mixture of brands Humbrol, Model master, Tamiya, even Vallejo, I hope you like it. My classic model card for my archives Super shine as a mirror… almost The red and amber lights are Tamiya clear applied with a toothpick over the silver paint A little blue filter on one of the photography lights makes some nice blue reflections The rims are painted with alclad II candy silver base they look fantastic Some little extra detail on the engine Flocked interior… you can see a minor error over the fire wall, but I believe that it was supposed to be more far away and it will not be visible… but it seems that I was wrong The glamour shot… a little bit over exposed for a more dramatic look The under side, a little rust, fitting that exhaust in place required some minor changes to be installed, here the instructions are very wrong that’s all for now, I hope you like it and comment!!!
  13. Hey tanks everybody for your comments, I appreciate all of them. There you go: this was very simple I sand away the handle and the key hole, then before the paint process I drill small holes for them, then after all the paint is done, I shape the needle around my long nose pliers, then just cut and insert them in place the are keep in place by pressure no glue has been use.
  14. 40’s Ford Sedan Delivery “Little Green Alien Girl” Here is my most recent finished Model, with custom graphics Designed and drawn by myself. The cartoon alien pin up girl, drawn by me. The side mirror came from the box of spare parts… The door handles where sand away and replace with a new ones from a stainless steel needle. The interior with real wood and some extra control panel over the board. I left the rear door able to be open to see the interior There is something fishy about that engine… Yes there is something fishy about this engine… was enhanced with alien technology (scratch modify by me) And finally the Illustration in all of its glory… I hope you like it and comment!!!
  15. Disaster build you say… How about this: What happen? Well a light bulb, a Styrofoam ice box… and the idea of accelerating the drying and curing the paint by heat… It was the year 2000 I was young and inexperienced 14 years have passed and I have grow patience and a lot of experience
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