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  1. Beautiful work-saw one in this color scheme in one of the early '70s factory brochures...
  2. Real-I just bought a "beehive" taillight identical to the one on this bike-
  3. Starting on a White Road Boss this weekend-any particular pitfalls, fit issues, etc., to be aware of beforehand? Also, does anyone know exactly what year, model, and engine type this is supposed to represent? Any help is appreciated-I haven't built an AMT truck kit in at least 30 years...
  4. I don't understand-what was the dumb modeling thing I did? (I can, offhand, think of several...) I bought these last week, by the way....
  5. I used three of the 40% off coupons (easily found online) from Hobby Lobby and bought the White Road Boss, the Diamond Reo, and the White Freightliner Duel Drive Tractor (each has to be a separate purchase, of course), which works out to about $22.00 each. Not such a bad deal, all things considered...The Freightliner and the Road Boss are currently in stock at most Hobby Lobbys.
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