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  1. lou s added a post in a topic Scratch built 1/24 Bicknell Dirt Modified   

    Looks great
  2. lou s added a post in a topic Rat rod rust tutorial with sponge   

    I used different shades of blue to try and duplicate fading and weathering of the oringinal blue paint job. If you wanted to use on another base color like yellow I think you would use the same proses .start with the yellow and then lighten it up or dilute the yellow as you go to replicate a sun/ weather beaten paint job.
  3. lou s added a post in a topic 34 rat rod pickup   

    Thank you! glad to share it. The bomber seats are from the new revell 29 and 30 model a kits.
  4. lou s added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Rat rod rust tutorial with sponge
    Rust paint job using water based paints and a sponge.easy to do with good results.never cover previous coat.if using a hair dryer it only takes about a half hour start to finish.
    Step 1 primer
    step 2 rust
    step 3 light rust
    step 4 orange rust
    step 5 orange
    step 6 blue
    step 7 50-50 blue white
    step 8 75-25 white blue
    step 9 white
    step 10 washes
    bottom left dark rust,bottom right light rust,top rust,and streaks light rust.

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  5. lou s added a post in a topic 34 rat rod pickup   

  6. lou s added a post in a topic 34 rat rod pickup   

    To my surprise I've had more than a few modelers contact me about my rust job. I thought it looked pretty good for as little work that it took but I didn't expect so many posatve comments.ive been modeling for a few years and I've never had so many ask me how I did something so I'm taking full advantage of this. Like it or not .😊when i stated this build about 4 months ago I didn't know the first thing about creating a rusted rat rod so I started with dr cranky on you tube witch led to other modeler videos and then on to military modelers. When I was satisfied with what I learned I orders my Vallejo air paints and washes.got my salt hair spray and went to work.i air brushed all the rust colors salted and then AB the color.after about three hours of work and constantly cleaning out my AB I didn't like the result or color so I scrubbed it down with water and a tooth brush and stared over.my second attempt was just as bad so I stared over again.at some point in this proses I managed to get a leak in my AB hose ,tape didn't work so I gave up. About 2 weeks later I broke it all out again for another try.the problem was I didn't have a working air AB so I thought I'd just apply it with a paint brush.bad idea didn't work.then I remembered I saw a short video were they used a sponge as part of there tech..........so here is my step by step tutorial on how I did it.keep in mind that this is a flat surface so it mite not look as good. This technique Also adds texture you don't get from an airbrush.I would also like to ad that this process took about a half hour and I didn't have to clean an air brush.
    Step 1 primer (all steps after this is applied with a sponge) never completely cover the step before.
    step 2 dark rust 
    step 3 light rust 
    step 4 orange rust
    step 5 orange
    step 6 blue
    step 7 50-50 blue white
    step 8 75-25 white blue
    step 9 white
    step 10 washes
    bottom left dark rust wash,bottom right light rust wash,top rust wash,and streaks light rust wash


  7. lou s added a post in a topic ´29 Ford Pickup.   

  8. lou s added a topic in NASCAR   

    Bobby Allisons 83 miller buick
    Finally finished my first NASCAR project.i think I've been building this car 3 years.not my favorite form of racing but look cool in scale when finished.

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  9. lou s added a post in a topic 34 rat rod pickup   

    Thanks a lot for all the comments. The z 28 plate is on there because when my son who is 7 was cutting out plate decals wanted the Florida plate on because that is were we are going on vacation.😊
  10. lou s added a post in a topic 34 rat rod pickup   

  11. lou s added a post in a topic 34 rat rod pickup   

    Spex87 I've have a library of rat picks I'm looking to build.here is a pick of a 37 ford that would look great as is or rusted.its got the perfect stance.

  12. lou s added a post in a topic 1929 rat rod   

    this car was modeled after a build I seen on you tube about a year ago.its a much cooler set up and detailed build than mine.at first I thought it was real.they gave great instructions on how to build and rust up a rat rod.until I saw that video I had no idea how they were done or interest in building one but I had all the parts so I started tinkering around with it.the rust on this one was made just like it was explained on the video 3 coats of paint sanded and then rust all. The 34 pickup i posted on the work bench I used several different tech i seen dr cranky demonstrate along with some military modeler.
  13. lou s added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    34 rat rod pickup
    2nd rat rod attempt.work in progress.so far my favorite rat rod out there is dr cranky blues rod.i just think its perfect.the stance ,colors.theres nothing I don't like about it.i didn't want to try to copy an original custom but I couldn't help myself from trying something close.i scratched a chassis,chopped the top etc.l did try to go with another color but the blue looked the best.hope it don't affend.

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  14. lou s added a topic in Under Glass   

    1929 rat rod
    My first rat rod. Inspired by dr cranky and many others. Enjoyed the build so much I've stared another. Best part is you mess up just cover it with rust.

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  15. lou s added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Micro nitro
    Does anyone know what's going on with micro nitro?
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