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  1. Finished up the radiator and stared on the air ducts.on a sour note I screwed up the location on the floor board and had to move it over so as you can see in the pic I have glue and part of the carbon fiber decal mess I’ve got to cover up.any suggestions welcome.im putting a piece of clear acrylic tube at the end of the ducts that will butt up against the window to represent a NACA .............Shambles the kit comes with some molded in plumming but not much.
  2. Quick update.the throttle linkage on this engine is what I was shooting for.
  3. Very nice.im really starting to like these salvinos cars.
  4. Thank you.I think they are called crimp beads or tubes at the hobby lobby.you can find them in the necklace section.
  5. Trying to spruce up this engine a little. With all the black it looks kinda drab and hard to see all the wiring so I thought that the more details and color I could add the better. It’s hard to see the wires going to the fuel rails but they are there.I think I’ll stop while I’m ahead .I’ll finish up with the carb linkage and headers and call it done.
  6. Few more pics. trying to update a few parts on the engine to make it look better.
  7. Nice! These older nascars are starting to grow on me.
  8. Thanks Clay it’s good to here from you. I thought I was through with nascar for a while after the Gordon car but after seeing how awesome you’re Boyer car looked I had to do one.Im not sure what’s going on with fotki.I didn’t even know I could block anyone.I wonder if it blocks everyone? I took a look at it and it says everyone for access.where would I look for blocks?
  9. Just a quick update on this build.
  10. Sheet plastic sprayed with a tectured paint and then flat black.In the pics yo can’t see the texture.ive got to get a better camera ?
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