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  1. Cobra Racing Team 53 Ford Truck and Trailer

    Nice. I have a 1/1 '61 F100 in it;s original color that's a little lighter than that, but otherwise a very similar color. Mine also has a high performance engine, but not a Hemi. It's a 428 Cobra Jet. That picture on film from 25 years ago and scanned nearly 20 years ago really doesn't do the color justice. It looks way faded in this now. I've professionally built some race car trailers in my time, so when I build this same kit, I will have a number of changes to do to the kit trailer. You did a nice clean job of building yours though. Also, another AMT screw-up on this kit is that this was the 1st year for the Ford 9" axle. An F250 or 350 would have had a Dana style axle, but not an F100. So mine will be getting one, probably home made resin from an AMT 1990s NASCAR kit or maybe a '66-'67 Fairlane or Comet.
  2. 67 Daytona "Mercury" GT40

    The Mercury division of Ford Motor Company. As in Mercury Comet. Mercury Cougar, Lincoln-Mercury, 1949 Mercury, etc. Nice build!!!
  3. The Supersonic has landed.

    Well Pico. NOW I know what that Fiat 8V you showed me on MotorsportsModels is for! For the others, we were talking about a 1953 Siata 208S which used the same engine and trans. This Supersonic is coming out great!
  4. 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

    Nice build. I don't want this to be mis-interpreted as criticism of this build, so note that in the following I'm offering reference to those who might want to build a more detailed late 60s Barracuda and look at this thread. I'm building a phantom Trans Am race Barracuda from the same MPC '69 kit. Since I'm building a race car, the interior needs to be "stripped". My research into what that stripped interior should look like shows that MPC got the rear sides of the interior WAAAAYYYY wrong. The side panels should extend straight up from the floor all the way to the outer edges of the rear window. With a wrap at the front edge of those panels to the back edge of the side windows. It would have been easier mold-making wise to make it correct, but it would have meant a much deeper mold cavity, thus a deeper mold. That may be why MPC chose to mold the interior as stopping at the bottom of the side window sills.
  5. TROG true Gentleman's car

    My 1st thought on this a while back was that I was expecting you to cut the frame down in wheelbase and then cut the back of the dual cowl phaeton body off and build a race car body. Possibly a boat tail. Or a tapered "race car" tail. Or with bucket seats and a cross-wise gas tank behind the seats with spare tires on rims set at an angle behind the tank? That last would probably entail removing the doors as well as the back of the body, leaving just the cowl. Or at least the doors cut down in an arc.
  6. '69 340 Dart

    " I'm using a resin copy of the '71 Duster engine and trans, " Where did you get that resin engine/trans? When I was in high school in the early 70s, a friend of mine drove a '69 Dart GTS 340 4-speed. Single 4bbl carb. It was a copper metallic color with black interior, a plain hood, no vinyl roof, and a black GTS stripe on the tail. Oh, and Mopar rally wheels. They were 15, rather than the stock Dart 14s, I suspect his dad got them from a B-Body Mopar. I'm building a Revell Dart into a Trans Am 67. The engine should be a 273, But the 340 is about as close as I'm gonna get. So I'm using one out of an AMT '71 Duster. It's interesting to me what you do to fit the 340 into it.
  7. 60's Corvette pseudo Road Racer - now finished.

    No roll bar?????
  8. 1977 Mustang II

    For one thing, Mustang IIs were a whole lot smaller and lighter than 73 monster fat 'Stangs. with a 302, they had a good power to weight ratio, except it was the mid 70s. ALL cars built then were crappy except maybe Porsche 911s. A Ford 302 in '68 made good power. A Ford 302 in 1989 made even better power. In 75-77, they made crappy power. But then that's the time when Corvette 350s made less power than my 1990 Toyota pickup 2.4l.
  9. 1977 Mustang II

    Mustang IIs get dissed a great deal. Not only was it easy to install a 302, they were sold with a 302 as well. If they were built in the late 80s, they wouldn't have been dissed so much. They had pretty good potential. I find it amusing to see a Camaro with Mustang II front suspension and Ford 9". They don't CALL it Mustang II suspension, they try to pass it off as aftermarket suspension. But I've owned 2 Pintos, and that's what they really should call that suspension, since that's where it was 1st used. So I know how to recognize it. I see that your build shows that the roof and windshield shapes are correct, unlike the box top picture. Your build looks quite good.
  10. 1982 Nissan Skyline Turbo Gr.5

    Cool. I've always been quite fond of Group 5 race cars. Not sure why. I've worked on a few 1/1 scale Gr.5 race cars. Actually Trans Am and another local track series, but same rules as FIA Group 5. I like 'em. This is a cool one.
  11. Revell's 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

    US sold VW Bugs were ALL "Deluxe" model. So in the US, they all came with the bumper over-riders until the 1968 model year, when US Bugs got the square bumpers. I had a 1965 German Delivery Bug. 1200, 6volt generator, glass covered sealed-beam headlamps, 5 on wide 205mm pattern wheels. Had a few details that were not found on US-spec '65 Bugs: Locking steering column with the key switch on the side of the steering column. US-Spec cars didn't get that until the '68 model year. Mounts for 3-point seat belts in front and back, but had lap belts only installed. US Bugs got 3-point belts in '67. When I bought that car in 1973, I had a customer who had a '67 German Delivery Bug. It had the glass-covered headlights like the 6volt Bugs in the US, but with Halogen-type bulbs instead of sealed beam. But this '67 was 12volt like the US '67 Bugs (1st year for 12volt in US Bugs). That Bug was also 1500cc. I later had a US Spec '67 bug. Mine didn't have mounts for 3-point belts in the back, only lap belts, but it had 3-points in the front seats. 1500cc. It had sealed beam headlights with no glass cover. It also had all-red tail-light lenses, while the German Spec '67 Bug had amber turn indicators in the same tail light housing. I later put the German lenses on my '67 and my '65, and those '65 tail lights with German lenses are still on my '58 Baja Bug. My US '67 Bug also had the ignition switch in the bottom of the dash, same as my '58 and no lock on the steering. US Bugs got an alternator in 1973, mid-year (IIRC).
  12. AMT '32 Coupe - a basic street rod

    I never liked tuck & roll upholstery. But I have a '61 F100 that I bought in 1976 that still has the white tuck 'n roll dash top that was in it when I bought it. Not 'cuz I love it, but because it's part of the truck's history. I think it was originally done in Tijuana Mexico in the early 1960s. I think the whole interior was white tuck 'n roll back then, but by the time I bought it, that was all that was left. You've done a good job on the tuck 'n roll on this deuce. It's certainly period correct for a show-style rod.
  13. 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7 GT

    Beautiful Cougar. LoveFordGalaxie...I have a 1961 Ford F100 with a 1970 Cougar 428 Cobra Jet engine, that I pulled out of the original Cougar that had been crashed. The original paint on the engine in this model is not Ford engine blue. It's Mercury engine blue. Same as on my 428 CJ. That's why it is light blue. Here is my AMT '68 cougar. It's built as an SCCA A/Sedan road race car (same as SCCA Trans Am). I built my model in 1968.
  14. `63 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

    Beautiful Ghia. Love the color. About the dash...My close friend had a 1965 Ghia for many years. It had a dash pad on top and the face of the dash was body color. Just as has been done here. I have one of those Gunze Sangyo kits sitting in my inventory. But as a long-time off road racer, my plan for my Ghia is to build a Baja Ghia. Probably a Coupe.
  15. Moebius California Flash

    There is a photo in the Bob McClurg gallery on the Butch Leal website taken (I believe) at Riverside Raceway in '65 of the #707 S/S '65 Plymouth running Cragar S/S wheels and narrow slicks with a black roll bar visible inside. I would link the picture here to share it, but the site prevents hotlinking. If you were looking at the shot in the scrap book of Butch sitting in the driver's seat with the door open, that shows a white roll bar and I think that photo is the altered wheelbase car. I was referring to the black roll bar in the Super Stock car. Yes...Some pics of the Super Stock DO show it with no roll bar. Safety regulations were a changing thing then. Full size or model, i would have a roll bar in it.