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  1. DustyMojave added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods "barn find" dry lakes belly tanker   

    I'm lovin' it! It came out very cool.
    Belly Tanks still run at the lakes. The yellow car is the Kelly & Hall belly tank with yours truly in the driver seat for the pic (I suppose that shows that I'm fond of belly tanks). The white car is the Redi-Strip Special. These are modern belly tanks, but you've done a fine job of building a vintage style belly tank.
    Just a note about the photos I posted in the "On The Workbench" of this build of Tom Beatty's belly tank. In the late 50s photos by my dad that I posted the lakes wheel covers were Moon discs, easily modeled by using Parkes salt discs. The original wheel covers were as shown in Tom's 1952 book about how to build a Belly Tank. That's the 3rd image below. Those "nipple" wheel covers were lids for wringer type washing machines.

  2. DustyMojave added a post in a topic XX 70 maverick   

    I always liked Mavericks from the start. They are on a Falcon/Mustang chassis with a 5" shorter wheelbase. Quite a sleek body shell. With the 302 V8 engine and the chassis hot rodded as one would do to a Mustang, they can be quite a quick car. Because they're a little smaller and lighter, they can outperform a Mustang with the same prep. And I always liked their look. I have a Johan that I built as a Pro Stock when they were 1st issued and a Johan Comet that I'm building into a phantom SCCA A/Sedan using a recent issue AMT '67 Mustang chassis shortened to fit.
  3. DustyMojave added a post in a topic Bantam Competition Coupe   

    I recall seeing a Chevy/GMC 6 in a row with a blower back when, maybe early 60s. It was a round bottom blower housing, sitting on its side, with a manifold extending about 8" out from the side of the head (very probably a Wayne head). I remember Kay SIssel's altereds with 6es too.
  4. DustyMojave added a post in a topic While we're at it, a chopped '34 5-window too: MO' BETTER Nov.6   

    What material did you use to fill the gaps? It looks like thin sections from another kit of the same car.
    The original is a very cool car. That last shot of the chopped roof is very cool too! It looks like it needs very little filler or sanding.
  5. DustyMojave added a post in a topic Ala Kart, a la carte: Part One, Compare and Contrast   

    I was never a "Kustom" guy. But in exploring things around me and trying things even if I thought I did'n't like them, I built the original kit back in the mid 60s. Built a handful of other Kustoms too.
    Nah...Not for me. But I long had thoughts about what could be done with the parts to build a hot rod. For instance, I always liked the combination of '29 cowl and 27 back of cab. And the little red ram hemi has always been a cool engine, even if it's way to little for top fuel dragsters. They're still great for a smallish lightweight hot rod. Kinda like how I'm fond of Ford V8-60s for midgets.
    That original one got pretty badly damaged in an earthquake in 1971, and the remains got set aside in a box.
    So when AMT brought out the new tool Ala Kart. I bought one. Looked it over, and things just didn't seem right. The engine definitely looks different from the original which always looked right to me. The newer one didn't. I have plans for the cab and a few other parts, but not as many parts as I thought would be usable for my ideas. It's still sitting in the kit box in storage.
    It'll be interesting to follow this thread even though I'm not a kustom guy.
  6. DustyMojave added a post in a topic 32 5 Window Hard Chop (11/16/17)   

    Since posting that question, I was looking at Kong heads and a great many other items on the Shapeways site. They do 3D printing, casting and such. Hundreds of pages of stuff.
    I believe the Frenzel blower and Kong heads parts are made by Shapeways for the seller. In most cases, it appears that you can buy them from the vendor, or you can buy them from Shapeways.
  7. DustyMojave added a post in a topic 32 5 Window Hard Chop (11/16/17)   

    That Pale Rider is a very sweet coupe. I like where you're going with your build here. And I like that you post pics from my neighborhood, even though you're across the country. I can see the hill in the background from my house.

    And the Kong heads....Kong Jackson was an old friend of mine. Where did you get those heads?
  8. DustyMojave added a post in a topic Hot Rod "A" Coupe UPDATED 10/28/17   

    I love this car Dennis.
    And since you say the Barney Navarro heads come in the Revell '48 Ford, I'll have to get one of those kits. I'm not real fond of 41-48 Ford or any other cars of the era. But since my dad worked for Barney and drove his track roadster race car in the late 40s, I SHOULD HAVE some of those. Then that engine will have to get a Tom Beatty blower drive setup to go with it, since Tom worked with dad at Barney's.
  9. DustyMojave added a post in a topic '56 Stop Light Warrior. Outdoor pics added.   

    I have to agree with the others Tulio. Beautiful work. My older brother's 1st car was a '56 Ford with a 292 V8.
    I have a 1:1 1961 F100 with a 428 Cobra Jet, so I have to admit that I could go with the FE in a '56. Not a smoothy engine like is SO COMMON for most of the customizers now. Maybe even the right kind of bucket seats, but the dub wheels with electrical tape tires would NOT be acceptable to me. And I would not be able to build one that way for someone else. Chip Foose style turns me away. What you show here gets my approval.
  10. DustyMojave added a post in a topic Winning Ford GT's   

    Peter, Rex and Gary...Beautiful models!!!!! I've seen Rex's stuff at Road Race Model Cars forum recently and been aware of some of Gary's stuff for a while. Now Peter shows some at least as good.
    I have a collection of them too. Most of my early builds from the 1960s were damaged to varying degrees in an earthquake in 1971 (that I just watched images of the damage a few blocks from my then home that day and another 23 years later on a BBC show via Netflix). I still have most of them stashed away in boxes with intent to restore all of them and add new ones. None are intact and on display these days.
    I haven't built a Ford GT since that quake, but have been feeling some inspiration lately. In fact I recently bought a Fujimi 1075 1968 version and have been hunting parts to full detail it. Harold Bradford's kit looks to be the best, but I haven't been willing to spend the roughly $100US to buy one of them. Too many other fish to fry to throw that much resources into just one model.
    For full detail builds from the Fujimi kits, I perceive the difficult part to be the gear box. Engines are pretty EZ. Headers aren't that bad, but I've been having trouble finding 1.75 to 2mm solder difficult to find lately.
  11. DustyMojave added a post in a topic 1967 Trans-Am Mustang   

    They DO look nice. I have blue belts like that in my Baja Bug now. Just wanted to point that out so others would know.
  12. DustyMojave added a post in a topic 1944 Ford GPW Jeep FINISHED!   

    Nice Jeep.
    The 3-piece riveted together wheels are rather incorrect for most GPWs and MBs. But not for ALL of them. MOST that you see in old movies and war photos had the more common 2-piece wheels. Italeri used the same wheels as Hasegawa but got the hubs wrong. MPC got the centers more correct, but with 15" rims and wrong tires.
    My best man of 35 years ago owns a 1942 GPW that I took him to buy in 1975. It was mostly stock then other than the wheels and a Buick V6 engine. He still has it. A little more modified now 42 years later. The unit ID on it represents his dad's USAAF B24 bomber group unit stationed in England during WW2. Vic's was originally a Navy Jeep. In prepping it for a re-paint in the late 70s, we found it had a couple of layers of paint over the original Navy gray against the metal. It has the ID tag on the right side of the dash as mentioned above. I wouldn't call it a "VIN" tag, but it DOES ID the particular vehicle in much the same way. The number on that tag is on the CA registration.

  13. DustyMojave added a post in a topic AMT Cobra What the ?????   

    I love Cobras, and I love VW bugs. But not in the same car...
    OTOH, they have very close to the same wheelbase...
  14. DustyMojave added a post in a topic 1967 Trans-Am Mustang   

    Nice job Phil!!!!!!!
    Not to speak poorly of your model, but for reference for others and your own future reference...the seat belts in the 1960s had black webbing, not blue. But you ARE right to use black spark plug wires. You were right to install the rear side interior panels as well as the inner door panels and mostly stock dash. Only the gauge insert section of the dash was allowed to be modified from stock.
    I think you can probably figure that such a car is on my own list of those to build, considering my reference info and pictures of the 1:1 Shelby Trans Am Mustang I worked on restoring that I provided to help you build yours.
    A decent 65 -66 Mustang notchback could be built using the AMT '66 body shell and the AMT '67 fastback chassis. The '67 Mustang chassis just might be a more correct wheelbase than the original annual 1966 kit, based on my recent experience with building a '69 Barracuda phantom trans Am race car using an MPC annual kit body and a recent issue Duster chassis, both of which should have the same wheelbase.
  15. DustyMojave added a post in a topic 1967 Trans-Am Mustang - Under Glass   

    That '67 Terlingua Mustang from the NNL is really nice (even if he DID miss the sides of the rear window). For those building models of that car, I can offer some advice other than the paint on the underside of the belly of the car.
    - He got it right painting the top of the front shocks where they show in the ends of the export braces. Shelby's guys installed Koni shocks on those cars. Most all of teh Trans Am race cars of teh era used them. The orange is nice, but the proper color for Konis is closer to Chevy engine red.
    - All of those Trans Am Mustangs that Shelby built (25 to 27 depending on info source) were all painted at the Ford San Jose factory the same Wimbledon white that all of the Shelby cars were delivered in. The Shelby Team race cars (4 of them) were over-painted with, as Shelby called it,  "that godawful yellow" in the Shelby shop. They were race cars, not show cars like many race cars get "restored". So color matching all through the car was not considered important. Any interior areas like the floor, inside of the trunk, underside of the hood, top of the firewall above the export braces, door jams, etc. should be painted Wimbledon white. Some of those areas having some yellow overspray on the edges would be appropriate.
    - The top of the rear package shelf inside the rear window should be flat black.