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  1. LSR Project - Updated Pics - 3-16

    Those look amazing Tim! Nothing you can't do with some brass. Clay
  2. Chris....looking good! That chassis is so close to paint. I know you can get there soon. All the goodies look nice too. John....what can I say....your Garlits car is going to be awesome! Love what you have done so far. I always enjoy seeing how you think outside of the box on your builds. Those wire wheels look fantastic too! I should have an update as soon as I take some pictures. I've been making some progress. Clay
  3. Alright John! Good to see you getting ready to go. I already learned something...I see you have an aluminum fuel tank to use. I think I may have one of those too. I need to go look! I got my chassis painted and cleared. Hope to make some progress this weekend.
  4. OMG....I don't even know what to say. I can'g get two pieces of brass to solder together cleanly to save my live. And you are making those?? Unreal Tim!
  5. Glad you guys are following along! I finally got some time to take some pictures of my early progress. I went through my aftermarket parts bin and picked a few things I think will help improve these old kits. I will probably add some more such as some Pro Tech pulleys, and braided line. But this is a start. Like Chris I am replacing the front wheels with a set of JDS slot car tires. As well as replacing the square kit rear slicks with a set of Futurattraction soft rubber tires. I ran these on my lathe with a file to sand the tread surface down. I got all the mold lines cleaned up on the chassis and got it painted in base coat black. I may shoot one coat of clear over this. I haven't decided yet. I also cleaned up the body panels and shot them in primer. I have also slowly started on the engine. Just cleaning up parts, and painting a few things. I did a little washing and a few oil streaks on the pan. I know they wouldn't dare have an oil leak like that on the pan, but I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to give it a little more character. I think that's it for now. Next I want to get the slicks decaled, the engine further along, and maybe get the yellow on the body. Thanks for looking! CK
  6. Joey Logano #22 Shell-Pennzoil Fusion '17

    Thank you guys!
  7. Alright! Chris is off and running. Looks great so far buddy.And it makes me feel good to see two pair of glasses on your bench!!
  8. Hey guys, a but of a different thread/project this time. I got an idea the other day since a few of us were in between projects or having trouble finding something to work on. I asked Chris and John if they were interested in building the same kit along side of me, all in the same thread. Not as a competition or anything like that. Just all there of us working on the same thing, and the same time to bounce ideas off of each other and keep each other motivated. So what we have come up with, is all three of us are building one of the recent Round2 re-release rear engine dragster kits. I am building the Don Prudhomme "Yellow Feather" Dragster Chris is building the Tom McEwen Hot Wheels Dragster And John is building the "Big Daddy" Don Garlits Dragster So far all three of us have got our kits and have slowly gotten started. Chris and I have been trying to figure out what parts we want to add, and how to address the front wheels. John is getting busy with the NNL this weekend, so I'm not sure he has started yet. Besides we need a head start on him! Basically these will be moderately detailed. Just enough to add some extra spice to the old kits. No real scratch building, machining parts or anything like that. Just some wiring, plumbing, and maybe some photo etch here and there. All three will be posted in this thread and we will all just post as we make progress. Hopefully it will be fun for us, and fun for the others to follow along. One of us should have something to show soon! Clay
  9. Dang man, keep it going! Fantastic work as usual.
  10. Finally wrapped up my first of the new-ish Tamiya AMG GT3 kits. The fit and ease these go together is amazing. I had a few issues, but most were my own fault. I've got one more in my stash and I will know better what to do on it. I used Gravity Mercedes silver, Omni clear. Then I decaled it with Alps decals I drew and printed myself. Once the decals were dry I covered them with one thin coat of Omni, then polished out any imperfections. Finally I sprayed the whole body and wing with Testors Dull Cote to dull down the finish to match the 1:1 Benz. I also did a little bit of carbon fiber decaling here and there. Overall a fantastic kit! They look so cool all built up. I will definitely build another. More pics here... https://public.fotki.com/ClayK/sports-cars/50-iwc-racing-merce/ Clay
  11. Just finished this one up. Box stock build of Logano's '17 Coke 600 scheme. I believe I started with a Danica glue kit. Base coat of white, then I applied them main decals. Omni clear, then polished, and finally all the remaining decals. I wanted the gold areas under the clear. I also shortened the rear spoiler. Powerslide decals. Thanks for looking... Clay
  12. ‘70 AAR Cuda T/A

    The Cuda turned out great JC! You've definitely inspired me to try and build one. I've got all the parts ready, just need the time. Clay
  13. 1963 Junior Johnson Chevy

    You are most welcome Mark. I really don't have a "home" forum, so I just bounce around and I'm usually not logged in anywhere. But that car was too nice not to comment on. I'll try to post more here once I get more projects further along. Clay
  14. Cotton Owens 61 Pontiac “Dirt” version

    Awesome model....the dirt looks spot on. I really dig it.
  15. Yep, still a work of art!! You are running out of time buddy. Better get it wrapped up!