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  1. I know you get tired of hearing it, but man, you are incredible! The skill and precision....just mind blowing. What a piece of mechanical art!! And I also gotta say and not to hi-jack but, "WOW! Mike Flynn is here!!" Mike I am a big fan of your work.....your La Victoria Salsa TF is still one of my all time favorite models. Glad to see you here! CK
  2. The things you come up with, and how you pull them off just makes me shake my head. Awesome start so far. This will be a wild one!
  3. Another beauty. I love your style, and choice of subjects. This one is another home run! Great job.
  4. I have nothing constructive to add, other than I can't wait to see how your model turns out! I love your work....this one will be cool I am sure. Clay
  5. So good....I don't know how you work so small! Controls look fantastic in there! Clay
  6. Finished up a quick build of the Salvino's JR round headlight Monte Carlo. I just built this one up box stock to get a feel for things and see how it went together. I had also got a new batch of Powerslide decals I was itching to try out. I did a few adjustements to the body.....I opened up the side window openings slightly to make them match the size of the quarter window along the top. I also did some trimming in the grill/headlight area so the the chrome bumper and center grill could go up higher into the body. Basically just trimming the lower edge under the headlights and the hood. Making the front look a little less bulky. I also sanded down some of the body lines to soften the look a little bit. The body was painted with a base coat white, and cleared with Omni 2 part clear. Then the really cool foil Powerslide decals were added. Once the whole model was finished I spit some rubber black paint along the lower edges and leading edges of the hood and roof with the airbrush to show some race grime. And the completed model.......Also a bit of a personal plug, if you are on Instagram or Facebook I am starting my own model specific pages at both places to show more of what I work on from day to day. Please feel free to follow me at Clay Kemp Scale Modeling....thanks!
  7. Wow....still looking immaculate Tim!! Such a beautiful piece.
  8. Pretty easy to see who is the weak link in this challenge! That would be me.... Great update Chris! I am so happy to see you getting some bench time. The engine is looking terrific. Now where did my Yellow Feather go??
  9. Good grief....you are a maniac! I don't know how you do it. Your drive and determination is off the charts!! This will be just as amazing as your other crazy creations. Clay
  10. Nice work Lou! You always work so cleanly. Good to see more detailed Nascar models getting built. I tried going to your fotki to see what else you have been up to but it says access denied. I had been blocked? Clay
  11. That is a great looking model. Well done!
  12. Thanks for the comments everyone! I appreciate it. Clay
  13. Thanks everyone....this one is done! I added some scratch built antennas, and some decal window tabs to the front window. As well as the Pro Tech hood pins and as sheet plastic front splitter. The rest is pretty much box stock. Thanks for looking! CK
  14. Turned out great Gary! Way to hang in there and get it done. That's not an easy project! One of a kind for sure...
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