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  1. Wow John....well now I feel silly. That is a fantastic update! I think mine just went back into the box!! Looks awesome....
  2. Bad Cutty

    Looking good buddy! Nice to see you making some progress. CK
  3. WIP: Chase Elliott's '16 Napa Chevy

    I scrape the edge of the wheel with a sharp hobby knife after the black has been painted. Then I just run a red Sharpie over the exposed white plastic. Thanks everyone.
  4. WIP: Chase Elliott's '16 Napa Chevy

    Thank you Mark! I appreciate it. I mount my tires on a tool, and spin them on my Sherline lathe. As it is spinning I hold a big flat file across the tire. It levels the tire out, removes the center seam, and roughs them up all at once. The marbles are just the excess bits left over. I mix it Jonathan. I have a quart of HoK white, and HoK black, and I just keep a big glass jar full of light gray mixed from the two. Clay
  5. Oh, I have written a lot more. I stared with SA in the fall of 2004. And worked all way up until 2016 I'd say. On a fairly consistent pace. I did lots of reviews for them as well. I get my Omni at the local parts store. Car Quest or Speedway Auto Parts here in Indiana.
  6. A little side project I've been working on when I get time. Box Stock Revell glue kit Chevy SS. I left the roof hatch lines in, so I had to update the rear bumper. Fille din the gap, then added the lower super speedway extension with sheet plastic. I will add a Miller Motorsports Customs SS splitter once my Shapeways order comes in. Paint is Tamiya Mica Blue, with Omni 2 part clear polished out. and of course Powerslide decals. Not an exact copy of the car he won the 500 pole with at Daytona that year. But fairly close. Tires and wheels are done as well. Powerslide decals on the kit tires and wheels. Should be able to wrap it up in the next couple weeks. Clay
  7. That's funny....never knew they put that one together of just my old articles. And I'm on sale! Making some progress on the Yellow Feather. I primed the body parts with Tamiya Gray primer, then Tamiya white primer, then Tamiya yellow. I believe it was TS 16? I'd have to go look. It was the only can I had on hand. Probably a bit too dark for this car, but seems close to what his Funny Cars were. Once the yellow was dry, two coats of Omni 2 part clear, then polished out. I think I am ready for decals now. I've also got the front axle pretty well done. Since the kit has the smaller front wing I decided to glue it on to a scratch built axle I bent up from aluminum rod. The whole thing will be painted in Alclad chrome. The tabs are from Dirt Modeller. The bends on my axle will get the front end down a lot lower than the kit one to make up for the taller front tires. I've mocked it up with the slicks on and it should sit pretty nice. I plan to get the axle painted, and get on to some decals next. Thanks for looking! Clay
  8. I got the body shot with Tamiya yellow last night. Hopefully I can clear it tonight or tomorrow. Also been working on the front axle. Should have an update soon. Clay
  9. Lions Drag Strip Photo Backdrop

    Cool project Brad! Love those little clamps holding the chain link on.
  10. WIP: 1990 Tide Lumina

    So bright! Looks great my man.
  11. Dale Jr's last ride

    This one turned out fantastic! You really nailed all the little details that car had that day.
  12. Thanks guys! I need to keep working! Jose, I have a tool, I would guess you call it a mandrel that I bolt the tire to, and mount it in my Sherline lathe. I spin it up, then hold a big flat file against the spinning tire.You kinda gotta watch the speed so the tire doesn't melt. But it works great for lots of different kinds of tires. Hard rubber resin ones especially. Makes it a lot easier to remove center mold seams. Otherwise I just do them by hand with a coarse sanding stick. Clay
  13. 1959 "Wild Cad" Custom

    Wow John....Looking fantastic! That is pure candy from top to bottom. One question, did you clear over your foil?
  14. I had an update posted the other day, but got the error message as soon as I hit submit. So I will try again! I ended up clearing the chassis with HoK 2 part clear. Just one smooth coat. I also installed the seat and added a set of Pro Tech belts and hardware. I finished the slicks as well. I used Powerslide Nascar tire decals then sealed them with Testors dullcote. Then I rubbed them with a Tamiya weathering kit to dull them down. I also got the wings cleaned up and ready for primer. Moving to the engine....I finally got the valve covers painted so I could get them on, and add the plug wires. I used Pro Tech red plug wires, and also added a Pro Tech pulley kit to the front. I had picked up a Gravity Chrome paint kit in Atlanta last year at the NNL and had been wanting to try it. I think it works pretty well. And so far it seems pretty durable. I need to get my front axle figured out, then I think I can get the body and wings in paint. Thanks for looking! Clay