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  1. John L. added a post in a topic 1969 Corvette C3 WIP   

    All '69s had the Stingray badge......but only a very few, very late model year '68s had them. They came back with the badge to answer complaints from customers about it not being there, created a new one and spelled it different from previous ones (one word instead of two) and planned to put it on the '69 anyway, but put it on a very few '68s. By the way, the pic Trae posted is a '68. (and once upon a time, many years ago, I owned a '68......if only I had known........)

    Great work, by the way. Can't wait to see updates!
  2. John L. added a post in a topic 1969 Corvette C3 WIP   

    Wow, great work so far, and I will be following this one very closely! Oh, and by the way, don't pay any attention to Trae and his choice of colors......he's only had one Vette.......so he's never had any other color!
  3. John L. added a post in a topic SCMA Simpsonville SC Contest and show   

    Thanks for posting the great pics, Tom. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday, and looking forward to getting together again, soon!

    By the way, your Pontiac is awesome, and very worthy of the Ricky Couch award! Congrats!
  4. John L. added a post in a topic Mini lathe / milling machine info?   

    I have both the Sherline Lathe and Milling machine, and I assure you they are very good quality machines. (In fact, they can even be upgraded to CNC with parts that are readily available from Sherline, and using your home computer.) I've had both since the early 90's. We bought the lathe first, as you will likely use it more often, for many things. We later added the milling machine to "compliment" the lathe. It is correct that you can turn rims on the lathe, but if you want spokes, or slots in them, you will need a mill. With a rotary table and index attachment on the milling machine, it would be possible to completely make rims on the mill. This kind of thing is the reason I got the Sherline machines..........attachments/tooling are very easy to find, and many times specialized for miniature machining, which is what I do for models.

    Granted, these machines are smaller capacity.....but if your main intended use is for modelling, that may not be a bad thing. I would highly recommend the Sherline machines, but as posted by others here, your real expense will likely end up being in additional tooling after the fact, regardless of which you buy. Good luck, and looking forward to seeing the results!
  5. John L. added a post in a topic Revell's Corvette ZR1   

    Very nice build. Despite the kit's shortfalls (tire/wheels), you still built a beautiful model, of a great car. Forgive me, but I've got to post the following pic ....still one of the greatest days of my life!

    They really do run like the reviews say, too! Most awesome car I've ever driven!
  6. John L. added a post in a topic The “Greaterâ€� Birmingham Classic March 19th 2011   

    Thanks for posting the great pics, Bob. I hate I missed it..........you can bet I'd rather have been there than dealing with my recovery!
  7. John L. added a post in a topic '32 Ford Cabriolet   

    You knocked it out of the park again! Beautiful work! Looks like I'll be contacting Norm about this conversion!
  8. John L. added a post in a topic Happy St. Patty's Day! Post your Green Machines   

    Well, it's ten years old now, but it's Green! This was a fun build for the Birmingham Classic "Now and Then" theme in 2001. This is my interpretation of what Art Arfons would have been running in 2001, if he could have used an Allison V-12!

  9. John L. added a post in a topic Lets put a face to that builder!   

    Well, I've not posted here much, but I'll add to this thread anyway. Here I am, in my "toy", after taking a few laps last Sept.

  10. John L. added a post in a topic scale fan belts   

    I've used chartpak tape, also, with good results. But, my favorite is to cut "rings" from the "small" end of black party balloons. Very cheap, nice, thin, and stretches out very nicely.
  11. John L. added a post in a topic 1969 Camaro Pro Mod w.i.p updates 03/06/2011   

    Excellent work!
  12. John L. added a post in a topic RIP Lee Baker   

    Very sad news, indeed. He was a special builder, and a very nice guy! Rest in Peace, Lee........we won't forget your work.
  13. John L. added a post in a topic Tribute to RICKY   

    Yes, it certainly is. Thanks, Gregg, for showing so much respect for a man who gave so much, in so many ways, to our hobby. His insight and imagination reached so many of us. Sadly, I've lost another "hero".

  14. John L. added a post in a topic StraightlineModelrs reputation...   

    I feel the need to weigh-in here. I recently joined SLM........and have found it to be a great source of support and info. I obviously can't speak for everyone, but I will tell you that posts that I've made asking for info, pics, etc., have been answered with scanned magazine articles, pics, information, and multiple offers (on and off the board) to help in any way possible. One member, whom I have never met, nor even heard of before, is "snail mailing" hardcopy of some info that I need for a project.......at his expense!

    I think SLM is a source of great value to an old drag fan like myself, and I'm glad I found it. Anyone who draws conclusions as to SLM as a whole based on what ANYONE says or does, is being just a little too judgemental, IMO.

    Oh, and as for the incident that started this whole mess........I've bought from most all of the resin cast guys before (including RR, recently).......and when I get an item that I feel is not worthy of what I paid for it........I simply log that as a lesson learned, and that caster will get no more of my money. But, of course, that's just MY way of dealing with it............as for everyone, or anyone else........hey, it's a free country!

  15. John L. added a post in a topic Any suggestions on how to replicate "weld bead" on   

    The photo etch is made by a company in Poland called ABER. The actual package has a part number of R-06, it's called "Narrow Weld Lines". It is actually listed on the package as 1/35 scale........a common scale in military models, but it looks just right for car models, at least to me. I got mine at the "Great Escape" hobby shop in Spartanburg, SC.