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  1. Today I saw a candy purple Lamborghini, red Ferrari, a pink mclaren driven by a 20 something yr old girl, a green Ferrari, multiple Porsche’s in aftermarket paint, including a 911, and a Maserati. And that was only ina couple of hours! Typical for the city of Shanghai .
  2. I'd love to attend...maybe one day, but it's about a 5 hr drive. Maybe next year? Thanks for the info, Jon
  3. Thanks, Jon. I'll get to Tammies and maybe Hobbytown, but I'm not going as far as Oregon City.
  4. Thanks a bunch, Russell. I'll check out Galaxy and Tammies.
  5. hotrod4ever

    Hobby Stores

    I'll be traveling to Vancouver, Washington, Portland and the Oregon Coast next week. I was wondering if there are any hobby stores anyone would recommend I visit? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  6. Thanks for posting this article. History is important, no matter what the subject is.
  7. Thanks for the info, Bernard. I will try it! Love your builds by the way! Keep up the great work! Cheers!
  8. There's some very nice '32 grills done here. I'll have to get some...they sure improve the look of the car. What's the best way to get the proper bend in the centre of the grill? Thanks for any tips!
  9. Built both. I don't remember any problems. Just the usual clean-up. Simple kits that are great slump-busters! I did break the long drag link on the Bad Medcine. I would recommend both kits and frankly any Tom Daniels' kit. I just love the imagination he brought to these kits! I say build them.
  10. Blair your % is 12.73 which is really good. 14 x 100 divided by 110=12.73 Glad you're back and healthy. That is most imortant.
  11. Here's to hoping you finish a lot more in the future! That's 'cause you are one of my favourite builders. You capture the "look" that I dream about. Love seeing your stuff. Start getting busy! lol
  12. Brett your % would be 7.14 25 x 100 divided by 350. I think that's a pretty good rate!
  13. You have to include the unbuilt as part of your total. So, 46 unbuilt + 51 completed = 52.58% of your 97 kits built, not including the 6 to come.
  14. Your % works out 15.56! I'm guessing that's way higher than the average. I think some of our hoarders are afraid to put their numbers up! lol
  15. A common situation in our hobby is we have more kits than we could ever build. Of course, that's part of the fun, huh? I wonder what other builder's "build percentage" is. This is mine. First, how many model kits do you own? about 1000 How many builds did you complete last year? 8 Calculate build percentage: 8 x 100 (%) divide by 1000 = .8 % Please include your # of kits and your # of builds in your answers. I'm at .8% ...yeeesh! I gotta crack that 1% at least! lol
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