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  1. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic AMT 55 Tbird help needed   

    Kodiak, did you ever get those instructions? I have a 55 and 57. If you still need them just post a reply whenever you see this and I'll get them scanned and posted. BTW, the windshield frame is almost always broken in these kits due to the big flimsy box. I bought and resold several of them before getting a couple that weren't too bad. Haven't looked at them for a while, one may not be broken at all. One of these days I'll build them.
  2. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic 'Cuda complete!!!!   

    Well, all that work was certainly worth it. Looks great!
  3. Mad Modeler added a topic in General   

    Hey everyone...
    I'm not a new guy but haven't spent much time here. I'd like to change that if there are no objections. I think I'd prefer a place where I can pick and choose what I want to look at. Sure you've heard it all before.

    Anyways, like my sig says, my name is Tony and I live in Virginia. I've been building about six years and my build times don't exactly set the world on fire. I've been struggling with a couple of 'Cuda builds for the last several months and want nothing more than to be done with them and move on. That sublime green plastic has been giving me fits. lol But, for what it's worth, when they're done you'll be the first to see them.

    I'll do my best to be a responsible, helpful participant although I don't normally talk a lot. I just want to look at this as a fresh start, I hope you will too.
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  4. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic Hey!!! Gimme Back My Avatar!   

    For the record, this one's mine.
  5. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic Get The Lead Out...   

    Thanks guys.

    "slug"? What's that supposed to mean?
  6. Mad Modeler added a topic in Under Glass   

    Get The Lead Out...
    I haven't posted anything here in a while. Some of you probably saw this on another board earlier this week. I was undecided about showing it here but I see other folks doing it so, what the heck, I thought I'd crossover...

    So, the paint is good ol' Testors enamels. I used Boyds Lime Pearl and mixed in quite a few drops of Aluma Coupe Yellow Pearl and a few more drops of Bright Green Pearl and this is what I ended up with. I mixed a couple of the small bottles of Testors Lime Gold, let the pigment settle and drained off the carrier to tint Testors Gloss Clear enamel for a little candy. Interior is white pearl nail polish with black flocking. Sorry, didn't take any pictures of the interior before assembly. Mixed some Tamiya Clear Orange and Silver for the engine and accent colors. The chassis is painted with several different shades of nail polish. Radiator, mount, exhaust are different Alclads.

    Applied a few custom touches of my own. Filled in the front turn signal holes and did without. Rounded the rear hood corners and filled in the gaps/holes behind the hood/firewall. Cut out the battery and smoothed the inner fenders and firewall. Frenched an antenna in the front fender. Made a couple *bullets* to replace the windshield wipers. Shaved the drip rails. Scratched some smooth wheel skirts. Used the turn signal lens from the Poncho grill for tail lights. Lowered it as much as I could. The hubcaps are from the AMT 57 300C Custom kit. Still needs a tag, undecided on what to name it...

    A couple of things were left undone and others I'd do differently the next time around but there she is. Hope you like it
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  7. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic New person in the group   

    That's enough to bring me out of the shadows...

    Glad to see you here Jackie! Hope you're well and happy and look forward to seeing more of your work.

  8. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic Spray Booth question   

    Yes, paint booths work. Like Bob said, you'll still have the odor from the painted parts. If you put a door on your booth it's all contained. If you can put your booth next to a window then make an insert the width of the window and six inches or so tall and cut about a 4.125 or 4.25 hole in it. On your trip to the store for dryer hose also pick up a dryer hose outlet. The one with the little flaps that fall closed when it isn't being used. Put up the storm window part way(if you have one), put the screen down, put the insert in the window and close the window on top of it. Unless you find it unsightly or your better half complains, leave it there. The screen will get a little paint dust on it but that will brush right off.

    If you're feeling industrious and have a few hand tools you can build your own booth. Probably for a lot less money than a commercially available one. I deleted the pictures of mine from my webspace a while back but will get them back up and post them soon. Mine is approx. 18"x18"x16" inside. There is a little trap door in the top rear to drop in a furnace filter. The top is a piece of plexiglass. I mounted a 265cfm blower on the back and it works great. If I build another it will be larger so it will require a larger blower. The 265 works perfectly for the current size. A friend built this one for me out of some scrap pressboard and lumber he had on hand. Lowes or Home Depot will cut down a sheet of plywood for you for a small fee if you don't have a saw. Drill some holes, screw it together, slap on some paint, attach a blower and you have a booth. I mounted some 16" flourescent lights inside mine. They're linked together to one switch.

    You'll get better flow if you could set it up at least semi-permanently and use duct pipe instead of the hose. All those pleats create drag and slow down air flow. If you're close to the window it doesn't seem to be a big deal. At least it hasn't been for me. If you are more than a foot or two away smooth ductwork would probably help. Here's a link to an article on paint booth design if you're interested. Look down the left side of the page.

  9. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic Revell Chopper Build Off   

    Picked up two today. I'm in.
  10. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic Does anyone here know how to contact Brian Nehring?   

    Thanks Ray!
  11. Mad Modeler added a topic in General   

    Does anyone here know how to contact Brian Nehring?
    Or possibly know what brand of liquid mask he uses? If yes, would you get in touch with me? Email or PM.

    Or, do any of you know of a liquid mask that can be thinned and airbrushed? I've tried thinning and spraying Microsol Liquid Mask but the results weren't that great. Works fine brushing it on though.

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  12. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic Off-Road tires   

    That's some handy info. Thanks Mike!
  13. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic Finished - Sun Chaser custom bike.   

    Nice Flathead Lyle! And that chopper don't look bad either. :wink:
  14. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic I'm Back! And here's the WIP Chopper I rode in on...   

    That's a pretty shade of red. Looks great! Nice save on the fender. And you got the tappet block/pushrod tubes on the right cylinders. I've seen several people reversing them. The front and rear tubes should be the furthest from the cylinders.

    Can't wait to get ahold of a couple of these. If the LHS doesn't get them soon I'll have to hit the Bay...
  15. Mad Modeler added a post in a topic Shifters:   

    There's one in the Monogram 1/24 Street T with gold chrome. I think that's the right name. It's the small scale version of the 1/8 Golden T with a trailer. Not a lot of detail but it is a skull. The version of that kit with regular chrome is about to be re-released but I don't know if it's in that one. Pretty sure someone in the aftermarket has them but don't recall who. Maybe Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland?

    Here's a couple of links to Fotki albums that have R&M's lists and pictures: