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  1. I want one of the Camaro’s, just because I’m a Camaro guy and I own a real ‘77 Z28.
  2. He seems to be the only guy I can find that makes ladder bars, and straight axles. any ideas?
  3. I'll second the AMC's 70-72 Olds Cutlass/442 i think someone doing the variants of the Colonnade cars would be great! SS, 442, GS, GTO, Grand Am, Can Am
  4. This is true! Add to that if a/m decal sheets are produced so other liveries can built. Then it's also bought in multiple copies.
  5. BeeMax keeps hitting the interesting kits out of the park. i just picked up the Nissan 240RS, and I'm anxiously awaiting the E30 M3
  6. I know the body has the rear window plug. Just Donny remember about the grille.
  7. Beemax keeps coming up with new reasons for me to open my wallet!
  8. Ok. Now that's a Hudson kit I won't be able to pass up.
  9. I have two of them. The amount of Warpage in the bodies has ranged from bad to unusable, so check yours out close.
  10. Love it!!! I need to place a Fireball order for some Mopar wheels now.
  11. LVZ2881

    1978 z28

    the box is wrong. I had forgotten about Revell making that mistake.
  12. LVZ2881

    1978 z28

    It's a '79,not a '78, but beautiful builds none the less. Outstanding job!
  13. The Monogram kits are pretty much considered the industry standard. Aftermarket decals are generally sized for the Monogram/Revell kits. the AMT kits are good parts donors for updating the 70's MPC Stock Cars to more correct chassis and engines, as well as just adding better details. Im using an AMT Country Time Grand Prix to update an MPC Laguna to build Cales Holly FArms Laguna
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