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  1. Full version of the video http://youtu.be/o9AHFyr9GzM
  2. That's kind of an open-ended question... I don't do any of the resin casting, that's done by talented people who are good at it, and have been doing it for years. I create some custom parts like wheels, tires, alternative front ends (to change my '74 Dodge Monaco to a '77 Dodge Monaco Royal) and get them 3D printed. I use ProEngineer software because I use it at work all the time, then upload the 3D files to somewhere like Shapeways or iMaterialise and they send me a master model. This gets used as the master model for the silicone mold
  3. I've had several master models printed for resin casting, as said above just make sure the resolution (number of triangles the stl file is saved as) is high enough and you specify a high-detail material for printing. I've had wheel inserts done, tires and complete bodyshells Here's the idea 3D data And here's the reality, all parts done from 3D masters, including the wheels and tires for the pickup For the 3D files I either bought it or created it myself, then uploaded it and did the usual route for silicon mold and resin casts. The tires are urethane, what doesn't come across in the photos is the tread pattern and sidewall letters I could do!
  4. 3D piece looks really good! I use the technology a lot and it's very useful
  5. That looks really good so far! Do you have any details on how the front nudge bar should look? I made a resin one in 1:32 scale as a slot car which leans and steers around corners, I left the spotlights off because I thought they'd break if the van rolls over but I'd like to make a nudge bar
  6. If the car is a road car, not a racer then you could always use one of these chassis
  7. I had to redesign the front suspension because the tires were fouling on the wheelarches. I moved the kingpins out so they pivot within the tire's footprint, now they don't swing around so far when the truck steers. Graphics drawn up and made And it all fits together! Click for the youtube video http://youtu.be/AeO7NeG5esU
  8. You should be ok to get the parts printed even with thin wall sections, as long as it's not unsupported. So spoked wheels are out, but ribs on a wheel should be ok. Here are the ones I got made, they're 1:32 scale so even finer detail. These are resin casts from a 3D printed master model, the same as you're doing I also got these made, which are in 1:32 scale. Again, this photo is of the resin copies of 3D printed master parts
  9. Me too, which is why I made these to be stronger. With all the track time my cars have had, the kids racing them and they were used all day non stop at an exhibition I've never had one break. The body post came loose on the van once but that's because I used the wrong glue, once it had been fixed it's been fine. And you don't want to know how many takes it took making those videos... The A Team video had the van jumping 20 times at least!
  10. No, it's all done as a GMC Sierra 2500, you can see the computer model I used in the lower picture. From that I had a plastic bodyshell made on a 3D printer, then silicone mold and resin cast from it.
  11. It was different years on different shows. Continuity wasn't always a strong point but with Daisy and her car on the screen where do you think most of the audience were looking?
  12. Were they really used as taxis? I remember seeing them like that on TV, but they were used everywhere on TV at the time! There must have been a fabrication shop in Hollywood making a dozen roll cages per week
  13. This isn't a new thread But it's interesting because I wanted to check out the difference between short and long bed versions. Here's one I'm creating in resin as a 1:32 slot car bodyshell. Nothing like this exists right now so I even need to create the wheels and tires. Here's the first resin casting from the silicone mold And with windows cleared and some paint on. The wheels are just blank for the moment but the tires are custom urethane moldings These are the new wheels which I'm getting made
  14. I love this one! Really great job, lots of imagination
  15. Thanks! My car (the Tonka and the real one) were replicas from The Love Bug. The blue stripe is a little lighter than later cars, the VW badge on the hood is blanked off and the running boards were body coloured too. How did I miss that on the Tonka toy?! The 1:1 also has the wide wheels from the racing scenes and slightly lower suspension too.
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