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  1. Hey Guys , I plan on starting this soon. Buddy Baker 1/16th

    Looks good!!! Want to warn you ahead of time, the roll cage bars that the dash sits on do not fit at all. I ended up having to fab my own, so has everyone else I know that built this kit.
  2. Wire ferrules for distributors

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I was looking for an easier way to make a distributor so I could start wiring my models My plans were to use the ferrule as a distributor and glue in nine pieces of wire for the plug wires and coil wire. I wasn't sure what size ferrule to order so I just went ahead and ordered both 16 and 18 awg size. Hopefully those will work, if not, I'm sure someone else might have a use for them.
  3. outlaw speed shop

    He has a Youtube channel under Sheldon Rothwell. He sells his stuff on Ebay, seller id is sroth88 and on xtremescaledetail.com website. I have never bought any of his stuff but I keep up with his youtube channel. Looks like good stuff to me.
  4. Wire ferrules for distributors

    Big Tall Dad, here's what I'm talking about. I was wanting to use one of these as 1/25 scale distributor and insert the plug wires into the plastic end. I have plans of ordering them from Amazon. They are called insulated wire ferrules.
  5. Has anyone use wire ferrules for distributors? If so, what awg size did you use? I was figuring around 16 or 18 awg. I would like to try them but don't want to order the wrong size.
  6. Here is the front suspension on the Cushman Duster I've been working on. Everything in the front is a real pain to get to fit.
  7. Project '69 440 Six Pack

    On about every 1:1 car with a white interior the only parts that are white are the seats and the door panels. Everything else is another color.
  8. Lawman '66 Charger questions!

    I'm not for certain, but I believe you can source both the wheels and scoop form the Lindberg Ramchargers 64 Dodge kit. Only problem is that there are only 2 of the wheels in the kit so you would need to rob another kit for the other 2.
  9. Ollie's strike again

    Went to the Ollie's in Barboursville, WV. today. All they had was F-150 kits and fighter jet kits.
  10. I just recently finished a 1/16 Buddy Baker Charger reissue and a Soapy Sales Challenger Funny car reissue from Round 2. On both kits I experienced problems with certain parts of the decals being "tore" before I even slid them off from the backing when applying. The decals looked perfectly fine until I started sliding them off, it was like they had been sliced randomly with a knife. There were only problems with one decal on each kit sheet though. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  11. Rustoleum

    I'm quite sure that rustoleum is enamel based. I haven't used it on bodies, but on other parts I have had great results.
  12. 1966 Chevy 2 outlaw updates 02/10/13

    Killer work Tyrone. Here is ya a pic of a 66 that races at my local track. Looks similar to the one you are building. Might give ya some ideas? Sorry for the poor pic quality,it was the best I could do.
  13. Show me your 4 links.

    I was wanting to start building a pro mod car and am having a hard time fabbing a set of brackets for the 4-link. Any of you have a template you go by and if so what are the correct 1/25 scale measurement.
  14. 1/25 Drag car detailing questions

    thanks for the info..
  15. I am wanting to get a little more detailed on my drag car models. I was wondering if any of you guys out there would have any templates or tutorials for scratch building on the following subjects. - 1/25 4link rear suspension brackets and other rear suspension items (no photoetched) - 1/25 wheelie bars styrene or metal - 1/25 front suspension items and set up for a tube chassis (no photoetched) Thanks for any help...