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  1. ACS Customs added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Got a lot of new builds
    Just wanted to show some of my most recient builds.Everything i have here is a 1/24 scale slot car.

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  2. ACS Customs added a post in a topic Got some slot Cars   

    I appoligize for not replieing for so long but yes I do have lots of pictures of all of my work.I've been building steady for several months now and I have built some cars and trucks that have sold for alot of money each on ebay.I'm getting ready for anouther sale pritty soon with lots of dragsters that can easly come apart and in seconds it can be a funny car so really it's a two in one car.I've got some rat rods like no others.A Peterbuilt semi that has a hand made c-channel frame and four sets of rear wheels.Let me know if you want to see them.
  3. ACS Customs added a post in a topic Got some slot Cars   

    i got the mad stickers at Slixx decales.
  4. ACS Customs added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Got some slot Cars
    These are just a few of my trucks that I built for the slot.The Yellow Pete is a double motor truck.The red 50-57 chevy is a jet truck that is loaded with LEDs and lights up like a xmas tree.So does the yellow three engine jet truck.I built that one for a friend.

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  5. ACS Customs added a post in a topic 2 of my drag cars   

    Nice clean work.Very good.Keep it up.
  6. ACS Customs added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Some Of My Builds
    I'm kinda new at this internet thing but I'm not to the model building thing.I've been building for close to fourty years and latly I've found that I can also incorperate brass in my model building.I've scratch built alot with styrene but the sky's the limit with brass.Now I'm useing stainless steel tubbing to make frames and it's working out great.I'll add some pix of my stainless at a later date.

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