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  1. mickey1938 added a post in a topic I guess the hard work paid off...   

    Nice job, Andy Congrats
  2. mickey1938 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1948 Ford Soft Top Custom
    Here's some pictures of my 48 Ford done some time ago!
    Almost all Chrome removed, a Big 429 Engine home made Headers and Exhaust.
    53 Buick Head Lights, 53 Buick Tail Lights Frenched in.
    Fully Plumbed and Wired,
    Red Flocking for Interior and home made Trunk.
    Dual Antenas, Ford Floor Mats, Crager Wheels, Soft Rubber Tires.
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  3. mickey1938 added a post in a topic 39 Chevy coupe   

    A REDD HOTT Beauty close to the Grass, and looks Fast!!
  4. mickey1938 added a post in a topic 32 FORD (TYPE O NEGATIVE STYLE)   

    one question, were's the Blue Dot's? other then that I like it !!!
  5. mickey1938 added a post in a topic Revell 55 Chevy   

    Show Room Fresh, very nice !!!
  6. mickey1938 added a post in a topic Dodge Challenger   

    Say what you will, mirrors or not, it's a Show Stopper!!!
  7. mickey1938 added a post in a topic 69 DODGE CHARGER "PRO TOURING"   

    Bryan, your me go crazy, I can't wait to see more of great building, I'm 74 yrs young so hurry up Please!!
  8. mickey1938 added a post in a topic CORDVETTE!...A Modern Classic. Update: 9-16-12   

    I'm spell bound by this Build, or should I call it a Beautiful Creation!!
  9. mickey1938 added a post in a topic Project Phoenix: Custom '61 Dodge Dart resurrection: The Wall, March 29   

    You Guy's never stop Amazing me, youre all so Great at Building, Rebuilding, Scratch Building, Painting, Interior Designing, just Plain AWESOME, what Talent you all have.

  10. mickey1938 added a post in a topic 57 Chevy Bel air   

    I know this may seem like a dumb question to some, but here goes, after trying to build a great looking Car for over 60 some years, I'd like to know how to mahe Hindges for the Doors Hood and Truck, please can one of you please help this Old Man out!!
  11. mickey1938 added a post in a topic Kandy 62 Impala Lowrider.   

    I'm AMAZED at such a Beautiful Car, Really Really Awesome Job, I'd show that Puppy off as much as I could if I were you!!

    Great Job, great choice of Colors!!
  12. mickey1938 added a post in a topic How about a "Favorite Cars" thread?   

  13. mickey1938 added a post in a topic 66 Marlin body   

    Hey Austin, I gave you the 66 Marlin kit, but before I gave it to you, I sent you Pictures of the complete kit, you still wanted it, it didn't cost you anything not even shipping, I forwarned you of the kit's condition and you wanted it, I didn't do anything to the kit, that's how I got it, I sent you pictures of what the guy wanted to do with the kit. So if your not happy with the kit send it back to me and I'll even pay the shipping.
    Mike Akai
    8668 Kelly Drive
    Saint John, Indiana
    Thank You!!!!!
  14. mickey1938 added a post in a topic '66 Revell Impala!   

    I'm the #44 to make a comment on topic, and I can't anymore that the first #43 haven't said, they've said it all for me!!!!

  15. mickey1938 added a post in a topic 68 amateur stock car firebird   

    Thanks for Everything Ozzy, we could never repay you for what you have done for us!!

    Welcome HOME Brother!!!!