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  1. Meant to post in Under Glass. Can someone move this?
  2. Like someone stated in another post, show us you Shelby Models in honor of the late Carroll Shelby.
  3. Thanks guys. I really do appreciate your comments. On the other hand has anyone ever lowered this model, or does anyone know how? I have an idea of how I would do it but I would really like to know how someone else has/would do it. It would be a great help to me to get this kit finished.
  4. I've never lowered a car before, real or model, and have no idea how to go about doing it. You can see the build I'm working on in the "on the workbench" section But can anyone guide me in lowering the 71 Hemi 'Cuda kit? I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Been a while since my last update. Work keeps me busy, but I got a couple days off and some time to work on this beast a lil more. I've soaked the body and a few other parts in Purple Power and removed the paint so I can start off clean again. Added mesh to the grille openings on the front bumper, still need to the the openings on the lower valance though. Cut the wheel tubs off the chassis in preparation to lower it a bit, just not sure how to do it. Prepped the wheels for mounting onto the axles. Painted the rotors. Haven't painted the calipers yet because I'm not sure whether to do them in red or the same color as the body. Did my first flocking job on the interior, and I'm very happy with how it turned out for my first try at it. Here is the body and in the Purple Power. The mesh grille. The mods I had to do to get the Pegasus wheels onto the axles, found some sprue that was just a hair bigger than a drill bit I have, so I tapped the mount holes on the wheels to the same size and drilled into the axles, cut the sprue, inserted into the wheel mount (no glue) and then they fit nice and snug into the axles. Here is how the chassis currently sits with the wheels, the back wheels were rubbing the tubs and stock height, so I cut those off knowing I'll have to do it later when I lower it. First flocking job on the interior, I'm proud of it, I'm sure some of you will notice obvious mistakes, but it turned out much better than I thought it would being my first shot at it. Also started the body work on the hood. A lot of sanding going on and so far it's turning out spectacular, I think it's going to look great once it's finished and sitting nicely over the V10. Thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Criticism also greatly appreciated.
  6. I used 30ga wrapping wire from radio shack and for the boots I used the black insulation from the inside of phone wire (I think.)
  7. First off, I finally have a real workbench for models. Got tired of using the kitchen table or what surface I could find that wasn't occupied with my wife's stuff. I bought an L-shaped desk and so far it works great. I have the left side for the current model and it's parts, and the right side for my tool and materials, and of course a comfy office chair. Here it is in whole in my "man cave" Left side with the 'Cuda on the bench. Right side of tool and materials (and starburst) I know it isn't much but we've all got to start somewhere. I'm really excited about this build and how it's turning out. I'm learning a lot and I can literally see my skills improving. It's great.
  8. Hey thanks, I'll keep that in mind...it will help when I go to put the radiator in.
  9. Here's a photoshop edit I did of my main idea of how I want the engine shroud to look. Still not sure on whether to go with the carbon fiber finish, flat black finish, gloss black finish, or the same yellow as the body, what do you guys think?
  10. Do here's another update...still have some touch up paint to do on the engine, none of it is glued together right now, just mocked up, also did the first dry fit of the engine on the chassis with the body and hood, only gonna have to make 1 mod to mount this sucker for excellent fitment. Here's the engine wired up and other parts mock up. Choose your weapon...505 ci V10 Viper Engine vs. 426 ci V8 Hemi Engine The "engine swap" timeline. The hood with the viper scoop glued in place. A lot of body work in my future to get this hood looking smooth. And here's a mock up with the hood on the body, I personally think this thing is going to look super sharp with this hood. I just hope I have the skills to pull it off. Thanks for looking! Comments and criticism always appreciated...yes I said criticism...I use it constructively.
  11. Here are the engine pics as promised, I didn't make plug boots on this one, in both of these pics you can see my poorly set up distributor, I need to work on that. Looking back, I should've made boots... Thanks for looking!
  12. Thank you, I actually just found that out a little bit earlier after reading up on the Viper engine, I had no idea these things even existed, lol. From what I've found it has a 6 lead coil pack and a 4 lead coil pack, is this correct? Anyway, after finding this out I did give up on scratch building the ignition system since it wont even be seen on this build and I just drilled a couple of holes on top of the block under the intake and ran the wires into there to get them out of the way. Pics coming in a few.
  13. Today, I've got the engine wired and assembled (Slightly)...and I've also cut both of the hoods and made one hood out of them, pics coming later.
  14. Got the engine wired on this thing today, had a little trouble with the distributor so it looks kind of crappy, I bought some 30 gauge wire instead of buying wire and wired distributors from scale dreams or something. I'll get pics up later tonight.
  15. No, not yet. Not gonna use the kit wheels though, I'm thinking maybe the Iroc's from Pegasus.
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