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  1. Beautiful James. Heck I'll bet even Big Daddy is smilin' down on this one!
  2. Another Good'n Brian. I do like the Cockpit detail and the allllll the rivets.
  3. Boy am I ever glad I made my Chin Pillow a few years back while watching John Teresi do one of his builds. Now days there's a list of people I haul the pillow out for before viewing their posts. The Pillow keeps me from brusing or breaking my Chin when it smacks against the Floor when viewing In Progress or Under Glass images from you folks. 'Bout all I can do is studder and reattach my Jaw.................
  4. Harry, Prayers going with you. Been doing a bit of the "H" word visiting myself. Those places SUCK! Get Well Soon.
  5. Your detailing and assembly show a lot of thought, planning and well done execution Brian. Good to see this project coming together.
  6. Ray and Jin, I'm glad to have been part of your Day.
  7. Jim, You are Welcome. Sorry it's been so long, but I just take the Pictures. I've yet figured how to Paint the Sky! Got a Bonus this Morning. The Clouds didnt blow away before Dawn.
  8. Monday Evening we were treated to the first colorful Sunset in a while. It was a tad Breezy but with the Temp in the low 70's it was all good.
  9. Really Pretty Land Yacht. Pontiac knew how to Design'em!
  10. Well Done Clean Build Howard! Even a Phantom Chaparral is a Good !
  11. Nic Steady Hand on that Porsche Lettering Andre, Well Done.
  12. You've got some nice work there Paolo. For what it's worth you may want to change the Battery from the 6 volt you have to a 12 volt goven all the upgrades.
  13. Yuri, That is one REally Nicely built '66 Fleetside and the Wheel upgrade fits well. Also those are some nice Pictures. Did you happen to put an Engine under the Hood??
  14. Phil you're raising the standard for Lola T-70 builds!
  15. Pat wonderful Story and great info. I'll be watching for the progress reports.
  16. Finally got the crown leveled and all the ruts taken care of, so I had 16 tons of Gravel delivered and took care of the North 1/2 of the Driveway FINALLY!!
  17. Ray, Sounds like you had a two Thumbs up Day, well done and carry on.
  18. Mike, A really nice job on one of the "Eternals". And a Good Job with the Pictures also!
  19. 5 Star Report Tim!! I'td sure be nice of others took the time to ID their Show Images. Thank You.
  20. Wife is going away from Wed - Sun. I think I'll haul out my Stones, Neil Young, Dylan, Incredible String Band Albums, along with a few others and have a "Wife Don't Like'em" Marathon!
  21. Really good job on a Car that is rearly seen.
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