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  1. IHSS added a post in a topic Anyone Know If These Monogram 1/24 Molds Are Still Around?   

    I could be wrong but didn't they just reissue the 911 a couple of month's back? I have the one in the picture. I built it last summer and other than the headlights being a WTF molding it is a great kit. 
  2. IHSS added a post in a topic 78 Cadillac - 10.Oct, the grille   

    That Caddy looks fantastic in that color. Just an fyi the crest decals your showing are wrong for 78. I think thats the style that they came out with in 99. For 78 it had hunting ducks in the yellow area's and a crown on top. Not trying to be a rivit counter just passing some info on.
  3. IHSS added a post in a topic Ebay sellers - Crazy?   

    Wow I have one of those hood scoops sitting in my basement. Picked it up at a swap meet about 10 years ago for 20 bucks. The original matte black paint was really faded but the scoop is perfect otherwise. I might have to throw it on ebay and see what happens. Thanks for the heads up. I would never ask that much for it but if I could make a few bucks for having sit in my basement that would be cool.
  4. IHSS added a post in a topic "Golden Wheels", remember that program?   

    There were a lot of companies that did this back in the day. Captain crunch did it just recently. My 6 year old wanted to try the crunch berries a few month's ago so remembering how much I liked them I bought 2 boxes. As we were enjoying a bowl one morning I noticed a t-shirt offer on the box. I offered it to him but he wasn't interested in it. so I clipped the proof of purchase's, and sent them in with my 1.95 for shipping and handling and 4-6 weeks later I got my Captain crunch t-shirt. I tried to give the money to my mom to wright the check and send it in for me, for the full authentic experience but she wouldn't do it. I may be 41 but still 10 inside.
  5. IHSS added a post in a topic Elenore II I got a crazy idea   

    In the Halicki movie they refer to the 73 as the last big Mustang or the last real Mustang. It's been a while since I saw it. I think it was the 2 cops sitting outside the radio station waiting for it to come out. I have the DVD I might pop it in tonight and check it out. By far the best chase scene. Sorry bullit fans but it beats out McQueens chase.
  6. IHSS added a post in a topic Updated pics !My 1985/86 GT 5.0 foxbody mustang build   

    Looking great Dan Keep it going.
  7. IHSS added a post in a topic Fun with your mouse, the old Packard plant   

    I know you want to stay on the history subject here, but sadly I see this as a foreshadowing of where our country is headed. But on the packard subject. I went to a packard museum in Ohio that was origanaly built as a Packard dealership and restored to it's former glory and it was awsome to say the least. Her's a link http://www.americaspackardmuseum.org/the_story.html . Wish they had more pics but it is definetly worth a visit to anyone near or passing through the Dayton area.
  8. IHSS added a post in a topic A short cancer update if you're interested...   

    Good luck to you. My dad had his prostrate removed about 2 years ago from cancer and it's not as bad as you might think. it takes time but he is doing fine know with just a little life style change and it sounds like the same. His was about as bad as it could be so just stay positive.
  9. IHSS added a post in a topic Vehicle maintance, a lot like cooking.   

    A friend of mine, that know's nothing about cars, was checking his oil like you would a transmission. I think he put about a gallon and a half in it before it read full on the dipstick. There was a lot of smoke coming out the exhaust for about 2 month's after I drained and refilled it properly. and I had to do some explaining to him about auto maintenance, I told him never to lift a hood again.
  10. IHSS added a post in a topic 71 Charger Daytona   

    That looks awsome great job. Reminded me of these guys http://www.71wingcars.com/page.aspx?id=1
  11. IHSS added a post in a topic 70-73 Pontiac Trans Am/Formula/Espirit/Firebird.   

    Thanks Rick. That was the look I was going for. His car was my favorite tv car when I was growing up. I did the scoops with a little more of a custom look than a stock formula. The formula hood on the silver one has a correct scoops done. Thanks Jeff
  12. IHSS added a post in a topic 70-73 Pontiac Trans Am/Formula/Espirit/Firebird.   

    I'm not saying anything about Reliable resins, but I do suggest any one that's interested in ordering from them do a search on them first. Some people have been satisfied but there seems to be a whole lot more that aren't.
  13. IHSS added a post in a topic 90 Notchback   

    I made the hood. if there's any interest in it I could talk to another member on here who's cast some other stuff I've done and see if he wants to do it in resin
  14. IHSS added a post in a topic 90 Notchback   

    Thanks for the kind words all and yes the wheels are from the 99 cobra kit thanks again Jeff
  15. IHSS added a post in a topic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon   

    Thats awsome thanks. I'm going to have to try it