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  1. IHSS added a post in a topic Mustangs!   

    Haven't build a mustang in a few years but here's one I made for my dad. He bought a Boss new in 70 and had it 3 months before it was stolen and totaled.
  2. IHSS added a post in a topic In 1973, who could have guessed that,   

    I was just thinking a similar thing about the dodge comercial with a Nirvanna song "My girl" playing. I may have the name of the song wrong.
  3. IHSS added a post in a topic 41, Lincoln Continental Custom   

    Thats looking awsome John. Can't wait to see it in the under glass section. Just a small tip on applying putty. When you get credit card offer's in the mail, save the fake credit card and cut it up to use as a spreader. You can get a smoother application that makes it easier to sand and not use as much putty in the process.
  4. IHSS added a post in a topic The Nickey Camaro   

    There out already. I should be finishing up the one I got a couple of weeks ago tonight.
  5. IHSS added a post in a topic Off-road tyres   

    If your still looking for some off road tires, I have a few sets of super swamper mud tires. I think there supose to be 40-44 inch style. I have a couple sets with rims and a couple sets with out rims. Shhot me a pm if your interested.
  6. IHSS added a post in a topic 'Joker Goon Car' kit - built as a rust bucket '77 Monaco   

    I"m born and raised in Ma. about a 10 minute walk to the beach. Growing up with a couple of VW's and a Plymouth Duster, I can say you need alot more rust. Around here I don't think I remeber seeing a Chrysler vehicle that didn't have the bottom 6 inches of the rear quarter panels completly rotted away. It was also really common to see the rotted metal replaced with duct tape and then painted a wrong shade of a matching color. Chrysler were common for the rear quarters to disapear and it seems like every make and model had specific area's the body would just disitigrate. After my mom sold her Duster she got a 79 Carolla. This was in about 81 or so. I think that car started rotting out within the first few month's. The thing I have always remembered about that car was every time you closed the door little streams of rotten metel would poor out from somewhere radomly around the car. The VW's were the worst. My folks had a beetle when I was real little and I used to drop peebles and small sticks on the floor and then turn around real quick to see if I could see it bounceing down the road behind us.
  7. IHSS added a post in a topic 1933 Buick Custom Tow Truck   

    A few years ago I was out in Ohio for the International Harvester nationals. I decided to take the whole week off to go out there early and do some sight seeing in a, to me, new part of the country. On our roaming around we found an old Packard dealership that is now a Packard museum and decided to check it out. In the back of the old used car building they had a late 20's Packard that had the back of the body cut off with a tow set up in place. They guy at the museum that was giving us a little impromptu tour, told us that was common back then for dealership's to take cars that hadn't sold and repurpose them. I forget they whole story on the car but it was from another midwestern packard dealeship that used it for there own tow vehicle. It was in decent original used but not beaten condition and very faded but still had the original dealerships name and info on the door.
  8. IHSS added a post in a topic '79-83 Malibu Wagon resin kit   

    I have a sedan delivery resin body I started 20 years ago. You could probably cut out the side windows and scribe rear doors and have a wagon.  If your interested let me know. I can give more details and photos if you'd like
  9. IHSS added a post in a topic 70 Firebird custom   

    And here's a regular Formulahttp://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y471/IHSS1/cellpics1678_zps561d3217.jpghttp://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y471/IHSS1/cellpics1683_zpsf7d5aed4.jpg]
  10. IHSS added a topic in Under Glass   

    70 Firebird custom
    Hi all. I made these a couple of years ago. I put a pic in the T.V. car thread and didn't want to highjack or sidetrack it so I started this one to show more pics of it. All comments good or bad are welcome. 
    Thanks. Jeff
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  11. IHSS added a post in a topic Multibrand Dealerships in 50s and 60s   

    I'm an IHC Scout fan. I remember a few years back coming across a photo of an old International-Harvester dealer that was also a Rolls Royce dealership. I'll have to see if I can dig that photo up. Very odd to see new IHC's and RR's on a lot together.
  12. IHSS added a post in a topic Anyone Know If These Monogram 1/24 Molds Are Still Around?   

    I could be wrong but didn't they just reissue the 911 a couple of month's back? I have the one in the picture. I built it last summer and other than the headlights being a WTF molding it is a great kit. 
  13. IHSS added a post in a topic 78 Cadillac - 10.Oct, the grille   

    That Caddy looks fantastic in that color. Just an fyi the crest decals your showing are wrong for 78. I think thats the style that they came out with in 99. For 78 it had hunting ducks in the yellow area's and a crown on top. Not trying to be a rivit counter just passing some info on.
  14. IHSS added a post in a topic Ebay sellers - Crazy?   

    Wow I have one of those hood scoops sitting in my basement. Picked it up at a swap meet about 10 years ago for 20 bucks. The original matte black paint was really faded but the scoop is perfect otherwise. I might have to throw it on ebay and see what happens. Thanks for the heads up. I would never ask that much for it but if I could make a few bucks for having sit in my basement that would be cool.
  15. IHSS added a post in a topic "Golden Wheels", remember that program?   

    There were a lot of companies that did this back in the day. Captain crunch did it just recently. My 6 year old wanted to try the crunch berries a few month's ago so remembering how much I liked them I bought 2 boxes. As we were enjoying a bowl one morning I noticed a t-shirt offer on the box. I offered it to him but he wasn't interested in it. so I clipped the proof of purchase's, and sent them in with my 1.95 for shipping and handling and 4-6 weeks later I got my Captain crunch t-shirt. I tried to give the money to my mom to wright the check and send it in for me, for the full authentic experience but she wouldn't do it. I may be 41 but still 10 inside.