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  1. Looks like there might be a fourth air cleaner. Possibly an oil bath kinda looks like it but I could be wrong. Oh and here’s a shot of the direction I’m going with it.
  2. Here’s a few shots of some of the kit. The cab and related parts seem pretty standard for this series so I left them out.
  3. Just got mine opened to check out the contents. Wow! There are a lot of parts. Lots of extras as well. 2 transmissions 2 intakes 3 air cleaners 3 mirror choices. 4x4 front axle and transfer case. I don’t think I have ever seen this many parts in one box.
  4. Not trying to play devils advocate here and I’ve never had much interest in ev. But I am an IH Scout fan. I’ve had a couple and my first one I still have. I’m getting ready to restore it as I parked it when my son was born. It has 317k miles and was my daily driver. I thought being a new dad something with less miles and easier for child car seat use made sense and it did at the time. Before family life I was a fairly avid off roader. I live in the south of Boston area of Massachusetts. The majority of trails in this area are probably under 5 miles. An ev off roader should easily make a trip out and back. Not everyone is going to spend days off road or trips that go beyond vehicle range and if they do then an ev is not the right tool for the job. I’m sure they would be smart enough to know that. If not then they deserve to get stuck out there. Just like not bringing extra gas cans or spare parts preplanning should be done. Ev or gas I’m just excited that I may have the chance to get a new Scout. I used to go out to the International nationals every year and toured the old plant that made the current at the time Navistar trucks. I talked to a few of the employees and there was definitely a passion among them for what they were building and an appreciation for where the current vehicles came from. When cars were first starting out it was steam, gasoline and electric that were all fighting to be the one to take off. All had there advantages and disadvantages. In 1900 steam was the 100 year old technology and internal combustion gas engines and electric were the new scary technology. Love it or hate ev does seem to be where we are headed just like gasoline was 120 years ago.
  5. It’s a truck and it’s a mock up. Looks like it fits to me. That’s just my opinion. Looks like it’s going to be a killer build.
  6. Here’s a project That’s getting close to finish line. Made out of three old Monogram kits. F-150 Ranger, F-350 duelie and a Bronco.
  7. That looks fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of the rear ends of these.
  8. That looks awesome. Really nice work. But you need to screw up the decal around the trunk lock like Frieburger did.
  9. Thanks All I got a little bench time in today. Tried adding to the rust on the frame. I used Vallejo rust pigment mixed with some flat clear and just brushed a thin coat over the whole thing. While it was a little tacky I took a dry brush and the pigment and brushed it in. I’m fairly happy with the results for my first time trying something like this. I do need to touch up a couple of spots. Going to get the suspension started next. Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome.
  10. Little update from this afternoon. I’ve had this idea for a little over a year now. I was working on cleaning up some car old parts. Just wire brushing and fileing. Ended up with a pile of dry dusty rust on the bench and thought, what if this could be used for weathering models. I swept it in a sandwich bag stuck it in my modeling misc. stuff box and forgot about it until today. I was thinking of how to apply it. Thoughts like flour sifter or colender of some sort. I ended up trying a different technique. Started with some metallic silver. Model masters AMC sterling silver metallic seems to have almost an exaggerated 70’s flake to it. I used that thinking it would give the base a metaly look under the rust. I let the second coat dry about 20 minutes and just drop it in the bag of rust and shook it like shake and bake chicken. Pulled it out and gave a coat of just clear. It darkened the rust slightly but I’ve been planning on hitting it with some Tamya light rust detail powder anyway, so we’ll see how that turns out. Threw the axles and wheels on it for a mock up. Still trying find a set of rims and tires the kit wheels are working for now. Thanks for looking.
  11. Managed to get a little work done on this over the weekend. Finished up the cage threw a coat of primer on it. Did some digging for parts that I need. Found a fuel cell in the new model A hot rod kit and added some height to it. Thanks for looking.
  12. Got some primer on the frame before heading out for some turkey dinner. When I got back I started the roll cage. Have a couple bars left to put on. Pretty happy with how it’s coming so far. I need to fix the angle on the cross bar over the radiator but the ret seems good. All that’s left to do is everything else. And a quick mock up to see how it’s all coming together
  13. For those that don’t know what Vette cart is. Hot Rod magazine took an early C4 Corvette beater and cut everything off that wasn’t needed to run. It was to show weight reductions effect on performance. Later Hot Rods editor started Roadkill and used what was left of the Corvette as one of there projects. They’ve used it on drag stops, road courses, road-trips and even a sand buggy in the dunes. A lot of people have since copied it making it hard to find pics of the real one online. I’m not going to get to crazy. Just needed something off beat to have some fun with. Any-hoo. Got the frame pretty much done. Ready to do some work on the front of the frame. Then it’s off for a coat of primer clean up and start the cage. Thanks for looking. All comments and questions welcome.
  14. Hi All I started converting a Calloway speedster into a coupe. Ended up with the 87 parts kit left over and got the idea to make the Vette cart from Roadkill. Set the Calloway off to the side and started slicing and dicing to create a naked Corvette frame. Not sure how for I’ll get but here’s the start.
  15. Hi All I have a Monogram 95 ZR1 with a broken rear window. I think any of the Monogram C4 glass will fit. I have stuff to trade and will reimburse shipping expenses. I have the Calloway speedster glass and body panel for any one that would be interested in a speedster conversion that I could throw in as well. Thanks Jeff
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