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  1. The GN and GNX had completely different rear suspension set ups for a reason. The GN had the standard 4 link style with the upper bars angled in for side to side axle stability. All GNs came with a sway bar as well. The GNX had a torque arm style. That has the normal lower control arms with a third long arm from the diff housing, running forward next to the drive shaft. This design requires a panhard bar for lateral axle stability. This was designed specifically for the GNX and was the only G body to get it. It improves handling and launches. It's very similar to the third and forth gen F bodies but doesn't share parts. Watch a video of a stock GNX getting ready to launch of the line. Instead of the front lifting with the rear end squatting, the whole car lifts evening. This is due to the improved geometry of the different design for a performance application. It doesn't ride as nice as the Regal/GN's. But it sure does grip better.
  2. IHSS

    67 Biscayne

    Just messin around with a thought
  3. IHSS

    67 Biscayne

    Got a little update tonight. Carved out the quarter windows and roughed in the window frames. It's got a guide coat added to start finish sanding all the large areas. Thanks for looking
  4. IHSS

    67 Biscayne

    Thanks. For me it's not the destination it's the journey. Plus doing this myself instead of buying resin increases my skills and confidence for future projects. I do have a couple of resin bodies of subjects that I like that are beyond my current skill set but if it looks like something I can do I go for it. Another project I did a while back may be getting casted by a very good caster and offered as a conversion kit. I'm also working on a companion to that one that I may run by him to see if he would be interested in casting and offer it also. There was a post about it in the resin section a few weeks back. I am working on a 69 Coronet from the monogram Super Bee kit that's stalled. I just can't seem to decide what direction to finish it. I put a couple pics of it up a couple weeks ago and the "companion" can be seen in the back ground. It's close so I may put some pics of it up soon. Thanks again
  5. IHSS

    67 Biscayne

    Thanks for looking all. Snake got it. The roof is from the AMT 68 Camaro and the newer AMT release of the Impala SS. I'm hoping to do the same window frames as the pic posted above. I got the parts that've been done finished with smoothing out all the seems. Now I need to scribe the trunk out and the panel between the trunk and window. Then its just getting the rear quarter windows into shape so I can get the B-pillars and window frames in.
  6. IHSS

    67 Biscayne

    Thanks. Here's one of the slicing and dicing
  7. IHSS

    67 Biscayne

    Here's a couple more
  8. I've always liked the 67 Chevy full size line up but thought the more formal roof looked better than the fast back. So I decided to try making the Impala into a Biscayne. Still have a lot to do but it's getting close. All comets welcomed Thanks for looking Jeff
  9. IHSS

    1969 Coronet

    Thanks for looking and the replies. I got the body cleaned up and found a set of rims and tire's I kinda like. The rims are the Crager SS style from the monogram turbo El Camino and the tires are the B.F.G.'s from a Fujimi set. I still havn't figured out a color yet but I got some more to do before I need to decide. Thanks for checking it out Jeff
  10. Hi all. This is the Monogram Super Bee 2n1 kit. I thought I needed some practice with smoothing out body panels. So I grabbed the blower hood just to smooth out, had no intention on starting this build yet but after looking at it I might have to do something with it now. Not sure what direction it'll go yet, but I'm kinda thinking like a day two or maybe a plain looking sleeper style. Thanks for looking and all comments and advice or tips welcomed. Thanks Jeff
  11. This is looking great Steve. I'm a big fan of 2nd gen F-bodies it's cool to see one done in a plane jane style. Keep it going
  12. Just my 2 cents. But I think you guys are reading into it a little to literal and skipping one critical piece of info from the song. The first line "well I'm not bragging girl so don't put me down". I always took it as he's trying to pick up a girl and anything after that is just exaggerating what he's got to be more impressive to her. Figuring she's a girl and probably doesn't know much about cars. Just my take on it and I've been known to miss the point before so I could be way off.
  13. I got one with the plan of building it. When I opened it the windshield frame was badly tweaked. I tried to straighten it but just couldn't get it straightened. I was about to through it back in the box and shelf it. But I had the velocity channel on at the time and I think it was Iron Resurection that came on. They were working on a late sixties Caddy convertible and that got some ideas flowing. So out came my Johan boss man and surprisingly they fit well together. It did take some floor manipulation to give it a fairly clean underside but the wheels look fantastic on that body so I went with it and it is probably one of my best overall builds to date. I'll try and take a couple of pics to post up later if any one is interested in seeing it.
  14. Spare time is a great shop. I've been to it a couple of times. I live south of Boston so it's quite a hike for me. But there is another shop Harry's Hobbies in Norton Ma. Great shop a little smaller than spare time but a great inventory that's 95% plastic kits. Two isles of car kits and one of military. And they have a pretty good aftermarket selection and it is laid out by make i.e. Ford, Chevy etc. it's owned and operated by Harry and Katie they are always there and are both very friendly and knowlagable. Another shop is Hanson Hobbies in Hanson Ma. They don't have a lot of anything but do have a little bit of everything. Models, trains and rc stuff. Enjoy your trip
  15. Paul, your thinking of the chevy 229. It's a small block with the front 2 cylinders chopped off. It's actually a 305 minus 2 cylinders. The Buick v6 is a Buick design. The distributor is the easy way to tell them apart. The chevy has the dizzy in the back like a regular sbc. While the Buick has the dizzy on the front of the motor.
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