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  1. IHSS added a post in a topic Another Coronet Question.   

    I know they changed from year to year , but I have a 71 plymouth in my back yard with a 2 tone green interior. Its a dark olive with the seat inserts in a lighter shade of green. I can try and take a couple of pics if you would like to see it.
  2. IHSS added a post in a topic Chopped Top On 51 Chevy Fleetline   

    And a couple with paint. I still havn't finished it yet. Maybe I'll pull it back out and finish it up.
  3. IHSS added a post in a topic Chopped Top On 51 Chevy Fleetline   

    It's not to bad to do if you drop the trunk area with itThis was my first try at a chop top and it didn't turn out to bad. I had read an article in Ol'Skool Rods with Bill Hines choping a 51 and decided to try it in scale the way he did it.
  4. IHSS added a post in a topic Model Car Museums - Are There Any Out There?   

    There's Hartmann's model railroad museum in Intervale NH that has a small section of car models. http://www.hartmannrr.com/ . A must stop type of place in norhtern NH if your visiting the area not far from the White mountain area. They have 2 large buildings, one's the museum and the other is the hobby shop. They also have an outdoor model train that you can get a ride around the grounds on.
  5. IHSS added a post in a topic AMT 1966 Ford Fairlane update 7/17/16   

    Your Fairlane looks fantastic. But the inspiration car has me a little confused. What are they running for suspension? specifically the hubs and axles. I've never seen a 10 lug setup before other than 1 ton pickup's.
  6. IHSS added a post in a topic This is unique   

    A couple of years ago, I forget what magazine it was but I think it was "Old Skool Rodz", Had an article in the new product section that had jewelry made out of paint droppings from some of the old paint lines. I think they were calling it Fordite or somthing like that.
  7. IHSS added a post in a topic is there a 1/24th Shaker hood & scoop   

    No Problem Doug glad I could help. Yes that is one I did a couple years ago for a xmas gift for my dad. Before he met my mom he had a few very nice mustangs. In 1970 he traded in a 69 Mach 429CJ for a Boss 302. The Boss was about 3 month's old with just over 500 miles on it. 4 kids stole it while he was at work got into a police chase and hit an oak tree at almost 100 mph. He always said it was his favorite and wished he still had it. He also said he wished he had kept the 69 also but he traded it because he didn't want a car payment. He paid cash for the 69. He bought the boss at the end of the model year and couldn't get another one. so he ended up buying a new 701/2 Z/28. Then my mom and later me came along. I was about 5 in 78 when he finally got rid of the Z for a more Family friendly VW statin wagon. When I gave it to him it was the first time I ever saw him get a little emotional, He's very old school ex milatary type so I know it ment alot to him. He made an amazing wood framed display case with glass and mirror's for it to really show it off. I'll have to take a pic of it in the case next time I'm over there house.
  8. IHSS added a post in a topic is there a 1/24th Shaker hood & scoop   

    Just checked there web site in the aftermarket directory and they still have it. It's 12.10 for the hood, shaker and air filter base.
  9. IHSS added a post in a topic is there a 1/24th Shaker hood & scoop   

    The Parts Box out of Australia had them not sure if they still do. Excellent quality and it only took a little over a week to recieve them. Highly recomended.
  10. IHSS added a post in a topic Hummer H1, Meng Models   

    Just checked out the web site and they have an accessory kit to go along with it. Looks pretty cool can't wait deffinetly getting one.
  11. IHSS added a post in a topic Mustangs!   

    Haven't build a mustang in a few years but here's one I made for my dad. He bought a Boss new in 70 and had it 3 months before it was stolen and totaled.
  12. IHSS added a post in a topic In 1973, who could have guessed that,   

    I was just thinking a similar thing about the dodge comercial with a Nirvanna song "My girl" playing. I may have the name of the song wrong.
  13. IHSS added a post in a topic 41, Lincoln Continental Custom   

    Thats looking awsome John. Can't wait to see it in the under glass section. Just a small tip on applying putty. When you get credit card offer's in the mail, save the fake credit card and cut it up to use as a spreader. You can get a smoother application that makes it easier to sand and not use as much putty in the process.
  14. IHSS added a post in a topic The Nickey Camaro   

    There out already. I should be finishing up the one I got a couple of weeks ago tonight.
  15. IHSS added a post in a topic Off-road tyres   

    If your still looking for some off road tires, I have a few sets of super swamper mud tires. I think there supose to be 40-44 inch style. I have a couple sets with rims and a couple sets with out rims. Shhot me a pm if your interested.