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  1. 1969 1/2 Road Runner 6-pack 1977 Dodge Monaco Police Car 1971 Road Runner 1970 Superbird
  2. Can you do them in 1/16th? If so I want some.
  3. Ron Andrews andrews 544@hotmail.com
  4. The post got moved somewhere else by somebody.
  5. I saw this kit at Hobby Lobby the other day for $30 or so, gonna have to get me a 40% off coupon and grab one.
  6. Yes that's it, I looked right at it on the diagram you posted Old tired eyes o' mine. Thank you my man
  7. I'm looking for a pic on the net right now of what I am trying to explain. There is a picture of the engine of Jim Miles' Magic Muffler Fiat in the Winter 2015 Elapsed Times magazine page 35 that shows a cable attached to a bellcrank at the rear of the injector housing that looks as if it would be activated by the gas pedal. The pic also shows another cable attached to a bellcrank on a fitting on the driver's side of the cam driven fuel pump that goes back up the side of the engine towards the rear of the car. I'm hunting,,,,,,
  8. I already hunted Bing and Google trying to find the right pic I needed and had some luck but that last pic I hadn't seen. I found a few pretty decent pics in one of my nostalgia drag magazines. What was throwing me was linkage on the front and back of some of the engines I saw. I assume the foot throttle engages the throttle body itself, the linkage at the cam driven fuel pump, what activates it?
  9. I have a 1/16th Mark Johnson BBC on the way that I ordered with the Enderle Barndoor Injectors. I can't find a decent pic of one of these to show me a geed reference for when I do the lines and linkage. Can anybody help me out? I couldn't find much with the search function
  10. Awesome so far. (subliminal message #1-make me one) I like the dirty battery (subliminal message #2-You WANT to make me one) I've got three of these in progress (subliminal message #3-I'll send you a body and dough) maybe one of these days I'll finish one of them.
  11. Ron Andrews at andrews_544@Hotmail.com Comes with nose, wing top, side struts, & fender scoops.
  12. Thank you for the kind comments! As soon as I find the link for the Daytona conversion, I'll post it. $30 last time I bought one.
  13. AWESOME !!!!!!!! Man I wish I could do something like this! That is probably my favorite Road Runner body style. No Fair, no fair. Make some extra parts to sell
  14. I've got an extra set of instructions if you need em
  15. Easy way, get a 40% off coupon off line for Hobby Lobby, and go get a 1/16th Dukes or Super Charger kit. Awesome way, get a Mark Johnson hemi, amazing. You will still need the Dukes kit for an 8 3/4 rear end.
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