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  1. Ollies just picked one up, $9,99 71 T-bird
  2. Eat you heart out OCC, nice bike
  3. rel14

    Police Decals Wanted

    Policecarmodels.com, LLC 5801 sheep dr. ste 16 carson city, nv. 89701 775-841-2800 www.policecarmodels.com
  4. rel14

    Would it bother you?

    I.ve been to hundreds of car shows, people there enter there beautiful cars, and win awards,, when it comes down to it,, Yes its there car, they own it, But the only work they did, was write out a check, or pay cash to have the car built, the way they want it,, So, as for a plastic model car I had great enjoyment building . and now I want it gone,, Its not longer mine,, So oh well, maybe I should of entered it before the New owner,,, My lost, the new owners gain. Same goes with the Saturday car show,, I hear people talk about there car,, what engine they used, paint, the hole nine yards,, but when you get down to brass tacks,, you find out,, All he did was pay for it to be Done,, think about it,,, its the same thing,,,, That guy did the same thing, you built it,, he payed for it,, its his,, now he took it to a show and won....
  5. Sorry about your heatlh, I,m right there with you,, Maybe try the DAV, the vets layed up may want a couple, I have a ton of models and die cast from years gone by, my wife has a plate and tea cup collection that is never ending,, And I think about the seven kids backing a big green dumpster up to the door, and it all goes to the dump. I think there is a hole lot of us in the same boat,,, What to do ?? the million dollar question,,
  6. Southlandz model car & swap meet & contest Floridas largest show, Over 60 swap meet tables, A MUST SEE Show 750 San Salvador dr, Dunedin, florida , on the campus of our lady of Lourdes catholic church, 13th semi-annual show Saturday November 10th 2018 Contact; Pete Corral (president) 518-420-2353 or Delaun Fifield (secretary) 321-768-7945 Table Top Cruisers Model car Club of Central Florida
  7. rel14

    1/25-1/24 houses

    yes, you have to look under trains, they call it G scale, which is 1/24/ 1/25 scale. good luck, try your local train shops. Maybe they have some or can order them.
  8. seeing old cars like that, puts a tear in my eye, and makes me sad and mad, beautiful history down the drain, the story some of them cars could tell you if they could speak,,, To me its like burning down a museum because the stuff in it is old,, Love the display,, it like walking through a grave yard..
  9. what I think is awesome.. is the flat line stream liner with a flathead V8, making a record of 302 mph,, pretty cool for a flathead v8 that only put out 60 hp
  10. had two, built one, AMT parnelli jones Watson roadster indy 500 winner # T162 wish they would bring them back
  11. Cool, love the old school stockers, makes me remember how old I really am..
  12. I kind of do what ever hits me at time,, I get tried of the same old models I been build for the last 50 years.. So, I've been doing lots of scratch building,, I see stuff on the puter, and think, why not, lets build one like it, ( or somewhat like it, ) I've built three steampunk airships, ( there pretty cool) semi low rider rat rods, and , always looking for something different, I like spice in my life, But,, like all the rest, I still build all the others too,, like Fords mostly,(not the mustang) Ya'll have a happy 4th of july,, and try not to burn yourself, REL
  13. mine was clean 25 years ago when I first moved in,, Clean ? I couldn't find anything if I cleaned up, Retired, so i'm always in there building and making a mess, Like to buy a old wal mart store, so I have more room for more junk, My wife calls my room a nasty mess,, how dare her, LOL I tell her to just keep the door close, it will be OK
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