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  1. There are guys getting pretty good results with some of the vaping chemicals, but the way the plume disperses in air is still a problem in the smaller scales. It's getting decent in G scale though...
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Yup...I meant "Donovan". Thanks for setting that straight.
  3. Model Train Show - offending the purists

    Here's some pretty fine 3-rail O-scale modeling...
  4. Giant spider web in Greece

    Looks like the inside of my house towards the end of summer.
  5. The scale layout of Howard Zane, representing the transition period from steam to diesel, speaks for itself; there's a short interview with him towards the end.
  6. How aluminum airplanes are built...

    Glad some of you guys are enjoying it.
  7. What Irked You Today?

    If you want to text and drive, You just might not get home alive. Social media may be great, But not while driving in THIS state!
  8. GM Design Studio Drawings, Clay Models, & Prototypes

    Great stuff. A tremendous amount of talent, skill, and just plain hard work went into building full-scale mockups. I had really wanted to compete in the old Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild design contest, but I had neither the skills nor the tools in time to get in before the end. Here's an interesting article about the disappearance of most of the models that were entered. http://www.deansgarage.com/2015/mystery-of-the-missing-models/
  9. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Sweet deal. I'm a sucker for the Johan Mopars too.
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Yeah, I'd about given up on finding one unmolested, and just about resigned myself to overpaying for a glooey mess. Then this one showed up for a reasonable price, 100% complete, unstarted and almost every part still on the trees...but in a nasty water-stained box (not the one in the photo). Still searching for the blown Keith Black sister unit, as I need the blower to use on this engine in a period rail-job.
  11. '61 Ranchero (Old 60's Custom Rescue)

    That's quite the spectacular save. Very cool. It's funny how we sometimes get involved with things like this, and put effort into them that's all out of proportion to the "value" of the piece we're starting with (I do it too ). It's good to see work like this, especially when a lot of folks complain about the high price of new kits. For a challenge and the opportunity to feel a remarkable sense of accomplishment when you're done, restoring horrible old messes can't be beat.
  12. Woody

    Looks very good. Gives the impression of a well-used but well cared-for car with weathered wood, that's been treated to a recent enamel paint job. Very convincing if that's the effect you were going for.
  13. Mercedes 450sl restore

    No. The Mercedes R107, which is the platform ALL the 450SL- 560SL cars were built on from 1971-1989, had essentially the same headlights and bumpers through all the years of production (though the air dam under the front bumper, wheels, and some trim and engines varied through the years). YOURS can be any EUROPEAN spec car from 1971-1989. Round headlights and heavy crash bumpers were on the USA spec cars.
  14. 1953 Hudson Hornet....

    Beautiful work, as always.