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  1. Cool cool cool. The aluminium looks great. One of my absolute favorite cars in full scale. I still dream about the S2/S3 I stupidly sold back in the '80s. Stupid stupid stupid.
  2. Two buildable "core" engines, a 305 for my '89 GMC longbed, and a 350 for the '92 Silverado crewcab. Both of 'em are "early" style engines, which means they don't really want to work with the existing EFI intake manifolds...which is fine. Both vehicles are out of emission-reg compliance and I've been running the '89 on a Rochester 2GC for several years anyway, since the EFI breathed its last. Both engines will be going together with air-gap dual-plane manifolds, small Holley 4-bbls, shorty headers, and low-end/mid-range cams... but maybe a little rumpity in the '89, 'cause she's got a manual gearbox The 305 in the '89 is also getting backdated to V-belts...a whole helluva lot easier to fix by the side of the road, and if you lose one, the rest of the systems remain functional.
  3. And even though the body is carved on a huge 5-axis CNC mill, the final surface development is still done with clay, scrapers, and manual skill.
  4. I agree. I have 2 '59 Buicks, this Poncho, and a '60 Olds...all slated to be ground scraping customs.
  5. I always enjoy seeing someone put a lot of thought and effort into scale engineering. Nice work.
  6. 1960 AMT carrier-deck Pontiac Bonneville built-up, brush-painted enamel. Missing the LH skirt, conti-kit tire cover, and LH skirt extension...all of which I can do without.
  7. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway today issued the following statement: “It is with great regret that we announce the 104th running of the Indianapolis 500 will take place on August 23 without fans. This tough decision was made following careful consideration and extensive consultation with state and city leadership. As dedicated as we were to running the race this year with 25 percent attendance at our large outdoor facility, even with meaningful and careful precautions implemented by the city and state, the COVID-19 trends in Marion County and Indiana have worsened. Since our June 26 announcement, the number of cases in Marion County has tripled while the positivity rate has doubled. We said from the beginning of the pandemic we would put the health and safety of our community first, and while hosting spectators at a limited capacity with our robust plan in place was appropriate in late June, it is not the right path forward based on the current environment. We encourage Hoosiers to continue making smart decisions and following the advice of our public health officials so we can help get Indiana back on track. Penske Corporation made a long-term investment to be the steward of this legendary facility. While we were very excited to showcase the investments and enhancements we have made in the guest experience, we know we have reached the right decision. As much as Roger Penske and everyone associated with the 500 wanted to race with fans this year, we ultimately reached this conclusion in partnership with the state of Indiana and city of Indianapolis. Our commitment to the Speedway is unwavering and we will continue to invest in the Racing Capital of the World. We encourage everyone to watch this year’s race on NBC and we look forward to welcoming our loyal fans back to The Greatest Spectacle in Racing on May 30th of 2021.”
  8. You're welcome. The turbine application that allows the "turboprop" is also very similar to the way a turbine engine is used in a land vehicle like a truck or car, with the output shaft going to a gearbox or transmission and driving the rear wheels as in a conventional vehicle. The output shaft can also be connected to a generator to make electricity to power the traction motors on a railway locomotive, or to power electric motors on some very exotic hybrid cars like the Jag C-X75.
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