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  1. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Building an old barn diorama   

    Nothing WILL work perfectly. There are no exact multiples of 1/32 that will equal all decimal dimensions.
    Obviously, you first have to convert any metric dimensions into decimal English dimensions, and then convert your decimal dimensions into fractional dimensions.
    Again, it won't be prefect and you'll have to "round up" and guesstimate somewhat.
    Just FYI....31" is about 1/3 of an inch, obviously. There are 32  32nds in one inch, so 1/3 of 32 will be about 11/32".
    Here's a short video about converting decimals to fractions in general. It is simple arithmetic.
  2. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic No love for the 1/24th scale Model A coupe   

    I don't disagree with any of that. 
    But...the new-issue Revell '30 coupe CAN be relatively easily modified to go on the excellent vintage Revell '30-'31 fenders. Fill the wheel arches and the fender tops with sheet...

    The most difficult problem to deal with on the recent '30 coupe if you want to go full-fender is the width of the cowl. It is correct for use with a '32 hood, but if you want to use a '30-'31 hood and grille, it has to be narrowed considerably.
  3. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Engine ID number infinity and one   

    The real one is built on '32 rails, which start out considerably stouter than A rails. A '32 Chevy frame might be a better beginning though, as it has parallel leaf springs up front. 
    And of course it can be done. You can put just about any engine in anything imaginable. 
        Allison-powered trike
                      Hemi-powered Messerschmidt   
  4. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic PHOTOGRAPHY HELP PLEASE   

    I use a really low-tech setup that seems to work pretty well for me. 100-watt equivalent compact-fluorescent bulbs in swing-arm lamps. Camera is a 4MP point-shoot Nikon Coolpix L4 with a 3X optical zoom on a tripod. Not much depth-of field control, but the results are fine for modeling forums

  5. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Engine ID number infinity and one   

    While it may look cool, keep in mind the Duesey engine is huge and heavy as 1930fordpickup already mentioned.
    An A chassis needs considerable beefing up in the real world just to handle a flathead V8. It'll take a lot more to run a Deusenberg engine...a LOT more...especially if the frame is lengthened. Look under a Deusenberg and you'll see frame rails that wouldn't be out of place on a large truck...not surprising considering the cars could weigh over 3 tons (6000 pounds), while a Ford A was in the 2300 pound range.
    Just trying to keep it real.  
  6. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic No love for the 1/24th scale Model A coupe   

    Hmmmm...other than both of the new Revell A kits having the now ubiquitous Ford 9" on coils in the rear (which has been done for many, many years in the 1:1 world) I'm not seeing ANYTHING that makes the new pair of Revell Ford model-A kits hopelessly caught in the present moment.
    Everything there has been part and parcel of hot rods since the post-war period, through the '60s, '70's and on up to today.
    Cars have been built fenderless since the word go.
    Cars have run dropped I-beam front axles with tube shocks and finned Buick drums, A-bones have been built on '32 rails pinched in the back or have been channeled over A rails, have been powered by Buick nailheads and smallblock Chevys (even the automatic transmissions are nothing particularly current-think), rear wheel cutouts have been raised, etc, etc, etc. just about forever.
    Many builders here have gone well beyond "out of the box" and built very accurate and period-representative cars with only reasonable effort, including Tim Boyd, Dennis Lacy, Spex84 (and even I have a few on the bench).
    To me, the recent Revell A-bone offerings are the greatest stepping-off point for building period-correct cars since Revell and AMT's old Ford A-models of 50+ years back.
    To illustrate my point, this model under construction by Spex84 looks the part for a 1958 hot rod as well as it does for something built in 2016 in the "retro" style.

    This one from Tom Kren just screams '60s-'70s

    This '29 being built by Dennis Lacy hits a particular late '40s-early '50s look dead on too.

    I guess it's all in one's perceptions.
    I've said before I love the old 1/24 Monogram '30, and I do...but there's no point knocking the current Revell issues of the venerable A as being in any way limiting as to what can be done with them. 
  7. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Engine ID number infinity and one   

    Duesenberg SJ, early 1930s  (1/24 scale Monogram kits)

  8. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Absolutely nothing. 
    Because...rather than continuing to buy more models that I may never get the time to build, I've decided to divert what I usually spend on the hobby towards the fund to Help Harry.
    I think a lot of us could probably put off buying at least a model or two every month to send the funds instead to our good friend here who's needing our help.
    In case you somehow haven't heard, our moderator Harry Pristovnik has a serious health issue, an expensive and painful proposition, and really needs financial assistance.
    How about those of you who appreciate what Harry has done for this forum...working here for free for years...donate to his help fund some of the money you'd normally spend on your hobby?
    For more information, please see the "HELP HARRY" thread pinned to the top of this column by clicking
    Or go directly to his gofundme help fund page by clicking
    It's quick and easy to donate, and they accept all the major credit and bank cards.
    Come on guys...he needs us.  
  9. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic 60s/70s Corvette road racing decals   

    Are you wanting to do a particular car? 
    Probably the most instantly recognizable from the era are the Greenwood "Stars and Stripes" cars. One was available as a kit, and I'm certain somebody did aftermarket decals too.
    A company I worked for ran a similarly-painted smallblock-powered B-production Corvette roadster in SCCA in the early '70s. The majority of the cars were considerably less flashy, and could be represented with paint and generic stripe, meatball / number and period sponsor decals
  10. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Big ol' 1/8 '32 Roadster, Channeled: moving along, Sept. 25   

    Got the body sitting down on the zeed and bobbed rails close to right and got the firewall rough-trimmed to allow the trans to go in where it needs to be, and trimmed a little off of the K-member to get it all a little lower. This is the close-to-final location of the engine relative to the body. One thing that's very apparent is that the carbs will need to be leveled once the engine install is finalized. The float bowls need to be as close to level at rest as possible, and the rake, plus allowing for a reasonable pinion-angle, will mean the carb flanges on the manifold will need to be 'machined'.

    Another thing we do know at this point is that there'll be plenty of hood clearance over the carbs for air cleaners. This can be a problem with channeled cars, and you never know fo' sho' until you fit it all up. The headers will be reworked from these shown (made for a Pontiac engine). Because the doors are 'welded' shut, the megaphones can extend rearwards more than they could if the doors had to open.

    I was kinda hoping I could get away with running a 2-pot Hilborn injected GMC 4-71 blower without having to cut the hood. While it looks like it may just be possible, it would leave no room for a scoop or air filter, and you really don't want to suck a lot of abrasive dust through your expensive and close-tolerance blower impellers, pistons and rings.

    So,we have a slightly revised idea of how the car will look with the engine in and the hood on. The stance will stay exactly as originally envisioned, and the task of modifying and fabbing crossmembers to achieve that starts now.

  11. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic NEW REVELL '30: Zee frame!! Zee frame!! + 2nd mockup   

    Thanks gentlemen !    Once I get some primer issues worked out, I'll be back on several of these.
    The solvent-sensitivity of the plastics that kits are molded from these days has been playing jell with my old standby Duplicolor primer method.
    Steve Guthmiller suggested a first coat of Tamiya primer followed by Duplicolor, so I'll be experimenting with that technique for a while.
  12. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    My last pay check cleared, so I just made the donation I'd promised earlier.
    Just a reminder...Harry's need isn't going to go away any time soon. 
    He'll have an ongoing difficult time, so I think we should all seriously consider making regular donations to help him out.
    I'm hereby committing to diverting at least my monthly modeling budget to Harry's fund.
    I sure as jell don't need any more models, and I'd feel pretty bad about working on any of them knowing I could have helped more, but didn't.
  13. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Paint for brushing and parts   

    If you have a lot of little bottles of Testors and an airbrush, which is what I understand from reading your post, you might look into Donn Yost's method of thinning Testors enamels with lacquer thinner for airbrushing.
    I have no experience with it myself, but his results are first-rate and speak for themselves.
  14. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Another Reason.   

    Hmmm. That's especially good to know. 
    Very interesting that BMF wouldn't pull paint up, but blue tape would. 
    I'll have to avoid blue tape entitely.
    Thanks for the heads-up on this.
  15. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Curving clear plasic sheets   

    Here's a REALLY slick trick posted by a member here, Lovefordgalaxie...