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  1. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    I'm curious. What's your hiring screening like, and/or does your employer train employees to work on RC models? I've found that new-hires can rarely actually DO what they claim to be able to do, and it really doesn't matter what field we're talking, either. But it usually takes them screwing a few things royally before anyone catches on.
    Delegating responsibility to someone before he's proven capable isn't really good management.
  2. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic For the guys who like REAL engines...   

    I'm just curious...have you ever worked on any of the more complex late-model cars, with multiple processors that all have to communicate with each other? 
    I have, and without long-term factory support, or a much more sophisticated electronic-component aftermarket than exists at the moment, there are going to be a lot of vehicles only suited to sit up on blocks in the yard. It already takes a fair bit of out-of-the-box thinking and resourcefulness to maintain full function on some vehicles as new as 2001. The mere ability to correctly diagnose onboard-computer issues is beyond the capabilities of a large percentage of 'professional' mechanics already ( when the onboard-diagnostics functions are down ) and "make their own"...really? Maybe where YOU live, the mechanics and rodders are more highly-evolved than they are around here. 
    Chrome and plastic parts don't have to actually DO anything, and the aftermarket is already flooded with kinda poor quality on simple appearance items, and mechanical bits that don't come close to meeting OEM specs.
    Aging vehicles with multiple onboard computers may prove to be a real nightmare.
  3. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Another Revell '29 Roadster   

    Paint looks great from here. Whole thing coming together very nicely.
  4. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Lindberg 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster   

    Like, maybe, this??

  5. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Interesting Siri replacement...   

    Holy cow. Not only is that a spectacular demonstration of speech-recognition, but the machine-understanding of contextual meaning is almost beyond belief. I think it may have surpassed IBM's Watson. Annoying voice, but that should be easy to modify...and worth the effort, considering the capability this thing has.
    I've been running and tinkering with Robert Medeksa's "Ultra Hal" chatbot / AI for rather a long time, and it's developed into more than simply a chatbot, I think a little smarter than some of the Siri incarnations I've tried...but nowhere near as capable as this. 
    Thanks for the heads-up. I'll be following this farther.
  6. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Revell 29 Ford model A   

    Very attractive model, colors work well. Nice.
  7. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic For the guys who like REAL engines...   

    I agree entirely, and one of the reasons some days I'd just as soon swap all my funky old iron for one clean, nicely prepped and setup C-5 Corvette. 
    But not ALL computer-controlled engines are so spectacular. The entire EEC (electronic engine control) system in my poor old '89 GMC 1500 failed progressively over a period of several months. GM, of course, no longer supports the electronics, and in my experience so far, all of the offshore replacements are quick-fail garbage. Aftermarket electronic engine management systems are cost-prohibitive for a vehicle I bought for $100. So, to keep her on the road, I pirated the 50+ year-old Rochester 2GC from my '63 Olds, rebuilt it with a $25 kit, machined a Q&D adapter to mount it to the EFI manifold, installed a junkyard vacuum-centrifugal advance HEI distributor, and she starts on the first twist of the key with fuel-consumption numbers easily as good as with the early EFI setup.
    But the point I'm trying to make is just this: when all of these computer-dependent wonder-machines age, fail and are no longer supported (you know, like Windows XP?), I'm going to be very interested in what happens to the majority of "old car" enthusiasts who will be left twisting in the wind.
    The best thing about the LS series of engines, from a performance, emissions  AND economy standpoint, is the exceptionally good chamber and port design, and the fact that ALL the chambers and ports are pretty much identical. Not so with the older generation of American OHV V8 engines. And there are enough of them (LS-based engines) around now that there's good aftermarket (electronics and mechanical) support too. I'm honestly not too keen on the LS bottom end, and the fairly recent availability of a "traditional" SBC block casting that accepts the LS heads, but also utilizes all the bulletproof old-school SBC bottom-end parts, seems to me to be the best of all possible worlds.
    Just making conversation, too. 
  8. Ace-Garageguy added a topic in General   

    For the guys who like REAL engines...
    Shocking! Ancient Ford Engine Just Smashed Chevy LS3 Torque Numbers
    And it's a Y-block. "Shocking"?  Well, not really. That's just the headline in the article at the link below.
    All it means is that in the hands of competent tuners and engine builders, the "old" and "ancient" non-computer-dependent engines can still make very respectable dyno numbers.

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  9. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic A True Gluebomb Restoration seeing an old mess made into the proverbial silk purse.
  10. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Any idea how to remove a decal?   

    Many things that seem impossible turn out to be possible if you have enough time, talent, patience and skill.
    However...I don't think this is one of them. 
  11. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Little problem with transparent parts   

    I'll have to disagree vehemently. The real race-car has no "black rubber seal", and the light covers are mounted with quarter-turn fasteners for quick lamp replacement during a race.

  12. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Anyone seen this?   

    Yes, it's the old oddly proportioned mashup of many elements, not one of which is really '34 Ford. It IS, however, a good place to start to build something cool. Bring saws.
  13. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Is there any decent kit of 1956 Continental MK II?   

    No. As far as I know, your only choices for this subject are promos, usually warped celulose-based acetate plastic, or diecast.
  14. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic 29 Ford channelled over Deuce frame   

    Great project, just my kind of build. I'll be following your progress with much interest.
    If I were you, I wouldn't agonize too much over getting the rear tire diameter just exactly as it appears in the photos, as rear tire diameter could easily vary from meet to meet, being used as a means of fine-tuning the effective rear gearing.
  15. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic NEW REVELL '29/ OLD AMT '29 mashup, Oct.6, tweaking proportions   

    Yeah, but I really enjoy turning somebody's thrown-out, bodged or given-up-on disaster into a nice model.
    So far I haven't had to strip one of my own...but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.