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  1. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic A Short Film.   

    Then there are the more obvious themes of the futility of trying to "replace" someone that one has loved, and the possibility of deep human / machine emotional relationships. 
  2. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Brake cooling ducts   

    This is a consumer version of the stuff used in bodyshops to bond plastics like PP and PE...
    And check out Alibaba for rotsa kinds of frexible straws. High minimum order, but hey...repackage them and sell for 2000% markup as modeling specialties.
  3. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic A Short Film.   

    I liked the thing for its originality, its production values, and the story-line. All done on a very small budget.
    Different people will get different things from it, but for me, it's got a definite "hook".
    I see a subtle underlying theme about what kind of responsibility a human may have for the welfare of a robotic machine of human creation, assuming that machines can ever be self-aware and feel emotion...which I believe is entirely possible (talk to Mr. Kurzweil).
    Your results may vary. 
  4. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Words/Phrases You're Sick Of Hearing?   

    I love this guy. 
    And then there's the gangsta wannabes. 
    Couple weeks back, I overheard this white-bread daddy-yup in the bank talking ghetto to one of his neighbors waiting in line next to him, all this jive shitt about how he was going to be hangin' in the hood all weekend. Tough guy. Yeah. Billy bad.
  5. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Words/Phrases You're Sick Of Hearing?   

    I would posit the first manned aircraft to have the honor would be one of the early X-planes. Pre-Phantom and Starfighter. I'll have to check dates and altitude records to be sure.
    Bell X-2. 1956. Over 125,000 feet, aerodynamic flight controls almost useless.
  6. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Words/Phrases You're Sick Of Hearing?   

    Dude...that's amazingly awesome !!!!!!!
  7. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Pinholes In My Resin Parts-HELP   

    I don't cast model car parts (OK, I do a few for myself), but I HAVE made a fair number of masters, silicone molds, and urethane copies for product-development R&D. presentations, etc.
    One thing I've found helpful when dealing with my own problem pinholes (from when I got in a rush and didn't do it right) has been to screed or squeegee 2-part polyester (bondo) glazing putty into the holes. 
    It's sometimes very difficult to get enough primer shot on a part wet enough to fill holes. It can be frustrating to watch them open up again as the primer solvents flash off. You also run the risk of filling surface details by pounding on the primer.
    Screeding filler into the holes and then sanding the soft filler off before primering (repeat screed / sand as necessary) has worked very well for me in the past. 
    Polyester filler is much softer than superglue, and avoids the "hard spots" problem referenced in the post immediately above this one.
    If the holes are very small, you can also screed in a single-part filler like Squadron green, or even a slurry of primer...but because these materials (single-part putty or primer) are AIR-DRY materials, you need to give them plenty of time to harden up, as they don't get much exposure to air down in those little holes.
    Another note: Those holes can be significantly bigger BELOW the surface than they appear to be ON the surface. You're sanding a hole in an air bubble, a ROUND air bubble, and a 1/32 inch hole on the surface can have a 1/8 inch bubble beneath it. This is another reason why screeding a filler into the holes may work better than just hammering on the primer, as you can force-fill the bubble.
  8. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Words/Phrases You're Sick Of Hearing?   

    ...and of course, quite similar in meaning to "at the end of the day" is "the bottom line..."
    Actually, I kinda like that one. Spare me the lawyer-speak boilerplate CYA meandering justifying BS, and just read me the frigging bottom line.
    Yes, I know it originally meant the accounting-speak bottom line. 
    Oh is what it is. 
  9. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Painting raised lettering on tires   

    In my experience, white gel-pen is the most controllable of the "painting" options. If that won't work, sanding / decals is about your only option.
  10. Ace-Garageguy added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    A Short Film.
    • 6 replies
  11. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Words/Phrases You're Sick Of Hearing?   

    PS. Every bloody thing that's not "awesome" being "amazing".
  12. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra FIA Roadster - 2/6 Update   

  13. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Lost Words From Our Childhood   

    Did anyone mention "caboose"?.
    Now all we have is a stupid flashing-light "end of train device".
  14. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Words/Phrases You're Sick Of Hearing?   

    All the above. (I'm sick of that one too).
    "Turbo" when whatever the subject is has nothing to do with turbocharging and couldn't possibly BE turbocharged.
    To follow on from Mr. Geary's remarks: there, their and they're used indiscriminately.
    Same goes for to, two and too. How hard IS it, really?
    And hey...'53 means 1953. 53' means 53 feet.
    Oh yeah..."thanks for sharing". What, are we all in group therapy now?
    And "Enjoy!", which often follows "you got it!".
    "Let's do this!". OK office Rambo, go get 'em. I'll watch.
    "Wheels up"; "Lock and load"; "My personal best". All I have to say to anyone using those is "whatever". (Please see Mike_G's definition of "whatever", above) 
    Far as "awesome" goes...jeez...please stop. I've actually seen a couple of awesome things in my life: a Saturn 5 launch, a B2 bomber flyover, and one of the last of the Concordes landing. That's it. A salad doesn't really stack up, does it?

  15. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Pinholes In My Resin Parts-HELP   

    It's caused because the guys doing the casting didn't bother to de-gas the resin during the casting process.
    In some cases, the resin itself will release gas if it goes off too quick and "exotherms".
    The usual cause is that air gets whipped into the resin during mixing, and if it's not removed or minimized somehow, the parts have the problems you notice.
    Some casters place just-cast parts (in their molds) in a "pressure pot", a variably-pressurized sealed chamber which can shrink the bubbles as the pressure rises.
    However, the best way to handle the problem is to "vacuum de-gas" by placing the mixed resin in a vacuum vessel prior to pouring it in the mold. Vacuum will literally "suck" the bubbles to the surface, where they pop. When the bubbling stops, the resin is ready to mold.
    Lotsa "experts" say it's not necessary to do either, and the result is what you've got.
    The reason folks would prefer to skip the step is because it takes longer, pure and simple. A fast-setting resin will sometimes start to gel before the de-gassing process is complete, and it's useless once it gels. Rather than simply using a slower-set resin and de-gassing, some casters use a faster-set resin and just skip the step.
    Sometimes you get away with it, sometimes you don't.
    There ARE some lower-viscosity casting resins available that claim to be thin enough to release the mixing-induced bubbles to the surface prior to casting, making vacuum de-gassing unnecessary.