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  1. With a little ingenious machine work, you can mate any gearbox to any engine, even if there's no commercial adapter available.
  2. Yes sir...this from Pico Elgin, our local 3D guru who showed me his parts this last weekend..."Anycubic Photon. To get the latest news on it and other printers get on Facebook and go to the Anycubic Photon Owners page and the LCD SLA Printers Shoot Out page. The shoot out page is done by Andrew Gott of Athens, Tn., he has recently been appointed by the Elegoo Mars company to do repairs and development on the Mars, which has an excellent reputation, also."
  3. Bill Cunningham told me to look for him on the ACME Facebook page for links to additional info, auctions, progress reports on projects, etc. The kit, as I understand it, is just the body. Wheels, tires, and additional detail parts are apparently all available from his Shapeways store (though I may have misunderstood exactly what you get with the kit). The completed model is pretty spectacular.
  4. I would dearly love to own that. Ought to be an easy one for some of us.
  5. I spoke with Bill Cunningham at length yesterday at the Atlanta ACME show, and saw the XP-87 model up close, as well as some development parts, one of the early vacuum molds, etc. He will be selling repops of his work after he gets it fine-tuned just a little more. Look at the ACME Facebook page for info and updates. He's currently offering a first-generation Chaparral you might find interesting as well.
  6. I saw some parts yesterday at the Atlanta ACME show that had astounding resolution...made on a $350 machine. If you want specifics, let me know.
  7. It took a couple of tries to get the first one to you, and yes sir, I did get your response. Thanks.
  8. I just tried to send you a PM regarding : (I could be talked out of these bodies, too, BTW.) Got 404'd. I'm interested, very.
  9. 11:07 PM EST. Tried to send a PM. It just hung and wouldn't go through.
  10. 'Sposed to...but it can really ruin your day if you blow a rear-end.
  11. Now there's somethin' ya don't see every day. Pretty cool.
  12. Big suck, but it happens more and more frequently. Guy I work with bought a perfect 2014 Caddy CTS wagon (not the V, just the 6...but it was like a new car) from one of our clients who decided he had too many cars. Absolutely pristine, and the first owner sold it to my friend for well under market. He had it 2 weeks and some uninsured illegal slammed into the back of it, shortening the poor thing by about 2 feet. Total loss.
  13. Good on you for appreciating professional to-the-point service. Yup, it's rare. And it sure is nice when you get it.
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