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  1. This is really cool. Excellent work, great idea. I've never done anything like you have with published materials, but I have done something similar with photos I've taken of my own models and designs when I wasn't happy with the proportions, but just couldn't put my finger on what was wrong.
  2. I have a "legacy" PB account that costs about as much as a cup of coffee monthly. It's a deal they gave their old paid users after the reorganization post-debacle. It's easier for now than taking the time to go back and edit all my old posts, though that's being done as time permits...but I have lotsa real-world priorities.
  3. Love the barbed spike pointing at the rider's head. Guess that's to ensure he stays with the bike in the event of a spill.
  4. How much do you pay? I have thousands of pix on PB, but I've been a paid account from way back. No problems...other than PB's occasional glitches, which aren't that much more annoying than most other websites.
  5. The engine in the original Ala Kart kit, tooled and released in the early 1960s, when people could still measure things reasonably accurately in elementary school, was very close to being correctly scaled. The engine in the totally re-tooled kit was, as I said, approximately 1/32 scale. Pathetic...especially because the original engine fits in the "new tool" engine bay just fine, so there was no reason to shrink it other than incompetence. SEE: part TWO below for comparison photos
  6. Google "Plastruct diamond plate". They have a bunch of sizes for various scales, and some of the listed scales may not look right for the scale they're supposed to be. So you're on your own as far as determining which one you want. Detail Master makes it too, listed as 1/24-1/25 https://www.hobbylinc.com/detail-master-diamond-tread-plate-plastic-model-vehicle-accessory-1:24-1:25-scale-2533
  7. Just an FYI...the Porsche 914 gearbox kinda looks the part too (for a fraction of the cost of a big Hewland, ZF, or later-stronger Porsche box) aside from the mounting ears on the back end...which can be removed and a cooler mounting means devised. The ring of studs around the side cover affords a fairly convenient attachment point for a fabricated structure that could support inboard brake calipers and suspension pickup points as in your drawing too. There are many supposedly reliable reports of 914-Chevy V8 conversions running for years with in excess of 300 rear-wheel HP, and being abused regularly. Naturally, the gearbox would hold 500 HP and commensurate torque if clutch-dumping starts and power shifting were avoided.
  8. Duplicolor colors, particularly metallics, being lacquer, are prone to "blushing" in high humidity. This can range from an entire panel or body appearing "flat", to just a little milkiness on edges. USUALLY, the blushing will polish off solid colors, and some metallics. BUT...some metallics don't like being polished, and will become blotchy if you try. In that case, the blushing will disappear with a clearcoat...and if the clear blushes, it will polish right off. This hood is Duplicolor, as-shot, with no polishing. Moderate temp, low humidity day.
  9. Which gearbox? Throttle bodies for which engine, and setup?
  10. I'm not familiar with that mod, but the Walkinshaw-built engines were eventually punched out to 7.4 liters, making around 750 HP in endurance racing trim...which means nowhere near the engine's maximum power potential. The production 5.0 or 5.3 should be able to make 500 HP relatively easily with compression, cam, exhaust, and induction upgrades. There's a lot of possibilities for induction, from 4, 3-barrel Porsche 911 Webers to 6 downdraft 2-barrel Webers, I believe there's a cross-ram sidedraft Weber setup, and a few flavors of direct-port fuel-injection. They all look exotic, and perhaps best of all, sound like a V-12. Redline is respectable, and with a lightened flywheel and a manual gearbox, you can get the peaky "ripping-canvas" exhaust note Ferrari made famous.
  11. Getting to be increasingly common everywhere one looks today.
  12. Not exactly in the Matra V-12 class, but if you have a powerful hankering to build a V-12 powered street car for reasonable bucks, a ratty old Jag XJS can still be had for chump change. The SOHC engine has a whole lot of potential, especially considering the production version was seriously de-tuned for emissions. EDIT: And there are engines out there for as little as $500.
  13. Also remember that it's OK to push yourself to be the best builder on the planet, if that is part of what you enjoy. I'm pretty sure Gerald Wingrove was having "fun", and his exquisite scale creations were built primarily to impress only one person...himself.
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