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  1. "Knows nothing of any practical value, or how anything works in the physical world" describes a staggeringly large percentage of the population.
  2. Haven't seen one of these in a bazillion years. Love what you're doing with scale guts under it. Sure has the potential to be over-the-top cool.
  3. I used to love watching Indy at the end of the "roadster" era, and on into the Lotus mid-engined cars, the turbines, the eventual obsolescence of the venerable old Offenhauser engines, etc. But over the later years the similarity of the cars and the vastly increased breathless hype kinda turned me off.
  4. Great little trucks, and frankly, just the way I'd want one.
  5. "Wise" has much less to do with formal education than with broad experience, thoughtful observation, and innate analytical ability.
  6. Well, I looked, but apparently I've already moved all the Revell '32 kits west. Good luck.
  7. I support several one, two, and three-man information providers with $5 to $10 monthly payments via Patreon, because their content is routinely "demonetized" by YT for various politically-correct reasons. I, and many other regular supporters, value the effort they put forth to make factual information available. We value it enough to PAY for it. Their content is still available free on YT to non-supporters, and nobody gets their little knickers in a knot because those who choose to help the producers defray their expenses might get access to private comment sections, etc...and in some cases the supporters get NOTHING other than the feeling of doing the right thing. But of course, I'm talking about responsible adults who aren't looking for something-for-nothing. Still, I understand it's always easier, and pretty much SOP everywhere, to belabor the "reasons" something won't work than to just DO it. Pretty odd old world when you can't get somebody to take money for something you value, but whatever. It's not my dog.
  8. Looks to me like crazing, when the lacquer topcoat solvents are just too "hot" for the primer and plastic underneath. This is a prime example of why we harp on and on and on about TEST FIRST before committing to painting a model with a combination of products that aren't designed to work together, by the same manufacturer.
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