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  1. Fantatsic Treasure found on Ebay

    I've bought from the guy, eons ago. I got a bunch of only slightly mangled C1 Corvettes for a decent price, and since they were only going to be hacked into race-cars anyway, no problemo. There has been speculation on this site for several years as to what the story is regarding his seemingly endless supply of models built to this standard, but I doubt anyone has ever asked the man hisself.
  2. Plastic and Glue

    Yes. Absolutely. And it's one of the reasons that some automotive primers are now too "hot" for model use, at least when they're used as before on the more solvent-resistant styrene grades.
  3. Celebrity Crushes?

    Oh my yes...
  4. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    Personal attacks against forum members are not allowed. If I had posted the remarks you did, highlighted in red, I'd be chastised and told that my remarks, at the very least, bordered on "abusive". But I guess when you're a moderator, the rules of conduct don't apply. There's a syndrome that encompasses that type of behavior, most definitely. But maybe we should let Gregg decide. I don't really care if I'm banned at this point. I've offered hundreds, maybe thousands, of helpful bits of fact-derived advice here, on real cars as well as models, BASED ON THE VALIDITY OF MY OWN EXPERIENCE. Denigrate it all you want if it makes you feel better. I stand by my statements. Anyone who designs and builds a bridge that collapses before it's even finished is an idiot. And anyone who designs a car that costs $20 THOUSAND for an oil change is an idiot as well. There are many MANY things in the world that I think are just dandy. But these two instances are NOT among them. And putting other people down by patting myself on the back? Get a grip. Your straw-man arguments lead nowhere. It's YOU who started attacking my professional qualifications to be allowed to voice an "expert" opinion regarding sound engineering practice. I simply countered your assertions with some of my background and experience. And ANYTHING I post regarding my accomplishments is simply to establish the value of my information, contrary to the legions of the inexperienced and uninformed on the internet who voice and endlessly repeat useless opinions unfounded in fact. When you're in a position to hire me to design or build something for YOU, I'll consider sending you a complete resume. In the interim, here's one of my clean-sheet-of-paper designs done under my own name: https://contest.techbriefs.com/2010/entries/transportation/871
  5. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

  6. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    I don't fault anyone for BUYING a multi-million dollar vehicle. More power to 'em. It's people like that who support an industry that comes up with some incredibly beautiful machinery. The ONLY gripe I have is poor serviceability. I see it EVERY DAY on grocery-getters and mommy-vans, but I'd like to think the guys who design the top-of-the-line stuff were a little better. Extremely high performance and decent access to regular service items ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE GOALS.
  7. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    Thing is, I'm hardly a "weekend warrior", and I resent the implication. I AM an engineer, fabricator, machinist, and designer. I've been deeply involved hands-on in extremely high performance vehicle design (including aircraft), repair, modification, and restoration for my entire professional life...almost 50 years. I AM in a position to criticize stupid design. And the issue isn't whether an "owner" can do the oil change. Designing something that takes trained professionals apparently MANY hours to change the oil on is ludicrous. I also seriously doubt this overpriced monument to insecurity and the need to show off could do 24 hours flat-out, like the cars I referenced above could.
  8. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    Maybe the Bugatti "engineers" should have had a look at the way Porsche (and others) managed it in 1969-'71. Designed to be quickly serviceable, too (and could withstand brutal flat-out racing for 24 hours straight). (Of course, the 917 was only good for 240 )
  9. Celebrity Crushes?

    I can certainly understand that...
  10. Fantatsic Treasure found on Ebay

    In 1987, Andres Serrano put a plastic crucifix in a jar of urine, photographed it, and for the effort was a winner in the Southeast Center for Contemporary Art's "Awards in the Visual Arts" competition (sponsored in part by the U.S. government in the guise of The National Endowment for the Arts). The guy who is offering the OP mess for sale has often included bug parts, spider webs and rodent feces (from storage) as no-cost extras. Sounds like "art" to me.
  11. Celebrity Crushes?

    Yeas, Barbara Eden. Definitely in the top ten.
  12. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    Which is a testament to the stupidity of anyone who'd pay that... How does anyone that far removed from rationality make enough money to afford the car in the first place, let alone the oil-change?
  13. 1971 Datsun 240ZG aka LSZ

    Spectacular. I've always liked the old Z-car, and love the Ford and Chevy Z hybrids. This is really great.
  14. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    Did any of you actually read WHY it costs so much to change the oil on the thing? The excuse is that it has a dry-sump oiling system, and you have to remove all kinds of stuff to get to the drain plugs. MORONIC DESIGN. Pure and simple. My Porsche 911 has a dry-sump system, as do many of the race cars I've built and crewed on over the years. You remove TWO plugs...TWO...one from the sump, one from the tank...and they're BOTH ACCESSIBLE without taking the cars apart. The $20k oil-change looks like another case of clean-hands "engineer" dwerbs who rarely seem to realize MACHINES NEED TO BE WORKED ON OCCASIONALLY. AND...the oft-repeated comment from the peanut gallery that goes something like "controlling development and production costs needs to be paramount over any other criteria, in order to bring the product to market at a competitive price" or some such drivel make NO sense in THIS particular instance. A few extra hours spent by the design staff THINKING THROUGH how you'd change the oil would have impacted the price of this vehicle by exactly 0.000%. By the way...real Bugattis (from the original company), and I've had my hands on a few, are indeed different from most of the vehicles manufactured at the same time in history (and demand rather more expertise and finesse to work on). But I don't recall anything that was just plain stupid about any of them.
  15. Warming your paint

    Any of you real-car guys old enough to remember warming synthetic enamel just before shooting it?