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  1. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Ferrari 308GTB Racer   

    I know you've had a tough time with this one, but I admire your perseverance, and wish you lots of luck as you get closer to the end. You certainly deserve it for sticking it out and stripping it multiple times. I'm pulling for you. 
  2. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Autoquiz 345   

    X2. Actually, this angle doesn't do it justice. It's one of the cleanest, best-proportioned cars of its type on the planet, and one of the few that looks really really good from every angle. That's a tough trick to pull off, even for the top-line styling studios.
  3. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic AMT 57 Chevy Bel Air Review Needed   

    While that's undeniably true, and in spite of the endless harping on the opinion that these models were primarily intended for children, the truth is (and it's apparent to anyone who was around back then and read the model mags AND the big-car mags) that a LARGE part of the intended market was teens and young adults who had fully-developed eye-hand coordination and some manual skills.
    The show-winners and feature cars in the model mags were invariably built by teens and adults. The real-car mags heavily promoted the hobby, and in case nobody here remembers, the introduction of Revell's 1/32 scale Ford pickup, '55 Buick, Ford convert, Chrysler and Caddy, was accompanied by a FEATURE article in Hot Rod explaining how these new models could stand in as a creative substitute for the building of full-scale cars (for those on budgets or without the space), and how they could be helpful for developing the skills that could eventually translate to their full-scale cousins. The instructions back in those days also called out the correct names of many parts (a largely forgotten practice today), and frankly, I learned a huge amount about real cars from building models.
    Model cars were treated as a viable field of interest in real-car magazines like Car Craft, Rod & Custom, the afore-mentioned Hot Rod, and many others...and the accompanying advertising reflects that. "Kids", the pre-teen only-capable-of-making-gluebomb-messes crowd, were hardly the audience these things were intended for initially...but the marketing mavens who probably saw the potential for "toys" marketed to serious 1:1 car enthusiasts also probably determined there was still a larger potential market if models were also promoted as "toys".
    Kits like Revells notoriously "fiddly" offerings (like the Challenger One, Ivo's Showboat, the Anglias and Ford A-models, and exquisite engine and chassis parts-packs among others...all of which I dearly love) were never intended for sticky-fingered "kids", nor were the kits with "advanced" customizing features like the multi-section roof chop shown here. But as the reality of the market played out, and as the toy end of the spectrum most likely produced far more income than the serious hobbyist end did, the inevitable dumbing-down of the product soon followed.
    An interesting side note is that this didn't happen the same way in the model railroad world. The "toy train" folks went in a different direction than the "model train" guys, and though there was some slight overlap, the "model" train segment of the hobby was and still is the province of mostly adults (adults who tend to care about scale-fidelity, prototype practice and function, and overall quality of workmanship, both in the models they BUY and the models they BUILD). Model Railroader magazine is still being published, with content obviously aimed at people possessing skilled hands and minds, and has been published continuously since 1934.
  4. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Ferrari 308GTB Racer   

    Just an FYI...when you say something's been "Pledged" it's taken to mean (by anyone who's been doing this for a while) that you're referring to the spray-can oily furniture polish. Many model builders and show-car prep guys use it to get a final gloss...AFTER everything that can possibly be done to a finish has been done. It is, as I said, an oily substance, and is designed to keep things from sticking to it. This includes decals and paint...which will almost always fisheye if shot over the stuff.
    "Future", whether it has "Pledge" in the name of not, is an entirely different product...made for floors. The two are NOT interchangeable, even if the names sound kinda similar.
    As with many things in life, precision in using terminology can go a long way towards clear communication and avoiding problems.
  5. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Harbor freight airbrush will not spray   

    Well, every now and then, they do manage to get something decent in the store. Not often, but it happens.
    I just thought perhaps you'd had a run of spectacular luck.  
  6. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Besides walking the two miles to the store and back yesterday, I was able to go for a 6+ mile hike today. Good bit of pain towards the end, and when I got home, but it's the first time I've been able to manage it since I got a minor pelvic fracture 2 months back when a deck chair collapsed and I landed hard on concrete. I think I should be back in OK shape by Christmas or so.  
  7. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Ferrari 308GTB Racer   

    You may have a problem getting decals or flat clear to stick to something that's been Pledged. I'd suspect any paint you try to shoot over it will pretty much explode in fisheyes.
  8. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Harbor freight airbrush will not spray   

    On what planet? Surely not on Earth?  
  9. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Mack Manhatten   

    Looks like with the chain drive, solid rubber tires and spoked wheels, a credible model could be built using one of the Monogram '26 Mack Bulldogs as a starting point.
  10. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Bored   

    Frame and proportions look good.  
  11. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Lincoln Continental Mark II   

    It was offered as a promo, in acetate. Every now and then, you'll see a decent one listed, but they're typically warped pretty badly by now. There's one up on Ebay at the moment, pretty straight, but shrunk in every dimension, for about $150.
  12. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic AB issues,, still a struggle   

    Hang in there. You'll get it.  
  13. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Old Monogram Midget Kit   

    Really enjoying what you're doing here. Like you, I've started a couple of championship "big cars" in 1/24 scale using these guys, 'cause they're so big. I'm still in the research phase for the most part, but I amassed a bunch of these kits over the years...including an original first-issue acetate kit that very surprisingly isn't all warped out of shape.
  14. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic 1955 IH RDFC 405   

    Man, the chassis and suspension is really looking great.
    Some of you truck guys care so much about getting the guts right, and do such nice work, I'm thinking I need to spend more time on this side of the board.
  15. Ace-Garageguy added a post in a topic Degluing question   

    Agreed, and the potential brittleness problem is very real.
    I had an Indy car chassis essentially turn to powder after immersion in brake fluid. Every time I tried to replace a 'tube', a section next to it would crumble.
    I ended up deciding it would just be easier to scratch-build an entire new chassis from styrene rod stock.