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  1. Agreed there too, but everything on Earth consumes something else to survive. The feral cats around here do get an occasional bird, but I believe my feeding them may make them more inclined to take easier prey, like rodents. Yes, they get little birds that leave the nest too soon, and that's sad, but if they can't fly the odds are already stacked pretty heavily against them (and I've caught, hand-raised, and released at least a dozen baby birds in my 7+ decades on the planet, so I've kinda done my part already). But by and large, the cats only get the slow, stupid birds that aren't sufficiently aware...which has the effect of improving the avian gene pool in the end. Kindof a shame humans don't have to cope with wild lions and tigers prowling the streets when you look at it that way. EDIT: I feed the birds too, with suet and seed available high off the ground, far enough away from anything else so cats can't ambush 'em. Sort of helps to even the odds somewhat.
  2. SOP is to call an exterminator, but I prefer working with natural predators who'll actually get some benefit from eating the rodents. Then there's the objection I have to introducing rat-poison into the food chain. Besides feral cats, there are owls and hawks in the area. Not too long ago I came in at dusk, and there was a small hawk perched on my mailbox with a rat dangling from one claw. People who elect to poison vermin seem to forget they're also poisoning anything that preys on vermin...like cats, owls, and hawks.
  3. We miss ya, Mr. Snake. Take your time, get well.
  4. Much appreciated being able to see examples of what you've achieved with the materials referenced in the thread. And that's the point of my asking for visuals. Not everyone here is familiar with your work, or knows how or desires to take the time to search it out. Real results or photographic examples posted in a "question" thread vastly improve the thread's usefulness as a source of valid information.
  5. Nice score on the Wabbit. Far as the other goes, that's been SOP on eBay for a couple months. With lotsa folks sniping in the last 10 seconds, they're having to look at bid placement times pretty carefully.
  6. Sure would like to see some finished work. I don't put much stock in advice without visual evidence backing it up.
  7. We have a mutually beneficial working relationship. I give them food and clean water, they keep the rodents in check. Prior to interacting with the local ferals, I'd catch on average 15 rats in the house every year (I live on a large wooded lot, in an old house that has lots of chinks). Now I have zero. If I had the time, I'd catch all the ferals, have 'em fixed, and try to find them homes if it were possible, but as it is, all I can do is to make their short stay here a little less difficult. Spot gives me a lot more value in silent companionship and furry affection than he costs...which I guess is the main point of having pets anyway.
  8. The nose is stupidly exaggerated on the built model. The real car had a long nose, but nothing like that ----- build.
  9. Never make excuses for blatant idiocy. It just encourages more of the same...and usually they can come up with their own moronic excuses anyway.
  10. Exactly. But Cadillac Bread (or sewing machines, or buckets, or hammers, or pet food, etc.) wouldn't be an infringement under the usual, reasonably rational interpretation of the law.
  11. They're wearing red-dirt-and-rocks camo. Trust me on this.
  12. Judging from the tires on the back of that poor little Chebby, the idiot who's trailering it isn't the first one it's encountered. Stupid never sleeps.
  13. $100 worth of paint to require $50,000 worth of work if you ever wanted to bring that poor thing back. There used to be a very apt word to refer to a moron who'd do something like that...
  14. Doesn't matter to a comprehension-challenged few. There have been occasional posters apparently incapable of grasping the concept of "off topic". Stupid doesn't care about word meanings.
  15. My outdoor feral momcat that looks like a small Norwegian forest cat had a litter, apparently about 4 weeks back. I stumbled over them in the carport looking for something this evening, so I assume momcat will be bringing them up on the porch for chow soon. I've been feeding several generations of ferals over the last 7 years here...one reason my rodent problem is nonexistent. They all get to be kinda friendly, but most of them never trust enough to catch 'em for fixing, and it's sad so many don't last long in the wild. Of over 20 ferals I've seen born and grown during that time, only 2 are still around, plus the most recent litter. My indoor cat Spot was abandoned by his feral momcat under the house 4 years ago, and after hearing him cry all night, I went under and caught him. He acclimated to being a people cat pretty much instantly, followed me around, slept on my feet under the desk, etc. After he was old enough, I'd let him out...and he'd always come back when I whistled. Then he discovered girls and started staying gone for days on end. After he came back a few times wounded from fighting, and after spending insane money to board him while I was gone, I keep him inside....but the ferals come to visit with him through the glass most every day. I feel bad for him being locked up...I wouldn't like it...and I've 'bout decided to let him go back to being an indoor-outdoor cat after I've moved west, 'cause there's not the kind of traffic there is here, and he can roam for miles. Hopefully he's smart enough to survive out there.
  16. Really REALLY like that. Actually, about the only way I like '57 Chebbys is as gassers...and this thing rocks.
  17. Yup, first time I broke down and used Tamiya primer, I felt like an idiot for holding out so long. Sprays sweeeeeeet. And the cost is well worth it to me, knowing I won't have any weird crazing to deal with in the future; I have several relatively expensive and rare models that I had one hello of a time saving after they crazed with hot automotive primer that I'd been getting away with using for years.
  18. Yenkos and '65-69 Corvairs in general ran 5-bolt OEM wheels. 13" diameter was standard for Corvairs, 14" optional. To be SCCA race legal in the old D prod., I'd assume a Corvair would have to run 13 or 14 inchers. EDIT: According to HSR rules, only 13" wheels are legal...so your wheel choice will be determined by what kind of car your model is supposed to be: historic racer, track day special, street ride, etc. EDIT 2: Here's the HSR Yenko Stinger specs, based on the '67 SCCA PCS (Production Car Specs), below: https://hsrrace.com/wp-content/uploads/GM-6-Yenko-Stinger-HSR-2021.pdf I ran Chevy 6X14s and 6X15s on my '65 140HP ex-race car on the street...so any old AMT kit with skinny 5-bolt 15" steel wheels will get you that look. And of course, any 5-bolt Chevy-pattern aftermarket wheel that's not too wide looks good too. Always thought Minilites looked best, and Casey makes and sells 5-bolt 15" resin Minilites on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/265168033506?hash=item3dbd3f16e2:g:IoEAAOSwC71gBMJn (ABOVE) EDIT 3: There appears to me to be enough meat and enough depth on Casey's Minilites to turn the rims down to 14 inchers if desired, and to narrow them for a more Corvair-friendly offset...if you have a lathe. He also offers several different sets of 5-bolt steel wheels: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324340560228?hash=item4b84343164:g:QbkAAOSwyQtV0i-t Happy hunting.
  19. To the best of my knowledge, the only thing that has any legit reason to be there is the AC drier as shown in your 1:1 pic, and if your model doesn't have AC, it doesn't need that either...though you might find horns mounted behind the grille The other stuff engraved on the core support appears to be some numnutz idea of random mechanical complication added to break up an otherwise flat expanse of plastic. Mighta been nice to get the stamped-in details of the panel right, as shown on your pic, and leave the gobbledygook trash off the thing.
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