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  1. Yeah, basically. EDIT: Contrary to many of today's attitudes, engineering and science (of which vehicle dynamics is a part) are not a matter of personal taste or feeling or opinion. The functioning of physical reality doesn't give a rat's rump about any of that. Any fool can smear the contents of the cat's box on a wall and call it "art". It takes considerably more talent, knowledge, and effort to make something that works as good as it looks.
  2. Yeah...while entirely ignoring anything resembling any understanding of engineering or vehicle dynamics. But they say ignorance is bliss. Dey sho' mus bee a lot a bliss in da world deese days.
  3. At least half the population are low-IQ, low-information, easy-to-lead sheep operating in monkey-see-monkey-do mode. Pardon the mixed-species metaphor, but it's the simple truth.
  4. Why? When I did stupidly destructive stuff when I was small, it provoked lots of loud responses from adults. Maybe that's one reason I've always had respect for other peoples' property and boundaries.
  5. Crazy as this thing is, it has good proportions. Unlike some other garbage we've been treated to recently, this is mechanical art built by people with talent and skill.
  6. That'd be OK. He'd be a fun guy to know. I rather like his engines, and Lampredi's as well. They're all beautiful little mechanical jewels, a treat to work on, drive, or hear them when they're on-song...and lord knows they've made me some money. Still, it's hard to beat an old dinosaur of an American V8 for gobs of instant torque and the reliability of a stone ax.
  7. Damm man...what do you want for a quarter million bucks? Geez...some people.
  8. Yup, gorgeous car. Put a 5.0 Ford in it, with a 9-inch, and you could drive it more than you work on it.
  9. Incompetent sellers who either have no clue as to what they're selling, or are unable to get the correct items in the dammed box. It doesn't matter if it's private eBay jacklegs or companies selling "performance" parts. Just this week so far: of two items in one box from a private seller, one was entirely incorrect; a company selling "performance" parts shipped 1/2" hard-line separators rather than 5/8" and wanted to argue endlessly because "the sku number says they're 5/8" (finally resolved with photos sent and hours out of my life lost to stupidity); 5/8" annealed stainless hard line AGAIN shipped as some bogus blue rubber hose; another "performance" parts company that listed fittings as "STEEL", which is what I needed, but shipped some Chinee cast potmetal which I wouldn't use on a lawnmower...and nobody on the "customer service" line could understand why it made any difference. So...so far this week, probably 4 hours I can't bill for...OR EVER GET BACK...dealing with a bunch of useless morons. IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO DO AN UNDEMANDING JOB CORRECTLY?
  10. Depending on how you read the dimple, it could go either way. These are front Ford backing plates of similar vintage. But in this case, I'll agree with blunc and dmthamade because the dimples on the model parts in question are on the opposite side of the backing plate from the wheel cylinder, which is where a parking brake cable would go in.
  11. They're reasonably OK-generic for that general period backing plates on US-built drum brakes, and look Ford-enough to easily pass. I'd use the lower ones for the front because of the two extra dimples. Probably black as delivered, rusty, dusty, and greasy after a few years.
  12. 3 hour moderate hike yesterday with minimal pain. 6 months of physical therapy, working every day I could, and forcing myself to exercise when it hurt like hell over the past 3 years has paid off. Losing 20 pounds didn't hurt either (I've been losing 1/2 to one pound per week since I decided to). Still have another 15 to 20 to go.
  13. Sorry if this offends anyone, but I think that's an ugly thing, with no redeeming value whatsoever. Never mind the sorry part, too. I'm not.
  14. Good advice. I keep my most important stuff on disc...like real-car build documentation...but I have backup drives that mirror all my main drives once a week too. If a computer drive crashes now, it's easy to recover almost everything. But I'm not too worried about losing model car photos anyway.
  15. My question has always been why people expect a quality hosting service for nothing? I've paid a very minimal fee to use PB for almost a decade and never had a significant problem. My photos are not watermarked. And only a fool wouldn't keep backups of all his images on his own computer, no matter what hosting service he used.
  16. Everything I've bought from him so far is great. Sometimes takes a few days to ship, but it's been worth the wait.
  17. If one uses some logic and gets beyond the social-justice outrage (and does a little research into reality) it soon becomes apparent that most "town cars" were equipped with weather protection for the driver as well: removable roof panels and roll-up windows or side curtains. It would hardly be decorous to have your chauffeur opening your door while soaked to the skin and streaming water or covered in ice and snow when you arrived at the opera, now would it? AND...cars with fully open driver's compartments weren't used in inclement weather anyway, for the most part. This is the reason that, quite logically, some town-cars were described as "all weather" when they had provisions for protecting the driver. The photos below (which took a whopping 5 seconds to find) clearly show attachment points above the divider window for a removable roof section, or snaps above the windshield for a soft panel. (EDIT: There appear to be alignment pins for a removable roof panel sticking up from the top of the windshield frame on the Brewster above as well.) EDIT: Brewster with removable roof section in place:
  18. I'll let Hot Rod do the talking... https://www.hotrod.com/articles/1956-chevrolet-210-prize-possession/
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