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  1. Thou shalt not expect consistency or rationality from people who like to make rules.
  2. That's how you become certified as an internet expert.
  3. Pretty sure that's what "off topic" means...but who knows, what with the deterioration of universally accepted English word definitions we're seeing these days.
  4. You must be my long lost twin brother...
  5. For all you fellas who were sleeping through high school science class and tend to believe in baloney... As in: A fool and his money are soon parted. "A Rusty 1969 Beetle covered 2,096 miles on a single tank using a simple device!" "A secret that car companies have been keeping it for more than a decade...." https://getshopovia.com/pages/kuxsxsngzk
  6. Well sir, now we know where you stand in no uncertain terms. As an aside, I wouldn't throw wastewater on Bezos if he was on fire. But there's a lot of that around. And his best engineers are leaving to join Musk's team, in many cases precisely because he doesn't "bully" people.
  7. Lotsa cool '32s coming together. Glad that frame zeeing thing was of value to you too.
  8. Everything is first rate. Initial impression is of a real car. And that's the absolute best pinstriping I've ever seen in 1/24 scale. Just beautiful craftsmanship, pure and simple.
  9. Right on. It disgusts me, how much of today's motivation seems to be the result of envy and hatred of those who have more, earn more, are smarter, more attractive physically, etc. Life ain't fair. Nobody ever said it was, and wallowing in resentment of what-somebody-else-has only gets in the way of making the best of whatever gifts each of us was given by a random and uncaring universe.. Anybody with an IQ above 85 is pretty much responsible for making his own way in life, and where any reasonably intelligent adult is now is primarily the result of a series of conscious decisions...or a refusal to put forth the effort to make conscious decisions. God knows...I've made so many stupid mistakes due to just not paying attention, bitterness, or laziness, and missed so many golden opportunities, it's a wonder I even made it this far. But at this point in time, I'm just glad that there are men like Musk (and to a lesser degree Branson and Bezos) who have the ability and the interest to fund the kind of research, engineering, and development that may ultimately help to divert mankind's unfortunate tendency towards endless squabbling over insane trivialities, and focus humanity's collective energy instead on the greatest adventure we, as one race, will probably ever undertake.
  10. Obviously that definition was written by someone who had no clue as to what "craftsmanship" means. I constantly fix things that were done by hacker chimps "who practice a trade or handicraft as a job". 5 decades of undoing garbage "craftsmanship" will give you some real perspective on what it actually is.
  11. Bingo. The only way you'll learn exactly what works for you is to do it. You can, however, get some highly relevant experience by primering smallish soda bottles, and painting them as you intend to do a model. When you're satisfied with the finish, paint your model exactly the same way.
  12. It's a real shame Tim Boyd got dumped on for trying to be helpful to the forum, but it's hardly unusual behavior here. It's also a real shame that people blame those who point out shortcomings in a kit as the bad guys, rather than those who actually have the responsibility for avoiding said shortcomings in the first place. It is their JOB, after all, for which they're PAID. Personally, I rather like the "chopped" look of the little Nova gasser, and whatever the discrepancy between the model's dimensions and stock reality, it sure as hell won't stop me buying a couple. Confused yet?
  13. Yeah, there's not much that's cooler than a little mild-custom shoebox with a Y-block sporting three twos. Those rounded hood corners, frenched headlight tunnels, rounded rear wheel cutouts, and custom grille opening are pretty slick. Wonder where she is now?
  14. Add mine too. It doesn't take "thousands of dollars to fix a problem to sell a few more kits when the majority is happy with the product". All it takes is to get the measuring right BEFORE the tooling is cut. It's called "professionalism", AKA "competence".
  15. Nice old car. My father had one as a company car when I was a little kid, and not too long back, I found a junkyard in Az. with several solid examples. 4-doors make useful daily drivers too.
  16. I've found that using a dull butter knife and a tree-size bow saw for model work really raises the degree of difficulty to where the feeling of accomplishment as I "build for myself" is unsurpassed. Likewise applying paint with a roller, or better yet a dirty pinecone.
  17. Glue-bombs, throwaways, trash...it's all just source material. Personally, I enjoy making something out of what some chimp has destroyed or given up on. Case in point: Still a WIP, but she's coming along nicely...(and I most likely wouldn't have built a radical custom from a pristine kit).
  18. if you happen to live near any kind of decent hardware store, you can get 3 feet of 1/16" steel welding rod for about a buck. Cuts easily with dykes. Permanent replacement.
  19. Why would you think that abject stupidity, ignorance, and incompetence are purely American problems?
  20. I have a couple, but I'd like to have 'em all. The Exner-esque styling, though outlandish, has always appealed to me.
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