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  1. Looks like an Alco Century 430. I've bought a lot of old HO scale locos in worse shape over the past few years. Let me know if you want it to have a good home where it'll get restored.
  2. Hounds of hell are more manageable than rainbow-haired mutant techie dwerps with delusions of grandeur.
  3. If you can afford that in my neck o' the woods, they'll be standing in line around the block, carrying "PICK ME!!!" placards.
  4. "Peace" can be an elusive goal if it's not sought within one's own soul first.
  5. Garage and garage-related activities figure prominently in my life.
  6. Finally kinda turned the corner on both the Chevelle and the DeLorean 1:1 projects. Definitely on the downhill run now.
  7. What irked me today was the "duh" moment I realized I forgot to get a Replicas and Miniatures catalog from Norm back in November at the show here (though I brought home enough stuff to open a hobby shop, he was out of a few things I really need for ongoing builds).
  8. Deny reality for too long, and all the optimism in the universe won't save you.
  9. Idea generation and implementation is what they pay me for.
  10. Fragile wokesters need not apply.
  11. Love it. Looks very clean. I missed this kit several times, still kinda looking.
  12. World War II came about because too many people looked the other way, rather than acknowledging the negative and taking a stand against it before it was entirely out of hand.
  13. Difference of opinion and open discussion is healthy in a functioning society, but censorship based on one side's dogma isn't.
  14. Lately I'm more annoyed than ever by mumbling, ignorant, hypocritical idiots masquerading as reasonably decent and competent adults.
  15. "Sense" and "cents" are two more words frequently interchanged by common-core graduates posting on the web.
  16. Own your mistakes and failures if you're a leader...or anyone; blaming others constantly isn't adult behavior.
  17. Season your Christmas ham with old sock squeezin's.
  18. Shimmer is a feeless, parallelized DAG ledger to secure and create fully customizable smart contract chains. Launched as a staging network to battle-test all future innovations for the IOTA protocol, its tokenization framework will guarantee full interoperability, composability and feeless value transfers between smart contract chains, and aims to make Shimmer a truly scalable multi-chain network.
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