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  1. I used to fix great dane trailers and unless they are painted fleet colors you will find them bare aluminum or coated with a clear (which becomes quite grey) weather sealer.
  2. Excellent work. Just wing it? I'd go ruin a mortgage payment worth of plastic and not even come close. Doc
  3. Figures, Oh well hope springs eternal. I'd rather they re popped or retooled some of the older kits than give us more of those butt ugly newer subjects. Doc
  4. Ok Once more unto the breach. My third attempt at getting Sonny Pruitts greea beauty right. I was able to score another Movin On kit on the 'bay for ridiculous money (<40 bucks) so I'm gonna try it again. Coming from a family of Truckers (both Uncles on Mom's side were Independents and later owned LTL companies dad's brother drove for a number of manufacturers and materials companies), Movin' On was one of my all time favorite shows right up there with Baa Baa Black Sheep. I know that KW built two special rigs for the show under the VIT program. That program added a larger bunk and some other mechanicals. I can get most fo the broad strokes right. Unfortunately, the only references I can get my grubby paws on are grainy screen captures from third generation VHS tapes. I pretty sure the green was either a fine Flake or a Pearl. I was wondering if anybody has the PPG codes for that Green or if there is a reasonable match in either the off the shelf model paint lines or through the H-O-K line. Thanks, Doc
  5. In a word, WOW. Excellent work. Man, I love those old Cab Overs. Doc
  6. There's one on the 'Bay - sealed box - current bid is north of $45. Is this one of the AMT kits that can be repopped or is it one of those lost for all time?
  7. Looks grsat. A soure for scale chain is Model Shipways. They sell various sizes of anchor chain for ship modelers. Not real expensive, already weathered to look rusted and it looks great. I use stock number MS 1484 it's blackened bras chain 9 links per in ch making each line just short of 3 inches long in 1/24 scale. They also sell one that is 15 linke per inch making the links just about 1.5 inches in 1/24 scale. Model Expo sells it Model Shipway chain
  8. Kit form Services does a nice Haib 205 crane. Here is mine roughed in on the back of an R Model. The model is based upon trucks that used to deliver forklift batteries to the recycling plant where I worked. KFS has it in their catalog stock Number TQ14 runs about 40 bucks. Spaulding used to carry it not sure if they still do. Doc
  9. Looks like a little slice of heaven there Tim. As always, your work is incredible. Doc
  10. The hood is a resin piece I picked up from Tim Sherman couple years ago at NNL East.
  11. Amazing work. Excellent weathering. That has tremendous diorama potential.
  12. Thanks for the input guys. THe bed is individual Basswood planks weathered with Age it Easy from Micromark. I use bioth colors to get the characteristic "grey" of untreated wood open to the elements. The model is based (loosely) on a fleet of trucks that used to drop off fork lift truck batteries for recycling at my former place of employment. They used the wooden beds to get around the electrolyte in the batteries eating a steel deck.
  13. This has been a marathon project. I tried to have it ready for NNL East LAST Year. Had to strip and paint the can three times. The Boom was a nightmare; it took three shots to get paint to stick aswell. Finally looking like a truck now. Might have it ready for the IPMS Nationals in VA in August.
  14. Looks great. If you're interested - here's a tarp method the Treadheads have been using for years. 1. Cut a piece of white tissue paper a bit larger than you need. I prefer the holiday wrap type you can find in the dollar stores. 2 Mix up some white glue and water 50:50 and pour it in a shallow bowl or tray. Old foil trays from frozen food work great. 3. Place a piece of waxed paper on a flat surface. This is where yor tarp will live while it dries a little 4. Place the tissue paper in the mix and remove - don't wring it out. 5. place it flat on the waxed paper and fold the edges over (about 2MM is fine) this is to form hems or seams. at the edges. 6. Let it dry for a few minutes -just until it's not dripping wet. Depending upon weather and such this may take a while. 7. Place the tarp over the item to be covered (like the load) and let it drape naturally over the piece. 8. Let it dry completely and paint with acrylic paints. I dry brush mine with lighter base colors and a bit of white to give them a worn look. Hope this helps Doc
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