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  1. Depending on your skill, a LHD dash can be converted to a RHD. I have a few Celica/Supra kits in my collection - let me see what I can find. and for the 2nd part of your question, ANYTHING is possible is the right amount of putty and glue lol
  2. Nice work - I especially like the detail to the leather seats and top
  3. Intmd8r

    57 Chevy

    I really like this - what a nice build
  4. Looks like a proper hot rod - well executed!
  5. Awesome - Very reminiscent of the Eddie Bauer Edition Broncos seen with the later generations.
  6. Sorry - haven't been on the forum in a while. Yes- the Firebird is still avaialble.
  7. Nice choice in color - it suits the build nicely.
  8. My only complaint about the Aoshima kit is that it has inaccurate front fenders for the Z-Tune version, but builds a nice shelf model all the same. Nice looking build and excellent color choice.
  9. Nice rescue - big fan of the color too
  10. Correct or not, the color you used works well for the legend. Nicely done
  11. I remember reading the same article and having the same urge lol Very nice execution - job well done
  12. Intmd8r

    Revell 26T engine

    I have the complete kit from the first image available
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