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  1. What a beautiful build! I love everything about it-the colours, custom touches, to the subject itself. absolutely perfect
  2. Send me a Private Message if you want my address for an accurate rate.
  3. Cool interpretation. Where did you source those wheels?
  4. Nice work-fantastic build as usual. The Revell’37/‘38 kit is one of my favourite. I’ve consistently had challenges fitting the hood/cowl/grill too, so you’re not alone.
  5. Hi everyone, Have some NEW model kits in my collection that I am putting up on trade. Will build them eventually, just thought I would see if there are any interesting trade opportunities first. Have nothing specific in mind, though I do like to build American muscle, hot rods, Japanese cars, and some German (Mercedes & BMW). Send me a PM if you're interested. Complete, unbuilt kits only please.
  6. Impressive work. How big is thins thing at 1/16 scale?
  7. Thank you - I have a couple of the Fujimi variants in my collection as well. Plan on building something a little more wild with them in the future. Thanks for the high praise! All the colors in the engine bay were chosen to match the reference pictures I found online. The only thing I deviated from the instructions is the use of dull aluminum, bronze and pale burnt metal for some visual texture. The Red air cleaner certainly pops against the black though.
  8. I'm a sucker for black and gold livery - very nicely executed
  9. I love this - excellent execution and the realistic dust and your ability to make the car look like it is soaring through the air is nothing short of brilliant
  10. I love black cars - especially E-Bodies. The simulated vinyl top looks great!
  11. Thank you Thank you - first attempt at using craft paints through the airbrush. I'm happy with the results and by far a much cheaper alternative. Thank you - I had some struggles with some of the details, so I'm glad you appreciate them Thank you Thank you Thank you That's exactly the look I was going for - glad you appreciate it Thanks - clean and shinny builds are a challenge for me. Your compliment means alot.
  12. Very nice the stance, wheels, colours, and body mods all work great together
  13. Calling this one done: Tamiya's Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R Hardtop inspired by the car Paul Walker drove in Fast Five. Though it had limited screen time, I feel like it is the best looking Japanese car to make it on screen in the series. It has a wired engine, wood grain interior trim, BMF exterior trim, flocked interior, and addition of Fujimi Watanabe wheels. I could have started with the Tamiya Street Custom kit, but I liked the deep offset of the Fujimi wheels and I had both on hand. The wheels were painted with Alclad II Jet Exhaust for the bronze look, everything else was done in acrylic paint. The body is craft paint from the dollar store, thinned and shot through an airbrush with AK Interactive Ultra Gloss.
  14. Yup - I'm aware of the Slixx special offer in this kit release. Just thought I would reiterate the kit is without decals for those not in the know. The coupon is also missing (though I suspect it would have been expired since its 2000 release date) for those who are interested.
  15. A recent purchase that did not work out: missing windows, no decals. Looks to be complete otherwise. Thought I would see if there was any trade interest before I cannibalize the kit for parts. Open to trade for GM or MOPAR muscle, trucks, Japanese or German cars. PM with an offer Thanks!
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