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  1. Perfect execution. when I think of a square body GM truck, this is exactly what I picture!
  2. Well done. a personal favourite of mine.
  3. Love the Thunderbolts! excellent execution-the chassis detail is spot on
  4. Impressive transformation
  5. Exceptional build. The quality and detail of this build is higher than the standards of which the real deal was built to, from what I read.
  6. This is the Tamiya kit with Acu Stion PE parts. Paint is Platinum Graphite (OEM Nissan color for the R35) by RiceBox with AK Iteractive two part Ultra Gloss varnish. Far from perfect, going to call it what it is - a fine slump buster for the display shelf.
  7. That’s awesome. I’m a fan of the movie and the cars of the 80’s and 90’s Trans Am series. The combination totally works.
  8. “TheVette seems to be less complicated so far but maybe I'm speaking too soon... 😆 “ Early days my friend
  9. My plans keep changing on the L88. Dropping the kit bash ideal and will build the roadster instead of the coupe. Going for a vintage race car disguised as an old man's corvette. I like the Minilite wheels from the kit, but they aren't wide enough. Found a Fujimi set in my parts box, but they are 4 lug instead of 5. So I dusted off the Dremel.... I have some creative body work ahead of me.....
  10. Fantastic job! A nice replica of the cars raced in that series.
  11. Awesome work! I loved watching the Player’s series as a kid and have been wanting to do a similar build. You have provided great inspiration.
  12. Awesome work. I NEED this Power Wagon! Where did you find such a beast?
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