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  1. Thanks man, the rx 78 2 was a master grade kit, version 1.5 it was a great kit to build. I am building 144 kits at the moment as they are cheaper so i can build more but eventually i want to get one of the massive kits to try out. I had a look around your website and love your work, the Megatron custom looks especially fantastic. I have been wishing for transformers kits for years ! I will keep an eye open for some pics for you, they will probably put a load up on the facebook group or website.
  2. I am just putting the finishing touches on another gundam model, I fully intended to do some WIP photos but once again completely forgot when i got sat down to build. I have a few bits of touching up and another clearcoat to go and then i will see what happens when i try to transform it into vehicle form !
  3. Thanks a lot thats awesome, i will hunt down some sakura pens ! its hard to find techniques for clean mechas as it seems that everybody who paints them does so weathered. We do not have michaels or hobby lobby over here but i'm sure i will find them on amazon or somewhere else online. On a different note, my hometown is host to the UK's first gunpla conference at the end of the month so i will hopefully pick up a few tips and tricks there. These are my first 3 completed gunpla kits. The Zeta was one of the most enjoyable builds i have ever done.
  4. that is superb work, it looks great. I love building gunpla but my knowledge of the tv shows is non existant so i have no idea about the different shows etc but i like the design of the suit. the pannel lines look great, i am having quite a bit of trouble getting that part right on my builds, I have just finished my 3rd kit and i am getting better with them but i seem to get staining on the white parts when removing the wash. I have tried both vallejo acrylic and humbrol enamel washes over future and my next build i am going to try an oil paint wash. I am currently building my gunpla kits without weathering as i like the clean look so the staining is quite unwanted but when i do build them to look battle damaged i think it will actually add something to the finished result.
  5. I've been quite busy in the past couple of months, the x-wing is a quick repaint of the revell kit and was used as a practice for using masking fluid for chipping, the others are all bandai kits and i have been hooked on building them since i did the first Gunpla kit.These kits have really sparked my building motivation as i am enjoying them so much. probably a bad thing as I am now sat looking at another order from Japan and planning what to do with them ! as always any questions, comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.
  6. Man those tanks look fantastic ! I have completed a few kits recently and will post some photos soon. my next build is a 1:100 Zeta plus gundam and i am going to try and post some wip shots here. I have been meaning to start taking wip photos for ages but always forget about it once i start building. i'm looking forwards to seeing the special forces tie, gouf and the astray gundam progress. I have recently discovered Bandai kits and absolutely love them.
  7. Thanks Snake I look forward to getting going with it, tips like those are really helpfull. I'll post my results and thoughts here when i use it.
  8. Brilliant thanks guys, i'm used to the higher prices over here so i'll get over it ! At least 1seller is being reasonable. This hobby would be a lot easier on the wallet if i moved across the pond !
  9. fantastic, thanks Snake is this the right one ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wrights-Silver-Cream-Polish-Oz/dp/B000WHXQWK/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1465544798&sr=8-1&keywords=wrights+silver+cream i looked on amazon.co.uk and they have this and then some that looks the same but is priced at £47 ($ 67.88) I would think its just somebody trying to cash in as it is imported or something but just want to make sure the cheaper one isnt something slightly different.
  10. The kits arrived yesterday and after a quick look inside the box i am blown away, they look amazing. I haven't been this excited to start a build in ages, thanks for the offer i'll be sure to let you know how i get on. I might even do my first work in progress with one of them. These are the kits i got.
  11. Hi all, I am looking for some help with products to use for polishing tamiya acrylics (the X and XF ranges not the rattlecans). What do you guys use for polishing and buffing ? i have tried a polishing compound from Halfords (auto shop) but it seems to take the gloss out of the paint and eat through it if left on for a short time. Thanks in advance for any help and advise - Phil
  12. very nice, it looks great. i built one when i just started out and struggled with detailing something so small. I have another one to try my hand at now i know a bit more.
  13. I have noticed over here (England) that model kits are no longer found in toy shops, I have just started building star wars kits and the nephew was instantly interested and wanted to build one with me. I went looking for some revell lights and sounds kits but couldn't find them anywhere in a shop and had to order from amazon. Surely if revell want to sell these kits aimed at young kids they should be in toy shops so kids actually see them and get interested, how many kids under 10 are browsing amazon for model kits that they do not know exist ?
  14. I have just bought myself a couple of gundam kits as i also grew up loving robots. I have no clue about what they are or anything about them apart from the fact that they look cool ! I have seen a few built up and have fancied building them for a while.
  15. i know absolutely nothing about planes but i know i like the look of that one ! great work.
  16. thanks jim, i think the weathered look is supposed to show the rebels as being a "rag tag bunch" fighting the empire with minimal resources and no time or facilities to clean and maintain the old ships they have (surely a hose and a sponge can't be that hard to find in a galaxy far away). thanks Dave, I really want that interceptor kit but its just a bit too pricey for me and the bandai kits at less than half the price are just too tempting !
  17. This is another great kit from finemolds, it went together perfectly and was an absolute breeze to build. I pre shaded with a black mist and used a custom mix for the basecoat. BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH those tie fighters and their varying colours ! I am quite happy with the blue/grey shade thankfully as mixing it took almost as long as building the kit. i then used a dark grey wash to highlight the panel lines and a slight drybrushing of metallics on the darker parts. any and all compliments and or criticisms are welcome as i am just starting with sci fi weathering and any tips are always appreciated. thanks for looking - Phil
  18. This was my first time building a finemolds Star Wars kit and i loved every minute of it. I had previously built a couple of the old amt (i think) kits and some of revells offerings. I went for the red 5 option (just to be different !) as this was my first x-wing model and it just seemed right to build luke's. I used a white primer with a black pre shade and then my base coat was a 50/50 mix of tamiya flat white and deck tan. This was my first attempt using washes to weather and highlight pannel lines. The stand was done using left over decals from the kit.
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