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  1. Nice work dad. I just started on my 1/16 pete cabover as well! Its not progressing as fast as yours but its getting there! Keep up the great work and as soon as I get the chance ill post some pics of mine and show you how far ive gotten lol.
  2. Outstanding work especially with all the detail you've put into it! Keep up the great work!
  3. Thanks and im not gonna make either, plus your already starting on the 1/16 blue mule cabover anyways lol
  4. Very nice start and cant wait to see the finished project!!!
  5. Thanks for all the compliments!!!! I want to do another 1/16 peterbilt cabover but make it match this one in paint scheme.
  6. Ive got the fenders on, all thats left is to remove the old stacks and trade em in for the custom chrome stacks,hook up exhaust and trade in the stock bumper for a chrome texas bumper.
  7. I agree, im thinkin of changin the fuel tanks to a custom made long chrome ones. as for the 3406 I do belive it is still available.
  8. Thanks for all the compliments everyone!!! An no I bought the fenders from a guy on ebay. He still sells them if your looking for some.
  9. only thing left is to do the exhaust hook up and mounth the fenders
  10. no this was scratch built. ive seen the conversion kit that your talking about. Working on building two more peterbilt cabovers.
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