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  1. bodeen2012 added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    R.I.P Dave Brockie A.K.A Oderus Urungus of GWAR
    really sad to hear that one of my favorite singers has passed away at age 50 . he was found dead by his roommates last night .
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  2. bodeen2012 added a post in a topic Music   

    my musical taste spreads across allot of different genres
    classic rock/pop
    jim croce
    the monkees
    the yardbirds
    some led zeppelin
    BLACK SABBATH w/ozzy
    black sabbath w/ ronnie james dio (rip)
    j geils band
    the james gang
    fleetwood mac

    eric clapton
    SRV and double trouble
    and many more .

    newer music
    Pantera (favorite band )
    old metallica
    lamb of god
    tenafly viper
    avenged sevenfold
    five finger death punch
    stone sour
    august burns red
    flogging molly
    dropkick murphys
    and many more

    garth brooks
    alan jackson
    david allan coe
    waylon jennings

    jay z
    bone thugs
    public enemy
    snopp dogg
  3. bodeen2012 added a post in a topic 1956 f100 "infused"   

    broke the frame. obviously this model doesn't want to be built . so to the back of the line it goes till a friend of mine finishes building me a custom frame .
  4. bodeen2012 added a post in a topic 1956 f100 "infused"   

    hope to have an update today or tomorrow . been to sick to work at the bench the last few days .
  5. bodeen2012 added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    summer ride
    2002 pontiac grand prix 3.8l supercharged engine completely rebuilt by me. in storage needs transmission rebuilt to many burnouts

    winter beater
    1996 grand am 2.4l with 218,000 miles on the body 18,000 on engine and trans both rebuilt by my dad and i .

  6. bodeen2012 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    how would i do suicide doors on a 1956 ford f100?
    just as the title states . how would i go about this? .
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  7. bodeen2012 added a post in a topic 1956 f100 "infused"   

    no plans to chop . i can't for the life of me chop a model top successfully i have done a few 1:1 chops but can't get it to work in scale with anything other than old hot rods.
  8. bodeen2012 added a post in a topic 1956 f100 "infused"   

    thanks, the plan is to have it look like the airbags are deflated .
  9. bodeen2012 added a post in a topic may have to hang it up   

    i have had essential tremors for a long time . stress is the number one factor of it . If i am really stressed out my whole left arm will shake uncontrollably till i calm down or take a nap . i will not let it keep me from building models though as it is what alleviates my stress levels . other things that have helped me is caffeine. if i drink a cup of coffee or a monster i can get my hand to stop shaking for a little while . my doctor doesn't know why this works but it does . also taking a long walk helps too . there has been times where i wasn't able to work on my models for a few weeks cause i was scared my hand would start shaking while i was using a knife or saw .
  10. bodeen2012 added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1956 f100 "infused"
    i have been working on this model for a long time . i have gone through two bodies. countless rear fenders . a couple hoods, and three frames . it's sat in a parts box for a few years . While waiting for parts to show up on another build I decided to bring some of my stalled projects out to see if i can breath new life into them . This is one of them
    this model is in its rough stages . the plan is to have a 6.1 hemi, viper front and rear suspension air bags and as low as i can go . now for some pics

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  11. bodeen2012 added a post in a topic NE Ohio anyone?   

    in brunswick, ohio . just south of cleveland .
  12. bodeen2012 added a post in a topic What Is Your Top 10 List of Ugliest Cars Ever?   

    my top ten ugliest cars

    10. all camaro's after 1979

    09. pontiac grand prix (97-08)

    08. all firebirds after 1972

    07. ford pinto

    06. pontiac aztec

    05. geo metro

    04. nissan juke

    03. mazda 3 and 5

    02. Cadillac ctsv

    01. every thing honda ever made
  13. bodeen2012 added a post in a topic 69 camaro project and other projects   

    decided to go in a different direction with the camaro . It's still gonna look beatup but its gonna have a viper drive-train with a lt5 chevy motor or the v10. will have pics tomorrow
  14. bodeen2012 added a post in a topic Just 5 cars   

    1.1968 Plymouth satellite station wagon w/440 (sunny summer everyday driver)

    2. 1959 impala 2 dr w/348 tri power and a automatic (weekend cruiser)

    3. 2013 dodge dart (for the wife)

    4. 1994 chevy lumina z34 (year round driver)

    5. 1976 chevy c10 4x4 (hauler and snow driving)

    currently driving
    1996 grand am 2.4l with 240,000
    1994 lumina 4dr z34 clone