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  1. I am! Love the Pentastar logo! Along with the Plymouth Arrow and the Dodge Fratzog.
  2. You can find a direct link here to the '70 Charger R/T. http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/3023/ currently there's 674 votes, but this is for a new development, but converting one by Revell is still the better option. A second '70 Charger 500 is here http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/2941/ Currently 650 votes. starting at the top will take about 20 minutes to scroll down thru. Worth it. Lots of old Mopars, Phords, and Shevys. Old foreign stuff, as well as, aircraft, ships, tanks, sci-fi and more. And you can vote for more than one. Just go and vote.
  3. Actually I'll be surprised if one doesn't show up shortly after the new year. fiatChrysler expected to sell a few hundred for the model year, but 5,000 have been sold, in the first month, and production is backed up through the end of December. Was concidering one, but I want it this year, so I might get another V-6.
  4. Agreed, tried out a '14 Challenger with sunroof. Head into ceiling. Passed.
  5. Harry, I've driven the big gun boat Chryslers and still had to have the seat full rear, and leaning back. Not this one. This Challenger is the first car I've ever driven where I had to move the seat forward from rear lock, and theres enough headroom to wear a fedora. Never been able to do that in any other car.
  6. I'm joining this a bit late, but I thought I'd put in my two cents worth. Last year I looked at the Dart, the 500C and the Charger. Of the first two the interiors were too cramped, which I found surprising as I've had two Omni 4 doors. Of the Charger the B post sits directly to my left blocking all of the side views unless I constantly lean forward. Finding cars that fit a 6' 5" frame isn't easy, but I found this... Rated 18/27, but I get 20/31 and have gotten as high as 38mpg on a road trip below Custer, North Dakota last year. V-6 with enough power (305hp) to blow the doors off of an Infinity Q-ship. Thinking of trading it for a '15 Challenger 5.7 Hemi R/T. Black of course.
  7. Ours reads "We want your stinking business"
  8. Very interesting and Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long list. Voted for quite a few, and added one to the mix USS Daedalus ST:TOS. Couldn't find a 1:1000 scale so I went with 1:350.
  9. Any and all!!! Wouldn't mind seeing a '60 Studebaker Lark wagon or convertible either.
  10. I'm not by any means of the word 'a shebby fan'. But that was pure BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. (Ha,ha... that's not what I said Gregg. lol) Well you've hear of the old saying 'more money than brains?' I suppect that if he's got two quarers, a nickle and three pennies rattling around in his pocket. He still has more money than brains!
  11. The original Monogram Battlestar Galactica. Now that Moebius has a better one out I doubt I'll ever touch it.
  12. They already did. Looks like a shovel from the front end.
  13. With all of the requests, I'm surprised no one asked for a '49 bullet nose Stude. Coupe, convertible or wagon. Full factory stock. Don't know if any ran in NASCAR sansancioned races. But, the customizing options are almost end less. Gasser, Salt-lake racer, Suedo-NASCAR, full customs, the list goes on. And as Robberbaron suggested it could also later be modified into a '50 and a '51. I'd probably get a dozen myself.
  14. Had to go with the AMT Double Dragster kit. As a kid I built several, but never touched the Monogram kit. The problem was then I was too forceful with fitting Monogram and Revell kits then. Broke too many. Have both the Double Dragster and Slingster reissues. Should be interesting, when I finally get around to building them, to see how they compare.
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