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  1. I gotta say I look at all your builds you post and you're definitely are getting more and more into detail and making them look super realistic. Keep up the good work.
  2. I have had this happen before and now I always stick the tape to my shirt before applying and it grabs some lint and allows it not to bite as hard on the clear. Love this project, your attention to detail and craftsmanship is amazing.
  3. Thanks everyone, I should have more updates later in the week.
  4. About 2 years ago I was made aware that one of my model customer (work at a hobby store) had become sick and was not able to make it back home. His wish was I would take all his kits and find home for the ones I would not use. After a few months of sorting and putting all the parts back in the right boxes (he started about 30 kits started and miss-matched parts) I started to work on a few, when I popped the the top on this box and saw what he had started (chassis with the tubbed rear end from the First release of the Revell 67 Chevelle pro street) I was pretty excited. So after sitting and thinking for a bit I mounted to diff and had to re-do the rear end housing to make it wider to fill the wheel wells properly. After that I changed the rims to ones on it now (couldn't stand the centerline chevy emblem ones) I hot another road block some of the chrome was missing. For those who don'y know what i was starting with here is what the kit box art is this was after the first night of playing and mounting the new rims. Made a tail gate filler panel so after thinking of what i was going to do to fill the missing chrome void i did this for the front bumper and added some screen for a grilles so for the box i tried to fill it best i can, keep in mind the tubs are on the chassis (black part) and the rest is part of the box So for the rear I carried on the lines from the bumper and tail lights, should look not bad. Not a lot of filler was required due to me cutting out the mold lines and filling it with styrene and then sanding it all to shape. For a motor I wanted something big and had killer look to it, but not too unbelievable for scale effect. I purchased a Ross Gibson Alley rat 502 tpi motor a few years ago and tossed it in the goody box so I couldn't thing of a better home for it. More to come after I get some more bench time in.
  5. I basically square cut the rear tubs and moved them in 1/16" just to tuck the rear tires and I sanded the front ones down and made shocks (styrene and pen springs) to lower the suspension all the war around,
  6. I painted the whole body pearl white, taped it off and shot the Mica Blue, then I ran the orange pin stripe to divide it (Pactra pin striping) and applied 4 coats of Tamiya clear.
  7. Thanks everyone, I understand the intake point just was an upset opening it and seeing it. The wheels are Pegasus and the paint is Tamiya Mica blue bottom, Pearl White top with an orange stripe. Tow rig is a box stock revell f-350 that has been lowered and painted in Tamiya Coral Blue with a flat clear over top.
  8. Thanks guys it is Tamiya Pearl Coral, rims are bigger but look better in person. This was the pro touring look i was after:
  9. 65 Chevelle mini-tubbed, lowered on scale 20-22's
  10. Being that I am a 1:1 drag racer I love all the Drag racing kits and decided to take on the Firebird match racer as a simple build I brows here daily and love the amount of talent you guys all have so I figured id share it with you. Kit was pretty good build but some parts were not the greatest. Biggest let down was the intake, a square box? Really guy, really? So after making my own: intake, distributor, water pump, electric rad fan, extending the wheelie bars, make the headers into fender exit ones, intake mounting the scoop, changing the rims and tires,and plumbing everything i build it pretty stock. I had to make pro-jacks for it too for display of course
  11. This is the 1:1 and yes i drive it and my farther and I build them the monte is a 25.2 chassis with a big block chevy and an f3r prochager This is our other car that i drive its a 94 stang with a twin turbo big block chevy and it has a 25.1 chassis hope you guys enjoy those
  12. here is the model the real car is an 85 non ss ( flat nose) so i took an 86ss and modified the nose on it and got it as close as i could
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