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  1. Thanks, I'll give it another shot. Wasn't really up to my standard the first time.
  2. Was a Gun metal colour rattle, and black acrylic. I think problem is, Rattle is oil based. and acrylic isn't.
  3. Hi guys, I've only just got into the whole kitset modeling thing. Ive got a plastic model i want to paint. I've brought some Tamiya colour rattle cans and some Tamiya colour acrylic paints. I've done some test samples on the plastic frames and i found that when i spray the paint on then try to paint over it with acrylic it doesnt paint on very well. Whats the best paints to get that'll work properly with rattle cans. Because I want to be able to spray the whole body and then paint over top with brush for the small details. Any help would be great as I'm not happy with result the acrylic gives me.
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