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  1. 1957 Chevy Bel Air

    Ausgezeichnet! I'm really intrigued by that Jade Green paint. Would you mind telling me who makes it?
  2. MPC 1980 Corvette

    Randy, I'm a huge fan of the C3 'Vettes, having owned this one for 20 years. I've got a dozen or so of the '80 - '82 MPC Corvette kits waiting to be built, so it was nice to see someone post up a completed one. My compliments on your paint and assembly work. Always nice to know which exact paint the builder used. Couple questions: 1) Could you elaborate on the fit issues you had and how you dealt with them? I'm particularly interested in how you got the stance lowered. 2) Any pics of the chassis?
  3. They do have some interesting striations, but again, they look like they're mounted on a photo-etch fret. I can see why you like the site - lotsa neat stuff. That V8 distributor kit has the best looking vacuum advance canister I've ever seen in scale form.
  4. Not bad, but I'm trying to get as close to original as possible.
  5. Unless I'm missing something, it looks like the headlights they offer are either chromed plastic or photo etch. I'm hoping to find clear plastic or clear resin lenses for this build.
  6. I just bought the AMT '65 Ford Galaxie kit and while doing some build research, came across posts from various modeling boards indicating that the clear headlight lenses are oversized and don't fit inside the bezels. I'm hoping some company has a good selection of lenses (with period-correct striations) in various sizes so I can get this part of the build as correct as possible.
  7. I don't have direct access to either paint, so I'm hoping to compare them this way if possible.
  8. What airbrush do YOU use and what's the story?

    My first airbrush was a Paasche VL that I bought from a coworker in the mid-'90s. Got it for a great price, and didn't have much trouble learning how to make double action 'brushes work well. Still enjoy its practicality. Years later I came across a great sale on Badger's 175 (Crescendo) which also works well, but seems to have a greater spraying capacity than the Paasche VL. I could see it being my go-to 'brush for big areas. Lastly, I recently found the Badger Anthem 155 on ebay for a very low price. Don Wheeler, who posted above, gave this 'brush great reviews on his airbrush website. I was intrigued because it's designed to only use one needle instead of the usual three. I'm waiting for life to settle down enough so I can try it out for myself.
  9. Junkyard of 71-73 Mustangs (MPC and AMT)

    What kit is that stuff from?
  10. If You Go To Dallas You Will Enjoy Wild Bill's

    I lived in the Dallas area for 25 years and shopped at Wild Bills countless times. There were so many car kits, they would often be three deep on the lower shelves, while the top shelves could be piled up to six kits high. Me and my best modeling buddy used to basically make a day of it & see what we'd come home with. Every once in a while our diligent searches would be rewarded by an older MPC kit, Poly-S paints, or something equally rare. The owner also used to stash some less common kits in the corner by the airbrush counter, so we always stopped there first. Given the number of kits, supplies, and range of paints, IMNSHO it's probably the best hobby shop in the Dallas area for car & truck modelers.
  11. Great Traders List

    Just wanted to say thanks to Dave Branson for providing the '65 Galaxie convertible boot I'd been looking for. IIRC, the '65 convertible was only issued once, so some parts are kinda scarce, hence my gratitude.
  12. Junkyard of 71-73 Mustangs (MPC and AMT)

    I've read that the engines in the MPC and AMT '71-'73 Mustangs depicted above are either incorrect (FE-series 428s) or so mediocre in detail that they look like hybrids made of FE and Windsor parts. In your opinion, would the engine and chassis from this kit provide the basis for upgrades in these areas? I realize the induction system is race-only, but is it at least a Cleveland block?
  13. I'm not looking for something buried in a ton of orange rust, just shades that indicate moderate to high mileage. Here's the range I'd like to stay in: If you could post pics with your paint combo, I'd greatly appreciate it.