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  1. I'll add my congratulations as well. I've been impressed by your builds over the years, but that '67 Ford was my absolute favorite.
  2. Happened to notice that I was almost entirely out of Model Master Black Chrome Trim (#2735) so I started searching. I naively assumed I'd find some on ebay or left over at one of the major hobby outlets, but no. (Hobbylinc shows it as available until you try to put it in your cart, then they let you now it's been discontinued and can't be purchased). It might be available in Canada, but I won't pay those outrageous shipping rates. I pretty much checked every US link that came up. Any ideas where else I can look?
  3. This is kinda close to what Micro-Mark used to sell. IIRC theirs had a brass mesh filter at the bottom of the tube.
  4. I wondered about that. Having seen any number of builders who were unable to hide the seam between the two tire halves, I purposely avoided buying Tamiya race cars. What's the secret to fixing it? Very nice build, btw.
  5. Micro-Mark used to sell these filters which were basically a screen at the end of the tube in the glass paint jar. Unless I'm overlooking something (quite possible) I don't see them on their site anymore. Assuming they no longer carry them (please link if they do) who else might have something similar?
  6. Always nice to see spectacular work depicted by phenomenal photography. As this is a build of one of my favorite cars of all time, it's hard to stop looking. Well done!
  7. Another US postal failure. My ebay purchase actually made it to town and showed to be out for delivery on the morning of 3/22, although all I got that day was some junk mail. The tracking info changed on the 23rd: March 23, 2021, 1:44 amAwaiting Delivery ScanThe delivery status of your item has not been updated as of March 23, 2021, 1:44 am. We apologize that it may arrive later than expected. After following up with them, they basically have no idea where it is and they don't really care.
  8. A great concept followed by the usual high level of execution - what more could you ask for?
  9. Fantastic work! I've been told this is a very good kit, but all the extra effort you put into adding detail and fixing small issues resulted in an outstanding build. Really liked the video as well. I especially appreciated your listing of the paint manufacturers and their part numbers for the various stages of the build. I had no idea it would require all the paints you used to simulate the factory body color, but it looks like you nailed it. Hope to see more from you soon.
  10. I'm building an old Ford that will have a wired distributor with vacuum advance. The v/a module looks like this: This type of hexagonal rod I need to make this isn't available locally so I'll have to get it off the internet. I have an idea which size might be the best choice, but I'd like to get your opinions. Looks like I can get these in .020, .030, .040 and .060. Being hexagonal, the rods can be cut down as bolts for various other applications etc.
  11. Monty

    2 corvettes

    I love seeing interesting C3 builds, and these look sharp. I was aware of the AMT '75 but had no idea they'd also done a '78. Any chance I could talk you into showing some chassis pics?
  12. This is strange: not sure how it happened but this thread somehow appeared on my phone the other day, and I hadn't even been searching for anything related to panel lines or washes. Too bad it didn't show up about a week ago, as that would've prevented me from ordering three of these (black, gray and brown). I use mostly enamels and some lacquers. I've got a few acrylics but they're rarely my go-to paints. Makes me wonder why a model products giant like Tamiya would make something that only works with acrylics when they make lacquer sprays. I wonder if it occurred to them that not all modelers use their paints on bodies, and might like to have a more universal panel line wash.
  13. Incredible work. I would'a bet any amount of money this paint wouldn't give you that kind of coverage over a white base. Did you do multiple mist coats?
  14. Very nice build! Congrats on creating a gorgeous shade of gold. I could see using that on several pending projects. Thanks!
  15. 5-slots are among my favorite wheels, so I'll see if I can save you some time and money. MPC offered those wheels in a few kits, but most of the time it was a big/small combo like you'd find in an old Switchers kit. I'm guessing your brother's car's came with the factory 5-slots. To replicate those, I'd recommend buying the Pegasus Ansen style slotted wheels. Right now it seems Model Roundup is the only place that has them in stock. Fireball model works offers resin 5-slots in three different widths. He's a member in excellent standing on this board. If you can find one cheaply, Revell's '80 Dodge Ramcharger has a decent set, all in the same size. I owned a '73 Mustang Sportsroof (fastback) which I upgraded by installing a modded 351C and C6 trans, among other things. Other than not being able to see anything out of that mail slot rear window, I loved that car. Best of luck to you and your brother on the homage build. I'm guessing you're starting with the MPC kit, so you've got some issues to overcome if you want it to be accurate. Most importantly, don't use any engine that comes out of that box. The Ford guys on here can help you with any other questions.
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