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  1. I wouldn't mind staying in the realm of hobby paints, but if you've used something else (Dupli-Color, crafts paints etc) let me know. Pics of kits built using the paint you recommend would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the pics. Stuff like this is immensely helpful for nailing down all the engine bay details. It looks like setting up the headlight assemblies will be one of the biggest challenges to resolve. Love the pic of that Riviera too. My first car was a '72 Skylark that looked almost exactly like this, but without the sunroof option. This may sound like a lame question, but have you found a hobby paint that's really close to Buick engine red?
  3. Glad I asked. I forgot about the change from the nailhead series to the later series. In your opinion, is this the best 1/25 Buick engine I can stick in the '69? As far as detailing goes, I rely heavily on Google pictures. No amber if GM didn't put it there. Thanks again!
  4. Don't both 1:1 cars have an X-type chassis? I'm not sure the Chevelle unit would be the best choice if accuracy matters.
  5. I hate promo-type chassis plates like those on the '69 Riviera, so I was wondering if the '66 chassis could be made to work. Assuming it can be made to work, how accurate will the result be?
  6. My 11 builds for 2017

    I'm beggin' ya, please tell me the manufacturer & part number for that paint.
  7. Great Traders List

    I've just completed a trade with one of our members, br67 (Brandon Robertson), who happened to have the rare item I was after and sent it all the way from South Africa. It showed up today in perfect condition. It's members like that who make this board a great place.
  8. I saw where Revell is coming out with a '69 Mustang Boss 302 based in part on their old SCJ Mustang. Revell's Ed Sexton says they "fixed" the front end, which is good news, but I don't want to buy a bunch of new kits just to get the corrected grille etc. I'm wondering if Revell would stop any such attempt in order to prevent any loss of sales.
  9. I'm guessing it would be the larger ones. I remember them being in my '76 Impala kit, but they also stuck that same size in their late '70s - early '80s Corvettes. I think the old Modelhaus P/N was T-425, and they're roughly the size of the old Stevens International whitewalls.
  10. I've been doing some pre-build research on '65 Galaxies and noticed that the headlight bezels are more of a dull silver color. Any recommendations on what paint would be best for this? It'll need to be the right shade plus not show brush marks. Also, what's the best tool for removing the molded-in exhaust from the chassis? I'd like to do this without removing much/any of the other chassis detailing if possible.
  11. If memory serves, these were based on the Goodyear tires MPC used in so many kits over the years.
  12. New here, figured I'd post a build.

    Welcome to our board! That's quite an impressive array of builds you've posted. My compliments on your paint and assembly work. I couldn't help but notice your MPC '80 Corvette, as this was mine for 20 years. It looks like you were able to "carpet" the area behind the seats. Do you have any WIP pics of that process? I tried using embossing powder, but couldn't seem to get it to cover evenly.
  13. Kevin, thanks for the response. Would it be possible to cast another boot separately? Please PM me with cost of body, shipping etc. Thanks!
  14. Back in the '60s, my parents and my older brother owned '65 ragtops, and I'd like to do at least one of those cars. If one isn't available in resin, what will it take to accurately modify the AMT kit?
  15. While Revell's new '70 Charger has a lot going for it, one variant of their '69 Charger had posable steering, a feature I really like. 1) If someone has both kits and can compare them, how hard would it be to use the '69's front suspension on the '70 so it would have posable steering? 2) I'm told the Revell '69 Charger sits a little high in the front. If I were to make this suspension swap, how can I avoid this?