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  1. Good questions. I think the last time I saw a pic of what I want was about ten years ago, so my memory is a bit vague, but I believe it was entirely made of P/E parts and was triangular in shape.
  2. You've got some nice stuff there, and those accessories would help dress up any number of engine bays, but it's still more or less a round open-element air cleaner, which is not what I'm trying to find at the moment.
  3. I realize this is a long shot, but I'm searching for a P/E air cleaner assembly that was produced years ago by a manufacturer who is probably no longer in existence, and whose name I can't seem to recall. Yeah, I know... OTOH, we can whittle the field down quite a bit by eliminating all the myriad round, open-element air cleaners. Unfortunately, it's been quite a while since I last saw one, so it'll come down to knowing it when I see it. My ebay searches for P/E air cleaners haven't garnered diddly-squat, so I'm hoping someone here still has one of these and is amenable to making some kind of deal. If you just have a pic of a P/E air cleaner you think might be the one I'm looking for, please post it along with any reference info (mfr, factory part number, etc) you might have. TIA for all helpful replies.
  4. Monogram 1953 Chevy BelAir

    Very nicely done! Gotta ask: what paint did you use for the main green? It really pops on this build.
  5. Here's a pic of a 1:1 '65 Galaxie Focus on how the headlights fit in the bezels, as the AMT kit's bezels have a raised ring, approximately a scale 1/2 inch high, which the headlights sit on, resulting in a much different appearance (no offense to the builder). I'm thinking there's got to be an easy way to do a circular grind that eliminates the rings and leaves a recess that I can Molotow and drop the headlights into (no need to drill all the way through). Suggestions?
  6. You're correct, I should have. OTOH, I now get to learn what a snip tool is and how to use it. Thanks everybody!
  7. Long story short, this relative is a fan of the newspaper comic strip Arlo & Janis. They made a note of three they'd seen online in the recent past that they'd like to have copies of. They would like to have the ones published on 5/31/2019, 6/20/2019 and 6/22/2019. I found the strips in question but was unable to copy/paste them. I can, however, buy the rights to each at dozens of dollars apiece...which ain't gonna happen. I'm guessing it's a copyright thing, but these are going to end up on a bulletin board, not shared with anybody, and it will make them happy for a while. Is there a way I can copy paste and print these without getting into legal issues? I think I've mentioned before that I'm not a computer whiz, so TIA for all civil responses.
  8. I came across this one at the local hobby store somewhere around 1974 and was instantly taken in by the box art. I found it to be a well-designed kit and was especially pleased that it was a non-Hemi-powered Funny Car. Kind of a rarity when compared to virtually every Funny Car Revell and MPC had to offer. Never saw one again before the advent of the internet, and unfortunately, due to some major setbacks in life, I'll never be able to swing the usual $100 - $150 asking price. I'm told AMT reissued it a number of years later in this form but I never saw that version. To be honest, at the time, this box art might've dissuaded me from buying it, where the original almost compelled me.
  9. I'd vastly prefer .020, but if .030 is the closest I can get, I'll try and make it work. Thanks everybody.
  10. Didn't see anything like this on the Evergreen or Plastruct sites. Any other sources out there?
  11. Looking for bumpers, hood & interior parts to make this conversion. Anything else I'll need? Pics of any conversions you guys have done?
  12. He has cable, which I assumed was more or less immune to outside interference.
  13. Need some advice on TV technology. I have an elderly relative who still has a CRT TV. The majority of the time it still has a decent picture and sound, but there are things (Power lines? Neighbors using power tools? Weather?) that cause the picture to deteriorate, and the sound becomes mostly static. Can these issues be overcome by getting him a new (non-CRT, assuming they're even made anymore) TV? If so, let me know the "science" behind the answer so I can make a more compelling argument to switch. I don't have a TV of my own, so I don't know this stuff.
  14. Tom, thanks for the pic and info. Looks like ya nailed it. Martinfan5, your video was informative. I had no idea Sharpie made a tangerine marker. That, in addition to their orange and red, means more accurate detailing options.