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  1. Monty added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Has anyone used Martha Stewart craft acrylics to paint model bodies?
    Yeah, snicker all ya want, but I've been having a tough time finding a paint the color of pewter.
    If you've used her craft acrylics, I'd love to hear how it went.  Pics would be great too.

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  2. Monty added a post in a topic Where can I get these decals? (2 separate issues)   

    Wow, you guys are good.  Thanks!
  3. Monty added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Where can I get these decals? (2 separate issues)
    1) Does anyone offer correct '73 Mach 1 decals for the 1/25 MPC/AMT Mustang?  Decals for the '73 are different from the '71 & '72.
    2) Does anyone offer a decal sheet for things commonly found in the engine bay (Battery, oil filter, factory labels, safety warnings etc)?  If memory serves, Scale Models by Chris used to, but last I heard, he was dealing with cancer and wasn't producing anything.  
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  4. Monty added a post in a topic Molotov liquid chrome pens   

    Are we sure the Grog stuff is the same as what comes in the Molotow markers?  
  5. Monty added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    How can I get this exact finish on my model wheels?
    I'd like to replicate the finish on these spokes and center hub on some model wheels but don't know what paint etc to use.  I'd like your recommendations, but if possible, I'd also like to see your wheels to see how close you got to what I'm after.
    TIA to any who can help on this.   

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  6. Monty added a post in a topic Revell/ Monogram Shelby Cobra S/C   

    My compliments on a sharp build.  Kinda refreshing to see one of these not painted blue and white.  Would you mind telling us what paint was used for the body?  
  7. Monty added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Do any of our casters offer these wheels?
    I'm wondering if any of the resin casters offers the front wheels from this specific issue of MPC's '68 'Cuda.  
    They were basically a wide Keystone Klassic, while the rear wheels are more like a Centerline Auto/Drag.  I'm only interested in the MPC front wheels. 

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  8. Monty added a post in a topic 68 vette   

    From what I've been able to dig up, the frame rails were semigloss black (often called chassis black) and as Snake45 mentioned, the area under the seats was raw fiberglass.  You may also want to look up a restoration done with Eastwood materials for ideas on the spare tire carrier, suspension and detail painting.  

  9. Monty added a post in a topic 68 vette   

    Nothing wrong with box stock, it's just that these cars can be nicely (and accurately) detailed without a ton of work.  For instance, you might consider drilling out the gauges on the dash and replacing them with decal gauges from behind. Also, most people don't replicate the chassis and suspension correctly, but it's not difficult if you have the right reference materials.
    That's just me, though.  I'm passionate about C3s, having owned an '80 for 20 years.  You've chosen a great color, and the engine looks great, so finish the rest as you see fit.  Based on what you've done so far, I'm sure it'll turn out great.   
  10. Monty added a post in a topic 68 vette   

    My Spidey senses told me there was a new C3 Corvette thread worth checking out, and I'm glad I paid attention.  Lotsa nice work going on here, so I'll be following along.  
    Is that your 1:1 in your avatar?
  11. Monty added a post in a topic Revelll 68 Dodge Charger   

    I love me some '68-'70 Chargers, so this'll be fun to watch.
    Question: Are the redline tires done with kit decals or are they aftermarket?
  12. Monty added a post in a topic Revell Starsky and Hutch Ford Torino   

    Looks like this is progressing nicely, especially some of the small details like the steering wheel.
    Question for you: you mentioned that you used Testors Ford Engine Blue for the block and heads.  Was the paint from an original, years-old bottle?  I ask because they discontinued the original darker Ford color (#2727) and used that P/N for the current lighter Ford/GM engine blue.    
  13. Monty added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    What's the best way to attach small gauge wire (upholstery piping) to painted seats?
    I've been interested in upping my model interior game by using contrasting piping (small gauge wire) on the seat edges etc, and I was wondering how you guys were attaching the wire to painted seats.   
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  14. Monty added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    This may be an answer to those of you looking for better chrome markers
    Saw this post from truck builder Evan Hermel on the Spotlight Hobby board this morning, and I figured it might be of interest to those of you who like to do detail work with markers.  
    From the picture he posted, this appears to be the best looking "chrome" I've seen from a marker, and Dick Blick Art Supplies shows they have them in 1 mm, 2 mm & 4 mm tips.    
    I don't know how well the paint holds up or whether it takes clear coats well, but I thought you guys might find this worth checking into.  
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  15. Monty added a post in a topic Has anyone used the Revell Gran Torino to upgrade the details on the old MPC '71-'73 Cougar?   

    My inquiry was based on what I assumed were the Gran Torino's more detailed underhood setup and chassis detail.  Rob has already pointed out where I was way off base regarding the chassis, and if you say the Cougar's underhood sheetmetal etc is more than adequate, I'll leave the Gran Torino out of the mix and work with what I've got.