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  1. Only one response, but it was the only one I needed. Tom, that's the look I was going for. Thanks!
  2. Lookin' good! Could we talk you into a few more pics? I'd love to see the engine, chassis and interior.
  3. I'd like to replicate an exhaust system (duals) with, say, 30,000 miles. I'm not really interested in doing the heavy rust thing, just normal wear on a car from a state without a lot of snow/salted streets. Pics of anything like this that you've done as well as paint and technique recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm not familiar with the TV show, let alone the car you intend to replicate, so I have a question or two. The title says you're building a '71, but won't using that AMT kit require a resin '71 grille (assuming there is one)? My Challenger's still sitting in the box 'cuz I can't figure out a good solution to that misshapen roof.
  5. Welcome! Looks like you've done a fantastic job on this build. Really like your paint work. Would you mind elaborating on "polyester paints"? (Links etc) I'm always looking for new sources, and I'd never heard of these.
  6. As Mr Mopar noted, Forward Resin is the business name our own board member Casey uses on ebay to sell his resin castings. Fantastic quality, good selection, and one of the nicest people you'll ever come across.
  7. Wow, great build. Boy howdy can you lay down some paint! May I ask what exact paint you used? One possible suggestion if you don't mind: a little more black wash on the front and rear grilles.
  8. The 1:1 car is one of my favorite Mercedes/AMG designs, and you've certainly done it justice. Kudos for clean assembly techniques, great paint color choices and sharp photography. Hope to see more from you soon. : ( Just looked this kit up on ebay - its more expensive than my current Holy Grail. Kinda like the real car, I guess.
  9. Looks like another case of a skilled builder taking on a great kit and getting remarkable results. I don't recall seeing many of these cars in that color, but you can't deny that it looks fantastic. Great start for 2021!
  10. The first time I used Tamiya masking tape I had the same problem. I had painted a car body with Tamiya white acrylic and when I felt it was sufficiently dry, I masked off the body and airbrushed the vinyl roof with black Tamiya acrylic. The tape gave me great separation between the two colors, but left tracks/imprints/whatever on the body. Luckily I had some sanding pads in several grits I was meaning to learn how to use, so I polished it, and it not only removed the tracks, it gave the paint a fantastic finish. Try something like that before you dump it in the purple pond.
  11. Very impressive array. I wish I could produce quality eye-catching builds like this at a much quicker rate, but... Of all the builds you posted, this stood out the most to me. I'm guessing it's an old AMT kit with a 2 metal axle chassis, but the paint colors, stance and detailing made me stop and look longer.
  12. The main point is I prefer enamels for almost every aspect of model building, although the Tamiya lacquer paints seem to be able to provide great results for bodies. Aaronw listed a number of enamels that are no longer available, and I'll add Pactra to that list, as they were my favorite paints till they went away. Yes, there are tons of new paints coming out, but almost all seem to be acrylics, and for the most part, I'm just not interested. As for the Revell enamels themselves, I think I mentioned reading some European military model sites where the majority of builders gave them high marks for quality & coverage etc, plus they appear to offer some shades of colors I don't have, and I love having a wide range of colors available. The slow progress of the rollout and the lack of any US-based hobby suppliers still puzzles me, as the importer's original video indicated they planned to have these here last fall.
  13. Congratulations on a great build. That main body color is period-perfect, the chassis weathering is very well done and your halo top came out great. I'd never even thought of using craft paints, but I may be missing out based on what I see here. Quick question: what on earth is that thing in front of the master cylinder?
  14. While I'm glad to hear these paints have at least made it to this continent, there's a part of me that wonders why our northern neighbors seem to be getting them first while there still doesn't seem to be any US-based source for them. I don't begrudge anyone having a shot at them, but it seems they'd sell just as quickly here. I'd also be curious to know what, if any, agreements RoG might have tried to put in place with the bigger dogs (Tower Hobbies, Mega, etc) to ensure there'd be a place or two where their paints could be found in a basic internet search (lots of us live in very small towns with no real hobby shops for miles). Any industry insiders want to offer some insight on why this rollout is going this way?
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