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  1. I agree with this. I've read the El Camino can be a bit fiddly to build, and the T/A even more so, so congrats on achieving this level of quality in your builds. Would you mind sharing the specific paints you used for the T/A and El Camino bodies? (Ex: Testors #1679)
  2. Please reconsider. I know there's a small but ardent group of fetishists who think poverty caps somehow "make" a muscle car, but this is an Oldsmobile. Let it have a little class to go with the fast. I like Can-Con's solution for the wheels. Redlines will still look sharp and be accurate.
  3. The goal is to be able to create something I can foil over to replicate the 1:1 car as closely as possible.
  4. That color is amazingly rich. Nice choice. I'll be starting on my '65 soon and I wanted to know if you left the suspension at stock height settings or lowered it slightly.
  5. I'm doing a build of this car ('65 Galaxie convertible) and I'd like to know how you'd go about creating the chromed back reinforcement piece. As you can see it has a couple different angles to it where it wraps around the seat, and I'm not even sure where to begin. Since I don't have a real hobby shop within 100 miles of me, I'd also appreciate a recommendation on which gauge of plastic (thinness) would be best to pull this off so I can get some ordered.
  6. Every once in a while ya need something more aggressive than the average hobby file set can offer. Can I assume the ones made for woodworking would work as well on styrene? Links to recommended stuff would be great.
  7. I have an LG Stylo 3 which has been a fairly decent phone up until recently when ads etc started to appear all over. 1) Is there a good ad blocker I can download? Link? The Ad Blocker on my computer works extremely well, but their phone app doesn't seem to be as good according to the reviews. 2) Is there something I can easily download to protect against viruses & malware?
  8. The lacquer will be the darker of the two colors, and it seems like it would take a lot more effort to mask and paint a lighter color on top of it.
  9. Fantastic color. Would you mind telling us what it is (mfr & P/N)?
  10. I have an idea for a two-tone paint job that will entail using lacquer (Tamiya) over enamel (Model Master) because each offers a specific shade I want to use that's not available in another formulation. Here's what I want answered: If I shoot the enamel first (lighter accent color) and cover that with a coat of Testors Wet Look (lacquer?) can I mask the cleared enamel design and shoot Tamiya lacquer over it without making the enamel wrinkle up?
  11. This should get you close: http://www.fireballmodels.info Go to Scale Auto Items and scroll down to FMR-082.
  12. The L88 hoods available in kit form are for the late '60s - early - '70s "Vettes, and as replicas of the 1:1 items are shorter than later C3 Corvettes, ending at the exposed cowl area. The 1:1 aftermarket (Eckler's etc) offers extended length L88 hoods for later C3s, which reach up to the base of the windshield. This is what I'm hoping to find in 1/25 scale.
  13. Looking for these in resin I'm fully aware of the AMT kit wheels, but I'm hoping to find these in resin instead. Thanks!
  14. I noticed that too, after I got done admiring the color (hue and application), and overall quality of build. Steve, did you make the rods supporting the sheet metal inside the engine bay?
  15. I've seen some stuff on YouTube that has me wanting to try Testors Aztec acrylic airbrush paints, particularly their opaque red. Following the example of the Ferrari kit builders, I'd like to use Tamiya's pink primer lacquer under red paint, which is supposed to give it more "pop". From what I've read, the majority of them use lacquer or enamels. Will my use of acrylic over lacquer lead to compatibility issues? Anybody done this?
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