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  1. I've been looking at these and trying to find the best one for a reasonable price (basically under $100.00) for a week or so, relying primarily on reviews (mostly Amazon) to get an idea of which units are worth considering. My basic parameters were 1) LED lighting, 2) 5" or larger glass diopter lens, 3) adjustable light levels. It's been a little frustrating 'cuz quite a few that I looked at were called out for shoddy design and/or poor materials. This one seems to have almost everything I want but the 1.75 magnification seems low. Do I need more?) https://www.amazon.com/Newhouse-Lighting-Magnifying-Lamp-Professional-6-Diopter-Color/dp/B0716DVKQV There were only two reviews of this item, unlike most of the others which had dozens, so it's hard to get a feel for how good it is. I'm hoping those of you with some in-depth knowledge about these things will chime in (positive or negative) so I can make a better decision.
  2. I'm kinda intrigued by what I've seen of this paint, but I wanted to ask those of you who've used it a question or two. Is it translucent enough that the shade of primer used will affect the actual color? For example, we know that certain primers make reds "pop" (Tamiya pink primer comes to mind). I'm guessing that most of you have sprayed this paint over a white primer, but I'd love to see pics of it sprayed over a much darker primer. I currently live in a tiny town with no real hobby shops within who knows how many miles, so I don't have direct access to these paints, and can't do my own spoon tests to find out. TIA for any pics (especially outdoor pics) of this paint over various shades of primer.
  3. Claes, thanks for your response and pictures. After seeing my post pass 350 views without any replies, I was beginning to wonder if anyone had bought these wheels and made efforts to make them look like the 1:1 items. It wasn't like I had any doubts about the quality of any product from the Fireball lineup, but it was nice to see them set up for installation on some lucky kit.
  4. As most of you know, Chief Joseph makes some incredible stuff, as we've seen recently with the number of modelers using his carbs to improve the accuracy of a build. I noticed some time back that he had a line of 5-slot wheels, a design I've liked since the first time I saw a set on a car. I don't recall seeing these in use on here, but as my title states, I'd like to, especially if painted or plated to look like the 1:1 units.
  5. 1) I have an idea for a custom license plate. IIRC, there's at least one place that specializes in creating items like this. Anybody got a name and/or a link? 2) Does anyone make a flat P/E or resin plate I could attach a decal license plate to?
  6. Here's a '70 Mercury Colony Park Modelhaus

    Man does that build bring back memories of a whole 'nother era of cars. Fantastic work. May I ask what specific gold paint you used?
  7. Ford and Vette

    I hope you'll take the time to elaborate on whatever issues you experienced when spraying the Aztec acrylics. A few months ago I came across a YouTube video showing a builder spraying it with what appears to be fairly good results. Despite what he stated about using slightly higher than normal air pressure, the paint flowed out well and dried quickly without any orange peel or other perceptible flaws. Since then I've been waiting to use them on one of my current projects.
  8. ...and what's the best email address to use?
  9. 1970 Boss 429 - DONE

    Very nice work all the way through. This will definitely be worth watching. Looks like you nailed the color for the valve covers. Would you mind telling me which exact paint you used on them?
  10. The entire piece is plated. Thanks for being specific on the Sharpie recommendation.
  11. My one attempt at detailing with Tamiya acrylic paint was a disaster. I was used to the way enamels can be "worked" with a brush, while the Tamiya paint was more or less a one-pass proposition. Given what I've got to work around, Bob's answer looks like it may be the best way to go.
  12. I'm building the AMT '65 Galaxie, which was initially issued with clear red tail lights. At some point those went away, and I haven't been able to find them on ebay or Modelhaus over the last couple years. I'm considering trying to replicate the red lenses with glass stain, as it's translucent, but since I don't know anything about brands/quality etc, I'd like to see some pics if you've done this.
  13. Class of 2018

    Since I'm a little late to the party, I assume all the applicable superlatives have already been used, so I'll submit this meme I created instead.
  14. I'm going to be using the engine from AMT's '60 Skyliner in another car and I want to make some slight improvements, such as using an actual metal tube and "rubber" fuel lines to the carbs. I've found a number of pictures showing part of the metal ''feed tube'' for the dual 4-bbls, but the oil filler tube blocks off some detail of how it connects to the fuel line. Anybody got a good close-up shot they can share? Bonus question: is that black fuel filter a factory piece? I guess I assumed they were just a metallic shade.