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  1. It was worse than you think. The base L48 only had 165 hp, although there was an optional L82 with 205 hp, which at the time was...decent. Ford's Mustang IIs were stuck with anemic 134 hp 302s. Catalytic converters really killed Corvette power in the '75 - '82s. Chevrolet utilized a dual exhaust system that met halfway at the converter and reverted to "duals" past there. As you can imagine, all that did was choke off flow and impede performance. If you lived in a state where emissions regs weren't onerous, switching back to true dual exhaust was your first move.
  2. Wonder if I'd get in trouble if I said "Props to you for such a unique build"? 😏
  3. Great combination of resourceful and creative. Ya know, if ya stuck a Cleveland in that thing you'd have a 351 in your P-51. 🙄 Good stuff!
  4. Checking emails, like usual, and trying to weed out all the spam etc. Even with deceptive titles (Fedex package can't be delivered!) I can sniff most of 'em out by hovering over the sender name to see if it's legit. What does it mean if you do that and nothing comes up?
  5. While this is technically true, I don't believe there are any discernable differences between the 1:1 '78s and '79s that would prevent you from using the MPC Pace Car or Anniversary Special '78s to build a '79. Something I've never understood: that MPC '75 convertible does not have a master cylinder/brake booster assembly even though past and future editions of their C3s had them. I always preferred the MPC C3s because of the detailed chassis, separate half shafts and poseable front wheels/tires. OTOH, the dash top lacked any radio speaker or defroster detail.
  6. Looks like 4 color options are available. Scripts and marker lights are a nice touch too. Thanks Rex!
  7. This is not meant to besmirch any genre of music, just something I never "got'', especially since rock did a lot of evolving over time.
  8. The kit I got from ebay didn't have them, which to me wasn't a big deal given their age and likelihood of falling apart. Anyone offer them in multiple colors on one sheet? I still haven't decided what color to paint this new one, so options would be nice. For example, you could make a case for doing this car in red with white stripes. I've also seen black cars with red stripes etc.
  9. I'm really enjoying seeing all the fabrication and innovation going on in this thread. Once completed, this will be an outstanding build. Quick question: what did you use to bend the brass that precisely. I've got a GM car that really needs a better rear sway bar, and it looks like you've mastered the technique. PS As king of the rivet counters, I'm beggin' ya to get rid of the raised lettering on the chassis. My fingers keep clawing at my monitor
  10. In theory it seems like it should be an easy swap, but I'd prefer to know if there are any fit issues etc that will need to be addressed to make everything work together. Also, not knowing a thing about Oldsmobiles, is the AMT engine correct for this swap, and what color should it be? Seems like there's a lot of contention about whether they're blue, gold or copperish gold.
  11. One of the 1:1 car forums I'm on has a political section that includes a long-running meme thread. I love making memes but a great one requires a fantastic picture to start with. (Gene Wilder's sneering Willy Wonka is a personal favorite) I've noticed lately that almost none of the images I sourced and tried to copy to my "pictures" actually appears there. I just get a blank white square. The process still works occasionally, as I've captured numerous images for this board via this method, but being technically deficient, I can't figure out why this is happening.
  12. Here's what's sad: It's a small package containing resin & P/E air cleaner components. Not a whole lot to inspect, or whatever it is they do. Hope they can figure out a way to get it out of there quickly, although now I don't have a lot of hope.
  13. You may be on to something. Apparently nothing has happened since 6/5/22: June 5, 2022, 5:34 pmProcessed Through FacilityISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) at 5:34 pm on June 5, 2022. Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
  14. Just looking for clarification as to why this is allowed.
  15. Can someone explain ebay's policy of allowing sellers to simply print a shipping label and list the product as "shipped" if it hasn't been handed off for delivery? That would almost be like me posting a message to the seller saying "IOU, please mark this as paid". I won an auction on 5/28, which I paid for that day. As described above, the shipping label was printed within a day of the transaction's end, but hasn't left his house. As I understand it, USPS will pick it up from your home once you've created the label. And yet... It's a JoHan kit I've wanted for some time, and I wonder if he's just being petulant because he only received two bids and didn't make the killing he was expecting. By means of contrast, I ordered some items from Hiroboy in Great Britain on the same day and they're already processing through a facility in Chicago.
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