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  1. You've done a lot of great builds over the years, but this may be my favorite. I really like the colors you chose for this build and am impressed by the way your spray technique has them laying down perfectly. Kudos on your clean assembly work as well. Glad to see you posting here again!
  2. Looks like I'm close to using up all my space for saved messages. I could probably get rid of most of them but I'm not seeing an obvious way to do so. TIA for all helpful replies.
  3. Just for clarification, when you guys say Tamiya, are you talking about their lacquers or their acrylics? I don't have much familiarity with either.
  4. Raised manufacturer script... floating needle...
  5. I appreciate the info, but I'm looking for semi-gloss and flat clears.
  6. Since Testors has done away with a large portion of their hobby paints, I've seen numerous threads about what clears to use. Most are looking for gloss clears, but I'm almost out of my Testors semi-gloss and flat clears and am looking for recommendations. If it matters, I use enamels on almost everything, but would love to have clears that would work over acrylics and lacquers as well.
  7. Excellent work! Design-wise it looks like Revell nailed the details, but your assembly and paint work really bring that thing to life. Question: I have some of those Revell Fire Red tinlets I want to use on a car model. I've never used this paint before and was wondering how well it airbrushes, and if it gives good coverage without requiring multiple coats.
  8. Looks like you did a great job on this build. Very nice work. A couple questions: 1) Were there any parts of the assembly process that required extra effort due to a mfr design issue? 2) Does this kit also have a left hand dash? Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  9. Interesting point about their ability to handle humidity better. That seems to be a big factor in a lot of "clear" threads. Nice trucks, BTW.
  10. From what I've seen, they offer a wide array of high quality hobby materials, but the brand doesn't seem to have the same cachet here as some other Japanese brands like Tamiya do. That said, I hardly ever see many negative comments about their products, especially paints, so I was hoping to hear from those of you who had used their clears.
  11. Asking for a friend, as I know nothing about model ship stuff. I hope I heard him correctly about the scale, but if it helps, it would be about 5" across in 1/25 scale.
  12. According to Google Maps, you can find this car at the corner of Amazing Design and Skilled Execution. Nicely done!
  13. Nothing that might affect the warranty though, right?
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