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  1. If I could paint as well as you, the smell would be my last concern. I hadn't considered anything from the Metalcast line as I know very little about their products, although it's obvious they worked well for you. Thanks for the idea!
  2. I've got the Avast setup, which does a fairly good job, but it looks like I could speed my machine up even more if I allowed it to erase the tracking, cookies and browsing/download history. If I do that, will it make it more difficult to find things? Some sites (all) seem to put cookies on anyone who ventures in, and some, IIRC, won't work without cookies. If I get rid of my download history, will it be easy to find old sites etc that I like?
  3. This is probably the best example of the shade I'm looking for. It seems to have a candy (transparent) appearance.
  4. Decades ago, I had some Hot Wheels cars in this color and I always thought it would look good on some of my model kits as well, but I've never seen it offered anywhere. Any links etc would be appreciated.
  5. I'm hoping they're the same. I really like the front suspension and posable wheels on the AMT '65 Galaxie kit, but that heavy, molded-in exhaust...ummm, inhales vigorously. And no, the '66 Galaxie kit chassis isn't even a consideration. Yes it has a separate exhaust setup, but overall it's a promo-esque 2-wire axle piece a la some MPC kits. If the chassis are the same, I'll combine the front suspension of the '65 with the detailed chassis of the Starliner.
  6. 1976 gran torino

    I really like the blue you're using for the interior. Would you mind telling me the mfr & P/N (ex: Testors #1112)?
  7. Up to this point, all my cars have been real wheel drive, so finding wheels for them was virtually effortless. My current DD is a 2005 full size sedan with wrong wheel drive. I'd like to put these 15" wheels on it but based on what I've observed, FWD cars seem to have almost no deep offset (at least up front), so I don't know if FWD offset would make using these problematic. TIA for all helpful replies.
  8. 1968 Cadillac de Ville Convertible

    Wow, that is just flat out stunning. Your clean building technique plays a big role there, but the paint colors really sell it. Would you mind telling me the mfr and part # (ex: Testors #1112 etc) for the body paint and the paint used for the interior?
  9. I recently watched a review of the '69 442 kit that showed some very nice white letter Firestone Wide Oval tires. They seemed to be of the same high quality as the tampo-printed Goodyear Polyglas GTs that come in some of the newer kits. The Goodyears are available as a parts pack. Anyone know if the Wide Ovals are, or will be?
  10. Fujimi BMW 5 Series Schnitzer S5

    Way to persevere despite the obstacles. This is turning out nicely. The Humbrol blue you used on the interior looks great. Would you mind telling me what # it is?
  11. What Irked You Today?

    Nine years ago I came across a 2002 Buick LeSabre with very low mileage. The car was in excellent condition inside and out and the price was very fair, so I bought it. Since then it's had one repair (electric window mechanism) and continued to get 17/28 mpg. Yesterday, some dorsal orifice did a hit & run on it while it was parked at work. The damage is extensive enough that it will be totalled and I will probably get +/- $3,000 for it. I'm not optimistic about what I can find in that price range to replace it, and due to other circumstances, I'm very reluctant to go into loan debt. From what I've seen, the road to poverty starts with buying cheap, old cars and trying to keep them running. Not sure what to do.
  12. I came across a couple cans of Dupli-Color that I really want to use, but I'm wondering if I'll have to use 1:1 auto primer to protect the plastic. I was hoping Tamiya lacquer primer would be sufficient, as it goes on thin and doesn't bury details. (I'm assuming auto primer might).
  13. At some point I'll be taking on the AMT '65 Galaxie for the first time since the early '70s. Among other things, I'd like to make the chassis etc as accurate as possible. I'm starting with the assumption that the undercarriage is sprayed in red oxide primer and the frame rails are semi-gloss black. What's the best way to mask & paint these things to get the most accurate appearance possible? If memory serves, a couple months ago someone posted painting tips for making the frame look separate from the undercarriage, but I can't find the thread. TIA for all helpful suggestions.