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  1. I came across a couple cans of Dupli-Color that I really want to use, but I'm wondering if I'll have to use 1:1 auto primer to protect the plastic. I was hoping Tamiya lacquer primer would be sufficient, as it goes on thin and doesn't bury details. (I'm assuming auto primer might).
  2. At some point I'll be taking on the AMT '65 Galaxie for the first time since the early '70s. Among other things, I'd like to make the chassis etc as accurate as possible. I'm starting with the assumption that the undercarriage is sprayed in red oxide primer and the frame rails are semi-gloss black. What's the best way to mask & paint these things to get the most accurate appearance possible? If memory serves, a couple months ago someone posted painting tips for making the frame look separate from the undercarriage, but I can't find the thread. TIA for all helpful suggestions.
  3. I was reading the off topic section of some car board yesterday when I came across a thread about tire life. The overall gist was that, even if a tire has had proper care and still has good tread, the materials that make up the rubber compounds start to go bad after six years, so the tires should be replaced before they become dangerous. I'm curious because my Kelly Springfields have been on my car for over seven years and still have good tread. I don't notice any difference in how they ride, and there isn't any weather checking. Having lived in Texas for 25 years, I'm well aware of what the sun can do to tires. Comments?
  4. Best way to ship a lot of models?

    Casey, I appreciate your input on this. I had my hopes up till I called to get more info. Their nearest terminal is 150 miles away, and it would still cost over $200 for those 4 boxes.
  5. Long story short, I had to leave a lot of personal items in a friend's storage unit in Dallas so I could take care of a drastic situation 1,000 miles away. It looks like I'm going to be here for an extended amount of time, and I was wondering what it might take to get my models up here. They're currently in huge (roughly 3'x3') moving boxes, and assuming UPS or USPS would ship them, I'm betting the cost would be astronomical. (One medium-sized box with some important papers etc cost me $27.00) As you probably already understand, the weight won't be much, but the box dimensions seem to preclude the usual shipping methods. Should I look into moving companies? LTL freight? Don't laugh, I'm just out of good ideas. TIA for any helpful ideas.
  6. I agree. Both look great, Tim. Would you mind telling me which exact blue paint (mfr & p/n etc) you used?
  7. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    You're correct in saying that this kit can offer a challenge or two in the quest to attain an accurate replica of an SC/Rambler, but occasionally modelers have to adopt the Marine attitude of Adapt, Improvise and Overcome. About a year or two ago, board member Brian Fowler (Monoped) built one of the best SC/Ramblers I've ever seen. I keep hoping he'll see this thread and post his build just to show what can be done with that kit. Unfortunately, due to the Photobucket fiasco, the pictures no longer show up here, but you can tell he did his due diligence as far as research was concerned. Google images can be invaluable for details like engine, headrest and wheel colors. Nailing things like these will go a long way toward making any model look more realistic, which to me is the goal.
  8. I wouldn't mind staying in the realm of hobby paints, but if you've used something else (Dupli-Color, crafts paints etc) let me know. Pics of kits built using the paint you recommend would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the pics. Stuff like this is immensely helpful for nailing down all the engine bay details. It looks like setting up the headlight assemblies will be one of the biggest challenges to resolve. Love the pic of that Riviera too. My first car was a '72 Skylark that looked almost exactly like this, but without the sunroof option. This may sound like a lame question, but have you found a hobby paint that's really close to Buick engine red?
  10. Glad I asked. I forgot about the change from the nailhead series to the later series. In your opinion, is this the best 1/25 Buick engine I can stick in the '69? As far as detailing goes, I rely heavily on Google pictures. No amber if GM didn't put it there. Thanks again!
  11. Don't both 1:1 cars have an X-type chassis? I'm not sure the Chevelle unit would be the best choice if accuracy matters.
  12. I hate promo-type chassis plates like those on the '69 Riviera, so I was wondering if the '66 chassis could be made to work. Assuming it can be made to work, how accurate will the result be?
  13. My 11 builds for 2017

    I'm beggin' ya, please tell me the manufacturer & part number for that paint.
  14. Great Traders List

    I've just completed a trade with one of our members, br67 (Brandon Robertson), who happened to have the rare item I was after and sent it all the way from South Africa. It showed up today in perfect condition. It's members like that who make this board a great place.