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  1. Monty added a post in a topic 71 duster 340..   

    Great subject, great color, great wheels & great stance.  Well done!
  2. Monty added a post in a topic Motorcity's 67 Galaxy 500   

    The '67 Ford is one of my favorite 1:1 full-size cars, and although they seem to be rare, it's always nice to see a model of one built this nicely.  
    Al, I love the paint color choice.  Do you happen to have Testors' part number for that?  I don't see it in their listings.  
  3. Monty added a post in a topic AMT 1969 Chevelle   

    Tommy, will you be offering these headlight and tail light decals on your site?  Unless I missed them, I don't think they were on the link another member provided.
  4. Monty added a post in a topic 1969 AMC SC/Rambler   

    Brian, one more question if you don't mind.  What specific paint did you use on the wheels?  It looks like it matches the stripes perfectly.  
  5. Monty added a post in a topic AMT 1969 Chevelle   

    I'm familiar with the flaws and shortcomings of that old AMT kit, which, to me, makes your build even more remarkable.  I assumed by now I'd seen just about every paint/interior combination out there, but yours, with its sinister black on red scheme enhanced by AMT's new tampo-printed tires, really stands out.  
    I don't think anyone's ever been satisfied with this kit's tail lights, so your decal tail light trick seems to be an upgrade as well.  
    One question:  did you replace or use some other technique to enhance the look of the headlights?  Yours look better than the chromed pieces that come as part of the grille assembly.
  6. Monty added a topic in Under Glass   

    Anybody have any builds in these colors?
    Some time ago I came across two cans of Testors' old (early '80s) Car Colors in a discount bin.  The labels have them listed as #1809 Gray Fern Metallic and #1811 Sand Gray Metallic, but the only indicator as to the true color is the little paper label on the top of the can.  
    Does anyone have pics of anything built with these colors?  I'd like to see what they look like on an actual kit body before opening them. 
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  7. Monty added a post in a topic New format   

    Sorry, I think this setup inhales vigorously.  Anybody really buying that "It's to attract younger members" noise?  If they're interested in models, they'll find the sites.  They're good at stuff like that.
    I'm running Google Chrome and, among other annoyances, can't see any place to click for new content.  
  8. Monty added a post in a topic Chevy Nova "Beverly Hills Cop" Revell 1/25   

    As others have said, great build and great pictures.

    This was my favorite just because of the weathering, especially the wavy chrome trim along the side

    I hope we'll see more of your work soon
  9. Monty added a post in a topic Disappointed   

    The only thing that should be banned is politicizing a model because of its decals.

    To the wicked, everything serves as pretext. - Voltaire.
  10. Monty added a post in a topic Disappointed   

  11. Monty added a post in a topic Disappointed   

    Better start keeping a closer eye on the race cars, Harry. Some use products made by these guys, and I wouldn't want the perpetually-aggrieved pitchfork and torch gang to get the wrong idea.

  12. Monty added a post in a topic Disappointed   

    Maybe that's because Political Correctness is nothing short of prior restraint on free speech, and some of us intend to push back.

    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. - Voltaire
  13. Monty added a post in a topic Disappointed   

    It's disgusting and disheartening to see what passes for rational thought anymore. Somehow we've gotten to the point where, in the minds of some, a particular kit's decals either equate the manufacturer and/or the builder with advocacy for the policies of a certain government or represent an insurmountable burden of offense that can only be eradicated by a literary and pictorial "cleansing".

    In the case of the DoH Charger, is anyone really convinced that MPC designed it to show solidarity with the antebellum South? Or that building King Tiger and T-34 tank kits indicates support for the Nazi German and Communist Russian regimes? If you still want to play the "offended" card, the USSR's Red Star might be considered the most "offensive" symbol ever, given the millions who were invaded and subjugated under it during the decades of the Cold War. Yet, to the best of my knowledge, no one's calling for it to be taken out of any kits

    As regards the DoH Charger, it's interesting that variations of this flag flew over the entire slave-owning US for decades, implying at least tacit approval for slavery

    while variants of this flag only flew over the "slave states" for roughly 4 years,

    yet current "thinking" says the Confederate flag and its variants must be eradicated at all costs. I'm sure it won't be long before the cultural Marxists notice this and go after the Stars and Stripes too.

    There's precedence for all this: does anyone else remember drag racing cars kits that eliminated beer or tobacco contingency decals? Or decals for WWII German planes etc that eliminated the swastika?
    The point of models is to represent the 1:1 item as realistically as possible, including significant emblems, yet a world-wide epidemic of "hypersensitive butt-hurt" has subordinated rational thought to the PC "groupthink" that Orwell warned us about.

    How 'bout this: Let the model companies make accurate kits, including relevant decals, and let the interested builders decide if they want to buy them or not.

    James, that's an incredible build, and I'm sorry you can't just post something like that and have your fellow builders appreciate it for what it is.
  14. Monty added a post in a topic '81 Camaro Batmobile?   

    Holy cow! This makes their Camaro look like a masterpiece! I don't know if they ever gave this project a name, but I thought I'd offer a few suggestions that came to mind after seeing the pictures,

    1) Shamouflage
    2) A not-rod
    3) Krylon pile-on
    4) Stevie Blunder
    5) No-Par (hokey, imitation billboards)
    6) Yellow flub-machine (Beatles reference)
    7) Budget Rend-A-Car
    8) A rattle-can also-ran
    9) Lemon-zine
    10) Quitsubishi

    And what's with the tiny wheels and tires? Is someone's lawn tractor up on blocks now?