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  1. I usually don't do more than one color on my car bodies, but I've got an idea that will require masking and I want to do it correctly. Long story short, I've got some skinny flame masks (Jimmy Flintstone horizontal flames a little over 1/2" high). The car will be shot in a lighter color, allowed to dry, then masked and a darker color (enamel) will be airbrushed onto the flame mask. How long do you keep the mask on before pulling it up? (Any other tips are also welcome)
  2. Nice! Glad you were able to get over the hurdles and end up with a great build. I've go the non-pro street version partially done (engine/interior). Can you (or anyone else in this thread) elaborate on the "fit issues" so I'll know what to expect?
  3. Really enjoyed watching this come together. To be honest, the subject matter didn't appeal to me initially, unlike the majority of his builds, but that picture of the completed engine made me keep watching to see what else he was going to do. Mark, the BRE cars had some distinctive graphics. Are you considering anything like that for this build?
  4. Do you think a drop or two of the hardener MCW offers for their enamels would help?
  5. Chuck, thanks showing us another option for chrome paint. Kinda surprised I haven't seen this one tested in one of Barbatos Rex's paint test videos, which I subscribe to. He's constantly showing new "chrome" paints from all over the world, and as you might expect, some are much better than others. This looks good! For those interested, expect to pay around $30.00 + shipping for a 15 ml bottle.
  6. '67-'68 for me. Wish I made the kind of money that would allow me to buy one of these.
  7. Remarkable build! Great combination of detail, accuracy and a paint color that really makes it stand out.
  8. Yikes, sorry 'bout the 8 miles of script for the link 😵
  9. Saw this on ebay today and it reminded me of when these first came out https://www.ebay.com/itm/124715939732?hash=item1d09a63794:g:1rkAAOSwWjVglv58&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4Oh1V%2B0YzKoPNAw7A1UlueWWzdohYsAFgpWuMo3SURYwolBCi5rCldom0VJk3mQhEfGSNlBy%2FtmVIEVrTme4nCmD1DRzAC%2BjTtBZO9Shw%2Bt8NpL9nuGm4NIgKT9gW952JUyfJFV8d5sAZOIjjo9RRKe4BTPwhYXSpFNootHBrbeQfZ1QYYB%2FiMHdrQjEHsxfBEWzXx6ErZmYTlK%2FwHbfeeZuX8U%2B%2BT15avAU4o%2BkEWgsf3H8mrHSjM6B%2BNLyvyQwe6wnG1eczeM%2BgdMk%2F0VrpgLv2jU2e2H%2FTIu4%2FYwMI5HG|tkp%3ABFBM9q7J27Nh If memory serves, they also cobbed AMT's Chevy van for their "Hopper" lineup. Both (there may be others) seem like incredible knock-offs of AMT kits. How did they do that (legally and in plastic)?
  10. Try being a Raider fan over the past twenty years, especially regarding player acquisition. As fans we watched our "brain trust" take wild risks on any number of "hidden gems" while dozens of players we could've had went on to highly productive careers with other teams, some in our own division. It got to the place where ESPN couldn't wait to see what idiocy we would pull off every time the draft came around. In 2019 we had amassed three 1st round picks through trades etc. That should've set us up for future greatness, but of those three, only Josh Jacobs is a starter (they did not renew his contract after his 4th year), Abrams has been traded and only God knows why Ferrell is still on the team. Last year's team, led by an interim coach, made the playoffs. This year's team, led by a former Belichick assistant, features multiple player "upgrades" including newly acquired WR Davante Adams (a rare quality "get" by Raiders' staff) but probably won't break .500. We are close to setting a record for the number of games lost despite leading by double digits at halftime. Junior college coaching staffs make better decisions, and have proven they can adapt to changes the other team makes. Us? No. Then again, as a player, would you be inspired by this owner? From what I've seen, he'd be out of his depth as an assistant manager at Chuck E Cheese. But I'm not bitter...
  11. Thanks! I missed that part entirely. I love 5-slots but he's currently out of the 15x8s I'd like to use. Anyone have pics of these wheels treated with polished aluminum or chrome paint?
  12. If you can manage it, I'd like to see how a regular kit wheel fits one of his tires. I can't seem to capture a pic of the BFG tires but you can see them here https://icemancollections.com/products/bfg-tire-sets-street-meat-series-1-25-1-24
  13. Heard he has some, so I looked up his site to see them. The tread looks spectacular, but the wheel openings look too big for any scale 15" wheel I've got. Anybody have pics of these they've used on a build?
  14. So why would you use an apostrophe on the word "meme's"?
  15. One of my German teachers in college was born and raised near the German-Swiss border. She became highly proficient in English and eventually came to the US to teach German. She recounted how her first stop after NYC was in Atlanta where she felt entirely out of her element. Nothing in all her years of education had prepared her for the heavy Southern dialect she encountered there. I'm glad she persevered as she was one of my favorite teachers.
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