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  1. Haven't fired it up yet as I'm reconfiguring my hobby room, but the review above lists its quiet operation as one of its assets.
  2. The compressor arrived Monday night via FedEx and I didn't see anything that concerned me. The outer packing box (shown below on the left) listed a mfr name of Zeny, while the product's box (under the compressor) lists it as model # TC 20T. Suffice it to say I don't have any complaints.
  3. I've noticed that most of the street rod /street machine kits offer some kind of aftermarket open-element air cleaner, yet to the best of my knowledge, none come with any kind of base plate that the filter sits on. You might think it's a small detail, but it makes the build look amateurish to real car guys, kind of along the lines of the magic floating alternator with no support bracket. As for the part itself, it just needs to have the outside edges that the filter sits on/in to look authentic, since most people don't make these assemblies removable. Thoughts?
  4. As of today, basically one month since the order was placed, these have yet to show up. Other sources seem to have them in stock again, so I'll just get them elsewhere. Just not from any place in Canada.
  5. I bought this unit after reading the comments here. I should have it by Monday. Thanks!
  6. I'm really out of my element on this stuff, but IIRC, two of the constants mentioned in the various inquiries are, does the unit have: 1) water trap and 2) adjustable pressure. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Single-Piston-Airbrush-Compressor-with-3L-Tank-1-5-HP-Hobby-T-Shirt-Tattoo/163236104354?hash=item2601a148a2:g:HQQAAOSwImRYHsYV This seems to have both. Any fatal flaws I'm not seeing?
  7. The lesson seems to be Don't source stuff you need from anywhere outside your own country if it's something that you have to have fairly soon. A number of years ago I ordered some Gunze Sangyo aqueous paint from a shop in Australia (Gunze had withdrawn it from the US). The paint arrived in a timely manner and the cost of shipping wasn't out of line at all. I doubt that same situation would play out the same way today.
  8. Yeah, I've heard other horror stories about Canada Post's outrageous shipping prices. The shipping on mine, however, was very reasonable, which is why I assume they sent the P/E frets in some type of envelope instead of a box.
  9. Not sure who deserves the blame here. I needed some P/E parts and every source I tried was out of what I wanted except an Ebay hobby products dealer in Canada (stsupply). I placed an order on 5/25/2020 and the order showed shipped via Canada Post the day after. It is now nearly 3 weeks since, and I have yet to receive my stuff. Apparently the means of shipping wasn't trackable in Canada, and once it reached the US, I assume it's continuing its journey via regular USPS (letter), also non-trackable. The vendor has a great rating, and says it's probably the USPS's fault. All I know is I paid for stuff that seems to be permanently lost.
  10. I'm glad Revell finally got around to addressing this issue on their recent Boss 302 release, but I can't fathom buying a whole new kit for one piece, especially when I have 4 of these languishing in their boxes. Yes, I've heard about the "Russian" fix-it kit, but after the initial buying frenzy, I never saw anybody post builds using them on here.
  11. I've seen a few of you mention using MM Turn Signal Red (#2756) on tail lights & such and I was curious whether it was an opaque paint or translucent, which to me would make more sense for use over chromed items. This paint is not to be confused with MM Stop Light Red (#2724), which I've used and like. I don't have a hobby shop anywhere nearby, so pics of Turn Signal Red used on any of your builds would be appreciated.
  12. Very nice build. Curious - looks like the seat has a fabric plaid pattern. Did Monogram actually create a decal for this or did you do some extraordinary airbrushing?
  13. You weren't kidding about that paint poppin'. This is going to be neat when done. Would you mind a question from someone who doesn't know a thing about these cars? There are two kinda triangular parts near the trailing arms at the rear. Why is one black and one silver?
  14. Monty

    AMT 1970 Corvette

    As a previous owner, I always look forward to seeing a well-built C3, and it looks like you've done a great job on this, especially on some of the smaller details like the front and rear air inlets. If memory serves, white has been a factory option for every year Corvette, but it's rarely seen on models for some reason. Yours certainly makes the case for it. If possible, I'd like to see a chassis pic or two. Also, can you elaborate on the trouble you had with the exhaust/tips?
  15. Perseverance + proficiency = prestigious. Nice work!
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