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  1. I always think you guys are nuts doing this, i have trouble seeing what i need to see now, but working at something around the 12 hour mark forget it....lol I wish you luck and this is a killer kit so enjoy the build.
  2. Danny Sullivan's 1993 Indy 500 car

    So decals are finished on this one now as well. I am impressed with Michael's new printing method the ink is bullet proof almost, the only think i found is the paper is tough as well but as long as you trim tight to the printed area the carrier film is basically non existent. I recommend this and the new sheets to anyone....Nice work Michael. So now it is onto the rest of the work for me with the two builds, but real work beckons next week so things may slow some...
  3. Danny Sullivan's 1993 Indy 500 car

    It is Tamiya TS44 Bright blue
  4. Danny Sullivan's 1993 Indy 500 car

    The postie brought the mail today and these were in the box, could not help but get a start on putting that big nose decal on.....got to love it.
  5. Jaguar XJ-S H.E. TWR - Hasegawa

    I had this kit in the original release, it is a lovely kit and one i am thinking of getting again. Nice start and look forward to watching your progress.
  6. Nigel Mansell's 1993 Indy 500 car

    Thank you Tom, yes it is the Snap kit, they did the Speedway version which was the Duracell car and the Road Course one which was Mansells. I have used the Duracell car with Museum Collection decals for the speedway car.
  7. This is one i have had in and out of the box for a few false starts. With the Xmas holidays i thought lets have a crack at it. I always liked these kits and it was a shame they were done as a snap kit, i think if they had of been a glue kit there would have been more traction and maybe we would of had more than the two Lola's? So this is where i go to last time, sanded the seamlines and painting went well till i had done the black and noticed my white had a small mark in it, i sanded this down and then thought to help the declas i will just shoot a little TS13 onto the body, well i then ended up with the lovely melted paint finish, and this was with a dust coat. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki So then a bath in the 99% alcohol and prime again and this is what i am back to. Hosted on Fotki Paint went on nicely this time.. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki I have had a chance to finally finish up the decals and now i am working on the suspension arms and engine.
  8. So while working on the Mansell build Michael from Indycals comes up with this new sheet, i look at it and think YES... Then i think hey one Lola two Lola's cannot be too hard and at the speed i build hey two models done....Nice. I look around and dig out another Duracell Lola and get to work on it. Then i read Michael's post again and see that the car ran with the roadcourse sidepods, luckily for me i have one laying around so i semi start it again. And this is where i am now, just waiting for the sheet to arrive... Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  9. 2009 Jimmie Johnson Coke 600 COT

    Nice build...
  10. A pair of Kodak Oldsmobiles

    Best colors out there I thought and the 87 was my first NASCAR build. Very. Ice work.
  11. Zerex Thunderbird

    A true classic...such a loss to the sport.
  12. 4th Gen Camaro diecast

    Looks very cool...
  13. 1968 STP Turbine

    This is a cool car, nice work. Indy als has the correct sheet for this car along with the right types.
  14. Kurt Busch's 2017 Monster/HAAS Ford Fusion

    Very cool build.
  15. Brad K Miller Lite 2017 Ford

    Looks fantastic, great build.