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  1. I would love to see this cab too. Our Fire co had a 73 Chevy I would love to replicate.
  2. Keystone aluminum models makes a 1/25 3d printed shell. You add details
  3. Would anyone have the emergency lights left over from the kit below
  4. Pm me your address and I'll send these out Monday. Maybe down the road I'll need something you will have.
  5. I thought of something. Do you have a spare set of nice airhorns
  6. I do mostly fire truck builds. If you have any parts for them
  7. I just received an order of different items from rookie resins. Amazing quality and so clean.
  8. It took about a week before he replied to my email. But will have the product done in no time
  9. Firebird designs.. he made the set below for me. Did artwork and printed for practically nothing
  10. Bought the resin conversion posted below. The cab and hood are different shades. It needs to be painted white. But I have used grey, white and even the red colored primer and the white comes out different shades. Any suggestions.
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