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  1. I just received an order of different items from rookie resins. Amazing quality and so clean.
  2. It took about a week before he replied to my email. But will have the product done in no time
  3. Firebird designs.. he made the set below for me. Did artwork and printed for practically nothing
  4. Bought the resin conversion posted below. The cab and hood are different shades. It needs to be painted white. But I have used grey, white and even the red colored primer and the white comes out different shades. Any suggestions.
  5. that is very nice. wonderful job converting it
  6. Love to see more pics but looks great from what I see
  7. Looking for suggestions on who makes custom decals for my next build. Starting to collect parts for it and need to find someone who can do a brighter gold. I'll attach pics of what I'm looking for.
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