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  1. Grumpa added a post in a topic 1959 Dodge Custom Royal D500   

    Nice build Emmanuel! You've captured a look of a '59 Dodge that's been around for a little while. Faded chrome, a little chrome coming off the bumpers! It looks like it's sitting on a used car lot in the '70's.
  2. Grumpa added a post in a topic 1960 Chevy Wagon   

    Pretty cool build James! The weathering and patina are great!
  3. Grumpa added a post in a topic '58 Impala Rebuild   

    Great save Bob! Very nicely done!
  4. Grumpa added a post in a topic Revell Jaguar XK120- The Gentleman's Racer!   

    Nice looking Jag Jason!
  5. Grumpa added a post in a topic Firebird 25th anniversary   

    Beautiful Firebird Michel!
  6. Grumpa added a post in a topic 1941 Ford Gold Custom   

    Nice looking '41 Steve.
  7. Grumpa added a post in a topic 1936 Ford convertible   

    Awesome build Jim! By of the best you've done! Not to say that the rest haven't been great, but this one.....beautiful! I love the color, love the bucket seats, and really love the wheels! Great car!
  8. Grumpa added a post in a topic 1954 Hudson Hornet custom coupe complete   

    Fantastic custom Peter! The line of this build is beautiful! Adding the continental was a great idea! Awesome job!
  9. Grumpa added a post in a topic Magic Muffler Fiat - Awful Awful/Fuel Altered   

    Awesome Altered Curt! Truly well presented! I love the front wheels!
  10. Grumpa added a post in a topic 66 Falcon, 3rd Restored This Week   

    Really nice save Al. It's nice to see restorations on these types of kits, rather then their being tossed out. Nice job!
  11. Grumpa added a topic in Under Glass   

    '64 Mustang Convertible - with a little upgrade!
    A few years ago a friend of mine approached me after church one Sunday and said, "hey I've got something for you that I found out in the garage...I thought that you might like it". So he hands me one of AMT's 1964 Mustang convertible kits. I opened the box and there lies a metalic green, with a candy apple red chasis (?). "Thanks" I said. Took it home and tossed it on the closet shelf.

    A year or so later I'm buying a couple of "Studio 81" sets of wheels from "BNA" hobbies out of Australia, and when they arrived I thought, "what am I going to do with these five spokes?" Ahhh...that Mustang. So out of the closet it came. Got a bath in "Blue Magic" (this stuff works great), and went to town on removing the cast on trim and scripts. All except the Mustang logo in the coves. In a slight "nod" to the Cobra, I scratchbuilt, and added very shallow cove scoops. Added some Fox body style mirrors from Modelhaus. Gutted the interior and added four matching bucket seats. In fact if built stock, including the tub, the interior is comprised of six pieces. I used fifty three pieces. I like the old "tuck 'n' roll" interior style so I had to add that. The door handles have been recessed into the doors. I pulled the 4.6 liter engine, radiator, exhaust, and Mustang logo (between the rear seats) from the Revell '06 Mustang GT kit. Seeing as how most modern cars are sans chrome. I went with kind of a monochromatic scheme. I kind of liked this gold color from Dupli-color, and the combination with the Wimbeldon white interior appealed to me as well.

    Except for the hand painted metalic green, and the fact that it was a fifty year old kit. The overall fit was pretty good. Nothing had warped, and no tire burn. That was a definite plus.

    If it wasn't for the orphan set of wheels and tires this kit would have remained on the shelf as a lost cause.

    So here is the finished product.

    I hope you like.

    Oh....that's "Mustang Sally" on the front license plate.

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  12. Grumpa added a post in a topic sneak peek #3   

    Pretty cool dio Manny! Definitely different!
  13. Grumpa added a post in a topic Contest models that got skunked - show 'em!   

    Wow! Some great looking models posted here! I have to agree with Rob...."don't get PO'd" if you get overlooked. I took like a 36 year hiatus from building model cars and got back into it in 2008. Entered a contest in 2011 with the second model I built in 2010 and beat out about 20 other street rods to take first place with a '32 chopped Ford! I was actually walking away when it was announced. As I turned around I actually said, "you gotta be kidding". Now granted it was an NNL, and it was not a judged event, but it was chosen by other builders, and that in itself was a huge plus. To be picked by your peers, and I don't know any of these guys, well.....a very good feeling. The same car did take a second at a judged event. As well as a Memorial award, but to be honest. Praise from your own carries a lot of weight.

    On the other hand. The pictures here are of an original AMT '64 Mustang that a friend had found in his garage and gave it to me. Painted a "god awful", christmas ornament metallic green. With a paint brush no less, and a candy apple chasis (?). Luckily it had not been built. "Thanks" ( I think). It promptly went back in the box and onto the shelf. I bought a set of Studio 81 wheels for stock and thought that they would look good on the Mustang. So I stripped the paint, and went to town. Too many things to list, but to give you an idea.The stock kit interior has six pieces including the tub. I used fifty-three pieces to create what you see here.

    Took it to a judged event......not even a look from the judges. No big for yourself, and if you take it to a contest, and it wins....that's a plus. What matters most you like it?

  14. Grumpa added a post in a topic 1933 Cadillac Town Car   

    Gotta tell ya James. You may have hated the paint, but it sure looks good on this car! Nice build!
  15. Grumpa added a post in a topic VUU Hot Rod, kinda...   

    Very COOL build Curt! It goes to prove that anything can be a "Hot-Rod"! I wouldn't mind having it in my driveway!