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  1. Grumpa added a post in a topic '36 Ford 3-Window Traditional Rod   

    Fantastic transformation Cliff! Beautiful....flawless work! Far and away one of the nicest '36 Fords that I've seen presented in model form. Really outstanding!
  2. Grumpa added a post in a topic Moebius '54 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe   

    Beautiful foil work Alan, and a great choice of color combo. Really nice build!
  3. Grumpa added a post in a topic Revell Beetle really captured the patina of a car that's been around the block a few times, and yet is still able to pull-off some newer upgrades without having to go through a complete re-build. Nice work Stefan!
  4. Grumpa added a post in a topic hello from NORTH CAROLINA can find just about any kit that you are looking for. From the new releases. to some of the "vintage kits" that you remember at $2.99 (albeit a little more expensive nowadays!), and at very good prices. But more importantly, you will find people like Tom Valenta (Drgon63). I'm sure that Tom won't remember me, but his tips on paint, and painting set me on a whole new course, and Tom is an awesome builder. Check out his Fotki link. In fact over the last five years of my attending this show, I haven't found one person who wouldn't spend a few minutes on explaining how they did this, or that. As with this show, you will find the same to be true with the folks on this Forum.
    There is also a great show in Roanoke, VA the first week-end in march. This is the 'MDA" car show, and there is a model contest attached to the car show. Your entry fee into the car show covers you on entering a model into the contest. Google 2016 MDA car show for further info. This also has an enormous amount of kit and parts dealers in attendance. So come up, see some great 1:1 cars, and models. 
  5. Grumpa added a post in a topic 1972 Cutlass Supreme....Hardtop   

    Nice build Chuck! Awesome job on mating the roof to the body....looks great. Beautiful color!
  6. Grumpa added a post in a topic 1961 Impala Convertible   

    Beautiful Impala Rick! I love the wire wheels. They lend a very classy look to the overall appearance of the car. Did they come in the kit? Or did you add them?
  7. Grumpa added a post in a topic Revell '29 Roadster   

    Nice little "Hot Rod" Clayton. I received two of these kits, one from my Daughter on Christmas, and one from my Wife eleven days later on my Birthday! Score! I love the green and white combo. I definitely sets it apart from just another "black" '29 Ford. Nice job. Oh...and the flocking of the idea!
  8. Grumpa added a post in a topic 50' Olds   

    WOW Dale! This is an absolutely beautiful build! Killer paint, and overall finish! Really....really nice!
  9. Grumpa added a post in a topic Heller 1/24 Bentley - by Kate Bacon   

    Beautiful job Kate! I wish that I was that accomplished at thirteen!
  10. Grumpa added a post in a topic Tamiya 1995 Volvo 850 Turbo Estate   

    Nice looking wagon Curtis! Looks fine to me!
  11. Grumpa added a post in a topic hello from NORTH CAROLINA   

    Welcome aboard Stan! This is a great group to belong to. There's a group over here in Kernersville, the "Carolina Kustom Modelers" - CKM for short. That sponsors a great 'NNL" show in August in Clemmons NC. Usually around the third week-end. You may want to make a trip over. You're only about two hours away. It's a great time to see some great builds. The show will usually draw modelers from all over the South, and there are a great bunch of dealers with parts, kits, you name it. Hope to see you there!
  12. Grumpa added a post in a topic Hello from Massachusetts   

    Welcome to the Forum Matt! This is a great group to hang around with.
  13. Grumpa added a post in a topic '54 Chevy late '50s/early '60s Full Custom   

    WOW Cliff.....this is very cool! One of the nicest customs I've seen. Great craftsmanship!
  14. Grumpa added a post in a topic Build photos for Disabled Modeler   

    A couple of really nice resurrections Mark! The '70 Impala was my third car...only it was a rag top with a beefed-up 350. Wish I had it back!
  15. Grumpa added a post in a topic OK, my 2015. First build in 28 yrs turned into 18.   

    Quite a collection of nice builds Kevin. Love the '70 Camaro, and the Cuda!