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  1. Beautiful Street Rod Helmut! Nicely done.
  2. Beautiful restoration Mike!
  3. Wow Claude! I missed this when it was first posted. This is awesome. What a vision.
  4. Nice looking "Merc" Michelle! You did a good job on it!
  5. Beautiful build John! ...and a great story to go with it.
  6. Grumpa

    58 Buick

    WOW! Beautiful build John! I love how you removed the "arrow" from the rear quarters and smoothed it out! It really adds to the overall look by making the car look even longer than it was. Adding the "skirts" added to the smooth look as well. Fantastic custom!
  7. Absolutely beautiful Roger! From all appearences...it was worth the aggravation! Love the choice of wheels.
  8. Good choice on John Williams. I've never been much of a Springsteen fan...I just remembered the song.
  9. Michelle...Springsteen did a song many years ago called "Pink Cadillac". Google it and take a listen.
  10. Great lookin Caddy Michelle! Bruce Springsteen would be proud!
  11. Wow...this is sharp Al! Very nice save!
  12. Very nice Mopar Carl! I love the engine up-grade!
  13. AHHHH! We've finally found the predecessor to the "Fiero"! Pretty "cool" Tom!
  14. Grumpa

    71 mustang

    Nice build Michelle! Love the choice of wheels!
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