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  1. Rusty...very traditional looking "Hot Rod"! I gave one of these to my eight year old Granddaughter for Christmas '19 and we put it together this past fall. I loved it so much that I went out and bought two more. I've got one on the bench as a "high boy". The other will be a full fendered cruiser. Can't wait to get back to it. I needed something to get me back to the bench...and this kit was the thing that I needed! Nice build!
  2. Very cool build Jim! I love the color and your choice of wheels! Really nice!
  3. Fanastic restoration Thomas! Looks like it just rolled out of the showroom!
  4. Claude...fantastic ingenuity and craftsmanship! A true "coach" built example in 1/25 scale!
  5. You can't get much "meaner looking" than this Christian. Nice job!
  6. Gorgeous "Rivi" David! Beautiful color! The choice of the wires' with wide whites really makes this build stand out! If you're learning...you're learning fast!
  7. Nice build Glen! Your kit-bashing skills realy paid off on the body and interior. The thing that I really like are the wheels. The Humpbacks are bulbous to begin with and the wheels keep within that look. Nice choice...they look good with the wide whites!
  8. Beautiful custom Gerry! Nice color, and is that a "flamethrower" set up in the tailpipe?.... Nice addition!
  9. Beautiful build Rusty! Nice choice on the later "Rally Wheels"...they look great on this!
  10. Killer build Lin. I watched the videos. Outstanding craftsmanship! The added details like the rivets on the bumpers is what makes this build so realistic looking. Definately inspiring!
  11. Turned out nice Jason. Love the "mags"! Sometimes walking away is just the thing! Ya gettin some snow up there?
  12. Some how my previous post got messed up. Oh well..."old guy" what do you expect! Anyway. Really nice build Dave. Great choice on the engine, wheels and color. The green really looks good on this roadster, and is different from the usual choices.
  13. Fantastic build Lin! Absolutely beautiful!
  14. Hey Guys, Gals, Anybody got an AMT '63 Pontiac Tempest that they want to trade off? Kit doesn't need to be perfect. In fact a buider (not one built) would suit my needs. I don't need the motor, wheels, tires, just everything else. Let me know, and if there is something in particular that you are looking for. Maybe I've got it! Thanks, Mark
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