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  1. That kit was called Destroyer. You're right, it's basically a renamed Bigfoot 1 kit with different tires.
  2. I have, I got the Johan Torino and the Omni.
  3. 64 all the way, I love the side trim on the 64.
  4. The box floor doesn't have much detail other than the ribs on the bottom side but you could use it as the base for a car hauler. Adding some strips of diamond plate where the the car would drive on it, some side skirts with storage bins, ramps for the back, and a rack on the front would get you there.
  5. My mom used to do that back in the 70s when she was a teenager. I remember there were still a few pieces around when I was a kid.
  6. I have the 3000 model, it has a half dozen or so speeds. The slowest setting is still fast enough to melt plastic if you hold the tool in one spot for too long but it's much more forgiving than the one I used to have.
  7. I totally understand, maybe Joe will chime in with exactly what he used to heat the string.
  8. That's good to know. I wasn't sure a lighter or candle would get hot enough.
  9. Yeah, they can be a bit stiff but can be worked into shape with some small pliers. I've wondered if you could heat the wire to try to take some of the temper out but I've never tried it. Sometimes you can pull the wrap off of a section which would make it much more flexible.
  10. I would use wound guitar strings shaped and painted black. Best if all, if you know a guitarist you can probably get an unlimited supply for free.
  11. You can find the AMT NASCAR hauler trailers on ebay for cheap, they're essentially the Mayflower moving van trailer.
  12. Its really trial and error until you figure it out. Each door or whatever moves a little differently and where your attachment points are will dictate the shape the wire needs to be.
  13. I believe the Salvinos kits have the 75 and 77 grille in the Chevy kits so you might be able snag a 75 front end from someone who built a 77.
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