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  1. 1/24 flat beds

    The Monogram Mack AC came in two flatbed varieties, a log hauler and a stake bed. I dont know what the availability is like since it hasn't been out for so long but someone may have parts to trade.
  2. Flat bed straight truck

    That kit has a sleeper in it, make the bed you're building as wide as the sleeper and you'll be fine.
  3. Shorty Pete 359

    They're based about a mile from my house so I'm sure they get up your way from time to time. The driver said it's a 1980 model with a 350 hp Cat motor but he didn't know which one.
  4. Shorty Pete 359

    I finally found this truck stopped somewhere and got to take a couple shots of the real deal.
  5. New Tool 62 T-Bird Wire Wheels

    I have a set, I've got the whole chrome tree of you want it.
  6. What scale

    Without know the specific builds you have in mind I'd venture that they are 1/24 or 1/25 scale since those scales are 95% or better of what's posted here.
  7. 66 Suburban 4x4

    The Revell 71 Bronco kit has the correct Dana 44 front axle, it just needs to be flipped over so the differential is on the passenger side. The beefier Dana 60 is in several Hemi equipped Mopar kits, the Revell Hemi Dart and 68 Charger kits and the AMT 68-70 Roadrunner/GTX/Superbee kits to name a few. Use the center section and remake the axle shafts from Evergreen rod. I just think the blobular Deserter parts will look out of place on a more modern kit.
  8. AMT 88 Mustang GT

    Yeah, I saw that one. I'm not that desperate for one right now, I really only want the GT sideskirts.
  9. AMT 88 Mustang GT

    I'm looking for the AMT 88 Mustang kit last out in the Millennium edition boxing.
  10. New Tool 62 T-Bird Wire Wheels

    I'm pretty certain I've got some, it might be a day or so before I can look for them.
  11. Rear Diffuser

    I did something kind of similar. In my build I replaced the rear bumper with pieces of Evergreen stock with a notch in it and mated the end of the chassis right to it so there was no gap. The only thing I didn't do was add the vertical slats but I was going to use thin strips of Evergreen for them.
  12. t fitting question

    When drilling tiny holes I start by using a new #11 blade to make a little divot where I want the hole because the bits tend to walk around a bit without something to guide them.
  13. Where to find a Ford 300?

    That engine needs just a little work, the top of the block and the bottom aren't parallel and it looks like the crank sits at an impossible angle. Also, the transmission points down when installed. You dont really see it when its installed but on the bench it's a bit wonky
  14. For styrene red tube glue has its uses but there are also Tamiya brushable glues for applications where you want the glue to flow. For clear parts several companies makes non fogging glues and epoxies that dry clear, personally I've started using Testors waterbased clear brush paint. Photoetch and metal parts either need super glue or small pieces could use clear paint or Future as you mentioned though it will be a bit fragile. Resin and 3d parts need super glue or epoxy depending on the size of the job and the strength desired. For holding small parts I typically glue the part in question to a bamboo skewer or piece of extra sprue. Almost every part has at least one area that wont be seen once everything is together.
  15. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    Finally found a set of the MRC Goodyear tires I'd been looking for so I bit the bullet and got them. I didn't really like the all terrain tires on the front of the beetle, these street tires give it much more of a pre-runner look.