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  1. You're correct Tom, it's the early 2000s kit with the custom parts and up top.
  2. If they're willing to make special runs of kits for Ollie's maybe we need to tell them what we want.
  3. Searching for the ribbed rear bumper from the Revell 49 Mercury kit.
  4. I've seen the one done by The Parts Box, does anyone make a McCullough style flathead supercharger?
  5. Be careful with Krylon paints, some like the Fusion line can eat plastic.
  6. Fat Brian

    Fast 9 Charger

    These are close but they're lug nuts and not knock offs but you could add the spinner maybe. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254748895204
  7. The paint I remember was made by Plastikote, I haven't seen it in over a decade and have never found anything quite like it.
  8. Yep, there were a few years where the the chrome wheels and fender flares from the first Bigfoot kit were included in the USA-1 kit.
  9. Someone on ebay used to sell a Rollin' Thunder sticker set for the Lunchbox but I haven't looked at it recently. Yeah, you'd have to drive carefully if you did a super fancy body.
  10. The Lunchbox is based on a real monster truck and I've always wanted to build one as the real thing. I'm afraid if I ever go down the RC rabbit hole ill never go back to models.
  11. AMT has wheels similar to those but not exactly the same.
  12. I haven't noticed a difference in the regular Chrome, those stickers started after they took some heat for the ultra bight line.
  13. The ultra bright was the stuff they problems with years ago, I've stuck to the regular chrome since.
  14. It will be available at the usual websites, Tower hobbies, ebay, Amazon most likely. If you have a local shop they can order it for you as well.
  15. The floor pan piece seems to hint at future race versions since it looks like it doesn't have carpet.
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