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  1. Monster trucks

    These are the ones to look for, there is also a Munsters version of this kit in black that can be found cheap.
  2. Monster trucks

    The easiest way to get the tires is buying the AMT USA-1 kit. It was in constant production for about a decade so the market is fairly glutted with them. Don't pay more than $15 or so for one.
  3. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    I've about gotten my roof rack fabbed up, I'm not adding the floor slats until I get the body painted but I wanted the frame on so it was good and secure.
  4. I'm starting to collect parts to build the semi truck from the Fallout video games. I'm trying to decide on a good starting point and wanted some input from the group. I've got a 50 Chevy truck and 50 and 53 Fords but could also get one of the available COE resin kits.
  5. Fusion Hex Beads

    I bought the 15/0 size and they are perfect for AN fittings and hose connections. They're under a 1/16th wide and the hole is just a bit bigger than a scale spark plug wire. $6.00 got me enough for the rest of my life, well over 1,000 I'm sure.
  6. Great Traders List

    I just completed my third trade with Scott8950, super smooth and great packaging.
  7. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    I'm glad l held of paying Ebay prices for the Autocar dump truck now.
  8. Looking for 68 Ford LTD parts

    I actually built a master for the LTD since I made this post.
  9. Ford 352 FE

    That is an old centrifugal supercharger setup. The AMT 60 Starliner has the best early FE out there.
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I still kick myself for missing the GTA last time it was out, the Karmann Ghia too.
  11. Getting the NASCAR bug, looking for decals

    Thanks, it's hard to tell the tone from old video, it looks like the bumper treatment is a bit different than the kit too.
  12. NOS Tank

    The AMT Fast & Furious orange Supra has two NOS bottles in a rack that sits under the rear hatch.
  13. Getting the NASCAR bug, looking for decals

    Okay, I'll check those sites out, thank you.
  14. I've been bitten pretty hard by the NASCAR bug and have been wanting to build some cars I remember from my childhood and significant cars from the past. My first model kit was Mark Martin's Folgers car, I'd like to find better decals for that one. I'm also looking for decals for Petty's 84 Daytona car, I have the old kit with those decals but the orange looks far too bright. I'm kind of late to the party and it seems like a lot of items that were available have gone away.
  15. Gundam

    I'm not into Gundam stuff but if anyone would kit the Battletech/Mechwarrior mechs I'd buy every one they put out. If I ever get really ambitious I might scratch one.