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  1. I really like the Restomod and Pro Touring style, especially for non original or rare classic cars. I built this 77 Mustang a couple years ago for the Cannonball Run and it very much fits your description. I stretched the wheelbase almost two feet and grafted the wheel openings from a 2008 Mustang onto the body. I used styrene strips and putty to make a widebody kit and the front and rear fascias with molded in decrhromed bumpers. I used the front suspension from the 08 Mustang and the independent rear from a 350Z. To be fair though I borrowed the design from a real car someone built.
  2. Tell her thank you for her vote and I'm glad she liked my build.
  3. I understand that feeling, but in the words of Mitch Hedberg "F*** it, cut 'em up!"
  4. I've never had a problem with Chrome so I don't dullcote it unless I'm going for that look.
  5. I wonder if there was a transition period where the air ride is okay for an early B but was phased out later or if the transition happened in the same year? Sounds like a research opportunity.
  6. That's the kit I bought to borrow the engine from, I'm probably gonna throw the v8 from the kit I'm building in it if I ever build it. I started to do a 71-73 Mustang from the MPC/AMT that's been out recently I have laying around but after looking it over I'd want to replace so much of the chassis it really didn't fit the spirit of the challenge in my mind.
  7. I feel you there, I spent $60 on the black Mustang before realizing it had a different body than what I wanted, $40 on the Mustang GTP for the 4 cyl engine, then another $25 to get the right kit with the body I wanted and I got super lucky only paying $25 for it. And I might need to get wheels and tires if I can't find treaded tires to fit the oddball kit wheels.
  8. There was only ever one tooling, it started as the A and was altered/updated into the B. If they were able to use it it would have produced the B as it was in the last 90s issue. To produce a B model from the new tooling they wouldn't have to replicate the old kit exactly. They could just have an insert that has the differences in the front of the cab that were mentioned a few posts back and the square headlight surrounds. The engine, chassis, suspension, and wheels could all stay the same.
  9. Fat Brian

    AMT Ford F150

    If it doesn't have to be that specific year the 78-79 kit is commonly available now. If you really want the 73-76 grille you'll need to track down a vintage kit like Casey said or find someone casting that grille in resin. The cast grilles will work on the 78-79 kit so you can buy an easy to find cheap kit and just add the grille. Here's the box are for the current issue of the 78-79 kit.
  10. This is the point I was trying to make last night. If they could have easily put the B out from the old tooling they would have, they obviously recognize the demand for it. So, since they went to the expense of a completely new tooling either they don't have the original tooling or it's in a condition that it can't be repaired.
  11. I'm going to guess the original tooling was ruined. If they could have put the 4070B model out easily from the original tooling they would have done it by now. The fact they had to borrow an original kit seems to indicate they couldn't even get the old tooling to produce a marginally clean test shot without a lot of work. The original 4070 kits shared about 80 to 85 percent of their parts. The major differences are the rear suspension, wheels, and I believe the B version has a single stack. It will be interesting to see if they made any provisions for different versions of this tooling.
  12. Wow, this was a major undertaking. We definitely need to speak with our wallets to show them new classic trucks can be profitable.
  13. I really hope this is the 87-91 Bigfoot kit, there's a ton of great parts in there even if it doesn't make a very good Bigfoot replica.
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