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  1. I've got a set you can have if you'll help me with the shipping.
  2. I'd like one of these for the Monogram kit as well, and the SD hood.
  3. Wow, you think if a person had that kind of money they would have had a safer way to store them.
  4. This is really cool. There are a lot of specialty vehicles from this period that approach the design most consider a monster truck. This has been at times a heated debate within the monster truck community. The current thoughts on finding the first monster truck is that it must have the 66" agricultural tires that became the standard tire for the genre and it must have done "monster truck things" like car crushing, sled pulls, or hill climbs. This definition excludes a lot of the early vehicles like this that were designed mainly for working. By the current accepted definition the original Bigfoot truck is the first monster truck. There was a mud racing truck called Kaw-liga that was on 66" tires first but they only ever used it for mud racing so it doesn't meet the second requirement of doing "monster truck things". This is an argument of when a thing becomes different enough or it's use changes to the point that it is now a new thing.
  5. Fat Brian

    MG Engine

    If you're looking for something that looks pretty stock your best bet is probably the engine from the Tamiya Lotus Super 7. Bonus that you can also swap something more modern into the 7 eventually. There's also a few Honda engines out there. You can also find a 3SGTE and a 22R on Shapeways. USCP does a Ford Cosworth that looks very nice. There's a fair amount of options, you just need to decide what direction your build is going.
  6. I glued strips from a wide rubber band to the inside of the tip of one pair of my tweezers specifically for handling small parts.
  7. This is a new video recently put out by a table top gaming channel showing a modern injection molding operation. There are some points made about how the mold is designed and balanced that are pretty interesting.
  8. Yep, this is a reboxing of the Monogram kit. The only difference between this boxing and the Hertz car is the color of the decals. This is just the standard GT350.
  9. Does anyone cast the heads for the Dan Gurney Eagle V8?
  10. Maple Leaf Modelworks has these on Shapeways.
  11. I like both of those but the nose of the Monte Carlo needs a bit of work. I would move the turn signals down about six inches and add some kind of crease to be a fuax bumper. The way it is is a bit too much big flat space for me.
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