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  1. Ford L9000

    I'm doing my best, it's 8 degrees this morning. Yeah, twice into the stripper is unusual for me, normally I'd just buy another kit and start with a fresh body.
  2. I'm working on a L9000 and used the Able Body sleeper from the GMC General kit. I didn't want to use something identifiable as a Peterbilt or Kenworth unit. I made mine a crawl through, I didnt look to see if a walkthrough was available.
  3. Ford L9000

    This one has to go back in the stripper again, the second coat wrinkled on me. I don't know if it's the cold or what but I'm going to switch paints too.
  4. Ford L9000

    In a new endeavor in self flagellation I've come up with a way to make tire cables out of small jewelry chain and guitar string. I've had to order some cheap bulk strings to get enough for all four wheels so it will be a while yet until I can finish this, hopefully the weather will clear so I can get some painting done.
  5. converting civilian truck into military versions

    Warren is right about the CUCV, it's probably the easiest to do. Get the Deserter kit that's out now and a resin long bed from Kris Morgan, there are great threads on military model forums about some of the changes that need to be made. If you're feeling more ambitious you could use the soon to be reissued Jeep J10 and snowmobile kit to make an M715. For heavy trucks, if you can find a Freightliner FLD 120 kit you can make a military style prime mover.
  6. Ford L9000

    I'm really happy with it so far, it's been an interesting build.
  7. Ford L9000

    Now that the paint is dry enough I tacked everything together to make sure it's got the look I'm going for. I'm going to have to strip the cab and sleeper, cheap paint betrayed me.
  8. Ford L9000

    Thank you, they were quite a pain to do but are a nice touch.
  9. Ford L9000

    With the paint drying on the major sub-assemblies its time for details, the dash is almost done except for dry brushing the gauges and a few other things. Because I secretly hate myself I also made functional rain caps for the stacks.
  10. AWB '65 Dodge question

    No word on a release date but the mold is pretty much ready to go.
  11. Freightliner COE Questions

    Isn't the AMT engine an 8v92T in the Aerodyne kit?
  12. Ford L9000

    I think I've finally got the tank and battery box arrangement fixed. I also got the cab and sleeper supports done.
  13. Round2 for 2018

    The lowboy trailer has already been out and is still easy to find.
  14. Ford L9000

    Yep, the kit would be so much more versatile as a regular L.
  15. Ford L9000

    I built the auxiliary transmission last night, it's upside down in the pic. The top will be hidden by the sleeper so I didn't detail it.