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  1. Round2 for 2018

    I'll be getting a few of the Toyota, I've got a couple projects in mind.
  2. '77 Ford Mustang II

    Nice looking build, I'm working on one of these at the moment and well. To answer your question the MPC kit has a nicer chassis and interior, the MPC guts fit into the AMT body with a little tweaking.
  3. what engines

    If you mean the new Revell kits the 29 roadster has a Buick engine while the 30 coupe has a small block chevy with a supercharger.
  4. From 4 to 2?

    The Monogram chevy van has the right front suspension but I seem to remember the A arms were different lengths due to the engine being shifted to the passenger side in the van. It would be a start though if you can get the arms the same size. The next best candidate and probably easier to obtain would be the front end from the 66 Suburban kit. The chassis didn't change much from body style to body style and the Suburban piece will look the part to all but the most ardent chevy gurus. It might be a touch small since it's 1/25 and the plow truck is 1/24, you'll just gave to see how it looks.
  5. Mack "R" vs Mack DM600

    You're not going to see a lot of the chassis differences in a model, I don't think it would be necessary to swap the R cab into the DM600 chassis. The R chassis will be fine for a dump truck.
  6. Y Block Tri Power ?

    It's not ribbed but there is a 3x2 long air cleaner in the AMT 58 Impala and I believe it came in a few other kits as well. I used one on my 59 Eldorado.
  7. AMT Trophy Kits Out Now May 2018

    From about the early to mid 90s until Round 2 took over in the mid 2010s almost every AMT kit was molded in gray. The exceptions being snap kits which are molded in whatever color the box top build shows and a few oddball kits that came in a muddy brown color. I've only had two of those, a 70 pro street Superbee and a 93 F150 stepside.
  8. Camaro Convertible Question

    I read your post but didn't know the answer so I spent 20 minutes on Google trying to find the answer but couldn't come up with anything definitive so I didn't post anything.
  9. Nissan resin engines

    Check Ebay, I saw some on there the other day. Keep in mind most will be 1/24 so the might be a tight fit in a 1/25 truck. There is also the AMT Fast and Furious Mustang with a 1/25 rb26 and and the 350Z with a v6.
  10. Mack "R" vs Mack DM600

    The biggest difference in the kits is the offset cab in the DM600 and the steel butterfly hood and V8 in the DM800.
  11. 72 Torino hood and door panels

    Yeah, and I didn't even ask for it, they just came that way. For $4 I expected bare resin and got plated, I couldn't be happier.
  12. 72 Torino hood and door panels

    I just my stuff in and wanted to show you what it looks like.
  13. I just wanted to review my order I received today to show potential customers what to expect. First, I got my stuff in 8 weeks which was exactly in the 7-9 week window estimated when I placed the order. Second, the packaging was excellent, small parts in clear ziplock bags with larger parts in baseball card boxes then inside a larger shipping box with plenty of newspaper for stuffing. The parts are great with minimal cleanup needed and as crisp of detail as I've ever seen on reproduction parts. The hood has the frame detail on the underside and the bumpers came chrome plated which shocked me, I expected them to be bare resin. The plating is as good as you'd see in a kit. Overall I'm very impressed and they will most likely be getting more of my money in the future.
  14. Upcoming releases which one to buy

    The Autocar has a lower parts count but might not fit as well right off the tree as the Mack kit. The Mack has all the emblems and lettering molded as separate pieces so there will be some fiddliness in the final assembly.
  15. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I'm still in, no progress since my parts came in though.