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  1. I'm looking for the separate lower side skirts from the MPC then AMT 88 Mustang GT and the trumpet style headers and exhaust from the Revell 1/25 street and Baja Beetle.
  2. Cat Track assy's

    Wow, that is one heck of a load.
  3. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    I like this idea, I have plans for other types of race cars as well. I think I have gathered enough parts for a salt flats 32 roadster with a Duesenberg straight 8 and its tow vehicle. Maybe the group build format will help keep me progressing on a build.
  4. Wheel size

    I used these tires on different rims for my Cannonball build this year. They are a bit wide for 1/25 but not cartoonishly so, still, most cars will need at least mini tubs to fit them.
  5. How cold is it where you live?

    I'm next door to Charlotte North Carolina, last week it barely got out of the thirties but today it was 80. Something, something, polar vortex yada yada...
  6. What's the latest Revell North America News

    Yeah. The Revell issues have left some empty spots on the shelves of my local stores that fill up whenever they get a few of the intended kits in.
  7. What's the latest Revell North America News

    Your right, they reset the model aisle twice a year when they get in new releases. Though the Revell shake up has changed that a bit lately.
  8. Reveal your user name origin

    I do a similar job now, I work as the coordinator between contractors and my companies engineers to draw up encroachment agreements on pipeline right of ways.
  9. Reveal your user name origin

    I'm 6'3" and about 425 and my name is Brian. It's also a nod to an old bit on the Bob and Tom show. Their characters Jimmy and Tony have a weed dealer who also delivers pizza they call Fat Brian.
  10. 4-53T source?

    I'm not as far along as Brian but I made one too. Once you get the block done you can use a lot of parts from a kit 8v-71 to finish it.
  11. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    I'm finally making some progress on the Beetle. There was no way I could make the tires I posted last time work so I bit the bullet and bought an old set of American Satco Bridgestones off Ebay. They're much better than before but I've only got four so I'm going to have to get creative with a spare. I've lifted it about four scale inches and completely removed the running boards. I'm thinking about using the right hand drive dash since the kit only comes with wipers for that version. The wheels are ancient MRC Cragar SS's thst just happened to fit the tires. I had really wanted to run Jackman wide fives but they aren't available in resin anymore but the Cragars are equally 70's looking.
  12. Great Traders List

    I just completed trades with Scott8950 and SCRWDRVR, both were excellent and I would trade with either of them again.
  13. Thanks, I forgot to edit this post. I got the intake from someone else. Still looking for that tire though...
  14. Very nice build, I like it a lot.
  15. I found a rim deep in the stash, now I'm trying to find one MRC Goodyear tire. Still wanting to find the intake too.