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  1. Great info everyone and it matches my recollection of the car. It didn't, and still doesn't, have a/c so the orange engine is correct. By the time I was around the car in the late 80's it had been through 16 owners so it wasn't 100% stock anymore. One of them added the big oval air cleaner from the 440 model but I dont know if the under hood duct work was there.
  2. I want to replicate a neighbor's car from my childhood, probably THE car that got me into cars in the first place. Also, what color should it be? I'd swear it was orange but I was pretty young at the time.
  3. That kit shares a ton of parts with the Monogram Chevy and GMC trucks so you can pull just about anything you need from currently available kits.
  4. That Blazer is a good find.
  5. Thanks Casey, I haven't had a chance to did my kit out. It's the parts on the left that I need.
  6. I need one of the center spiders for the rear wheels in the Titan 90 and Astro kits. One of mine must have gotten tangled in the sprues and is broken.
  7. I've seen reviews of this kit, it looks amazing. I don't really have room for 1/48 aircraft but I've got a 1/72 Academy P-38 I'll get to eventually.
  8. Maybe what was once lost has now been found? They're definitely digging deep in the stash.
  9. Even though I didn't do many modifications to the kit one of my favorite builds is my 59 Eldorado. It's one of those builds where I just totally nailed my initial vision.
  10. The Nova's are supposed to be in the pipeline, no definitive date though.
  11. So who told the other guy it was coming? That was from official Round2 channels.
  12. The Hobbytown near me had all their Testors paints in clearance when I was there two weeks ago. At that time they said that the paints were coming back but in Rustoleum packaging. The total discontinuation of hobby paints is news to me.
  13. It's a shame they didn't do the printed windows like in the Monte Carlo kit.
  14. The high top should still fit the police van, you just wont have the windows. If the inserts from the camper kit are still in good shape some judicious cutting on a new body might allow you to drop them in.
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