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  1. I noticed the same thing with Squadron white, the most recent batch is too wet and dries much harder that it used too. I tried mixing the tube with a bamboo skewer but it didn't get much better.
  2. I was looking at getting the SMH body, what exactly is wrong with it?
  3. As much as I would love an obscure old Dodge or International I have to agree with Mike that the most bang for their tooling buck would be a 67-72 Chevy kit. It's an incredibly popular body style and the current kit is dated and surprisingly hard to find given said popularity.
  4. As a relative youngster around here I had never worked on a truly old original issue kit until fairly recently so I had no idea how bad modern plastic is but man, the difference is incredible.
  5. I've seen this truck running around for a while and finally found it sitting to snap some pics. It's a Ford Louisville cab that's been narrowed to a single seater. This truck is used to haul telephone poles offroad for installation, you just stack them up on either or both sides of the cab and offload them with the crane. The cab has a rear exit door so you can block both sides if you want.
  6. I can count on one hand the number of builds I've finished without having to strip something, it's one of the reasons I buy two of almost everything now. On the L9000 truck l did I couldn't even get a flat black paint job to turn out right, in my younger days I'd have taken it out back and set it on fire. Sometimes you've just got to wait on your mojo to come back. I usually go play a video game or try to figure out the guitar for the 500th time and come back to it with fresh eyes. I try to plan my projects more carefully too to make sure I have enough steam to finish them.
  7. I have a 69 grille if it will work.
  8. Yeah, I guess that normal does belong in quotation marks doesn't it.
  9. Take the money and hire a hit man, totally worth it.
  10. Nope, that's the earliest version of Bigfoot 5. When Bigfoots 1 through 4 ran the 10 foot tires they rode between them and looked like a giant roller skate. Here's a picture of 1 on the 10 footers with 4 on normal tires and then a pic of 4 on the 10 footers.
  11. The land train is where the tires for Bigdoot 5 came from.
  12. I hope they bring it back out, I more than doubled my money on the last one I bought so I'd get a few this time.
  13. The Cummins straight six will not fit in the new reissue of the California Hauler with the little window cab. I had to recess the firewall a quarter inch and modify the interior tub to get one in there. Much easier to switch the bodies like Hakan suggests.
  14. The transfer case from the Firestones Ford is correct for this, Ford and Dodge both used the NP205 in a divorced configuration around this time and the front output shaft is on the correct side. After a quick Google search it looks like Dodge 4x4 pickups of this era were leaf sprung and I imagine this company used off the shelf Dodge parts where possible. The axle looks like a Dana unit, easily found in many Dodge cars with a Hemi motor. Just rework the tubes and you're good.
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