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  1. The best thing I've found are the photoetch saws from Model Car Garage. They're thinner than an Xacto blade and I've found the make a finer cut with much less of a gap left when the panel is out. I don't saw along the panel line, just run the tip of the blade back and forth in the line and it slowly works through with barely a hair breadth of plastic removed. They also work great for making cuts where your razor saw won't fit.
  2. Thanks, I should have put a little spring in there so they look more like clamps but they're so small I'd probably have to use a light bulb filament.
  3. I was originally going to paint it blue for a bit of color because the body was going to be gray primer before I went with red oxide and white. Once I went a different way with the body I used gray for the welder since it looks more like a Lincoln unit.
  4. I guess I wanted everything I would need to get myself back home if anything broke or I had to recover the truck. I'm not really outdoorsy do I didn't really think of camping gear or things like that. It makes sense now that you mention it.
  5. a lindberg kit

    It's not finished but here is where it's at currently.
  6. a lindberg kit

    The sink mark's in mine were so bad I stripped the chrome so I could fill everything in. The parts for my tank were also warped to the point that the tank isn't round or straight. I'm having to use a straight edge to find where to add putty and then where to sand it to get it into useable shape.
  7. Favorite Car

    We used to have a 78 in Cinnamon Metallic with body color Olds Rallye wheels, it was glorious. It had that oddball metric 200 automatic transmission and when it died we couldn't afford to fix it so we sold it. My attainable dream car is the 92-00 Lexus SC. I've had two SC300s, a green 95 and a I just got a pearl white 98 about a month ago. I should have my wheels ordered in a week or two and once I get the spokes painted to match the body I'll get them mounted up.
  8. Bonding Clear to Opaque Styrene

    Since you aren't trying to preserve the clarity of the clear plastic I would use something strong like Tenax or Tamiya thin to get a good weld.
  9. Chrome in Sprint Car kits

    Thanks, I didn't think I'd ever get all the parts on it.
  10. Chrome in Sprint Car kits

    What I have been using is the Perfect Match in the red and black can. It dries pretty shiny and I think it would do good for polished aluminum. I painted the air cleaner on this build with it.
  11. Chrome in Sprint Car kits

    The Duplicolor spray chrome has gotten much better in the past few years and then there are the Molotow pens and ink too.
  12. I got the supercharged 1UZ Toyota V8 for a SC400 build I'm planning.
  13. turbo help needed

    Wow, that is old school right there. This design doesn't run an intercooler and looks like it has alcohol/water injection instead.
  14. I just want to put this here for the record since I brought up the topic. My parts from Clearly Scale arrived today and look just as advertised, it's just the lack of contact is a bit concerning.
  15. Tire size question

    I agree about Fireball, Joeseph has Indy Profiles that should work well for your plans.