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  1. Engines usually tilt back a bit like in your picture. It helps with driveline angles, the smaller the angle in a universal joint the smoother it operates.
  2. I might be in, I had fun with my bug from the last one.
  3. Yes, as long as the bodystyle was available in a given year its good even if the specific year on the kit doesn't match. This is great for newer cars where they ran the same body basically unchanged for several years in a row.
  4. Yep, all these are curbside. For a unique swap check out the Clearly Scale 1UZ resin kits, they have a few supercharged versions of a Toyota v8 that should have been available in these trucks from the factory.
  5. This picture is courtesy of Tim Boyd, the kit will hopefully be out next year.
  6. You've also got trucks, Broncos, and Blazers/Jimmy's from all of the Big Three available with a little kit bashing for the GMC truck.
  7. The Johan Boss 429 engines are the best in 1/25 scale, none of the AMT versions I've seen much to speak about. If you don't care about a stock intake or transmission you can find them in the Mustang and Pinto funny cars. The whole engine can be found in the 72 Torino stock car kits. The Revell 70 Torino kits with their SCJ motor could supply some of the missing stock looking parts though they wouldn't be identical to the Boss parts.
  8. Keep an eye on ebay, builtups and partial kits come up every so often.
  9. Thank you, really the wing on your car looks totally normal for cars over here. I see cars with race style wings like that every day so it would completely blend in. The color helps too, I had a hard time picking a color but love how the Tamiya gunmetal looks on it, it makes it kind of stealthy. The foil helped too, it was kind of bland without the foil on the upper wing extension piece.
  10. Regular Testors thinner on a Q-tip will remove it, be very careful depending on what type of paint you used.
  11. Three more options for 51, Moebius Hudson Hornet, the Revell 50 Olds passes for a 51 too as does the AMT 49 Ford if you use the custom grille without the bullet nose.
  12. I'm going to combine these three kits into something for my 81 birth year. It's nice to not have to buy anything this year, I think I spent almost $200 on this year's build.
  13. You might try ebay too, the kit breakers usually have the decal sheets listed.
  14. The R-34 Skyline and 350Z were available in 2001. Also there is the Revell 99 Mustang that covers the 99-04 bodystyle and the Revell F-150 Lighning pickup, this theme isn't limited to just cars.
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