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  1. The rivets on top of the cab are wrong anyway so losing them or redoing them wouldn't be a bad thing. I believe there is a post on the truck forum with a picture of the correct pattern for the rivets.
  2. 2018 Cannonball Run

    More progress on the Mustang. The final coat of clear is drying on the body and I've got the engine about 90% done.
  3. Building Ideas

    I strongly agree with afx about getting some Evergreen and Plastruct materials. Nothing has improved my builds more than having the raw materials on hand to build whatever modifications I want to make. I built this entire bed out of plastic sheet and a few bits of rectangular rod and C channel, the only kit parts are the bumper, Jerry cans, tool box, roll bar, and stacks. You'll be surprised what you come up with once you've got the tools.
  4. Mold blow

    That's called a short shot, as to whether or not new Revell will replace it I have no idea.
  5. I better do this before I forget.
  6. Moebius '65 F-100 Flareside Pickup!

    I know what I'm building with one.
  7. Don Garlits Blow Over

    Okay, I swear I've seen a different crash in that car where it did a full back flip and broke in half. Instead of turning backwards after going vertical the rear wheels come off the ground and the car goes completely over and the nose hits the ground breaking the car in two.
  8. The pens are just another tool in my tool box. They have their uses but I prefer foil for most things, it looks better to me and is much less susceptible to handling.
  9. Pot stocks

    Wow, when my rich aunt died I owed her twenty dollars. This is still a very gray area of the law with federal laws lagging behind the states. If an aggressive administration wanted to go after marijuana money it still could and you'd have very little recourse because it's still technically illegal. I'm surprised a broker would push you this direction, it seems like he's fine making his percent of your quickly growing portfolio and leaving you holding the bag if things go south. At this point l wouldn't put any more money than I could afford to lose in marijuana based businesses.
  10. I agree with what everyone else has said, the Molotow pens are great for some jobs but doing a raised trim line is next to impossible. The paint is so liquid that it's a bit hard to control. It does blend well with plated parts so touching up attachment points and seams is much easier. I find the silver Sharpies work better for window but they aren't as shiny chrome as the Molotow pens. Below is a 1/64 truck I'm doing the trim on with a Molotow pen, you can see how the paint wants to run.
  11. The usual answer is to mount the wheel to something you can chuck in a drill and then with said drill solidly held in place you spin the wheel and use a very fine brush to add the line. This all reqires some precision and a steady hand and probably a fair amount of practice ad well.
  12. Does anyone make stock Sprint decals for a 72 Pontiac Ventura?
  13. On my Eldorado the tires I used had a pretty defined ridge around them so I masked the front of the tires with bare metal foil and trimmed around the ridge. Then I shot the areas I wanted white with Mr. Super Clear flat, it's the only thing in a spray can I've found that will dry on vinyl. Once that was dry I shot them with Krylon flat white then a final coat of clear flat. I think they turned out pretty good even though this won't work for every set of tires.
  14. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I'm almost ready for paint but it looks like it will be raining here for the foreseeable future. I'm running out of things to do with the body in primer. I need to get it attached to the chassis to get the final tire fitment and finish the engine plumbing.
  15. 2019 Cannonball run ideas

    I like the P2P idea, there are lots of possibilities for neat old cars to build. Maybe we could make a faux class for more modern cars with similar rules to the existing classes because something like a WRX would be perfect for this race. Even with the pre 1976 rules I can think of several builds, Lancia Stratos, Renault Alpine, a Baja Beetle just to name a few.