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  1. I just want one of those Can-Do Wreckers! lol. Half built that kit when I was like 12yrs old. Never finished it, ended up in the garbage. Oh if I knew then what I know now... >_<
  2. I would absolutely KILL for newer pickups (Mainly the 05 and up Dodge rams) maybe not with all the different options, but at least a diesel! Not only that, some newer VW models would be cool too. I know a ton of VW entusiast that would lvoe to have a model fo their show cars and daily rides. Mk3 Jettas and golfs, Mk4's, mk5's, etc.
  3. Somewhat older pic of me. But I haven't changed much.
  4. I currently have about 6 going. Most are in the beginning stages. My post apoc kenworth is a major project. Extending the sleeper, frame, adding extra fuel tanks etc. I basically try to work on a different one every day. Helps me keep interest in them. Unless of course I get on a roll with one.
  5. Yesterday I treated myself to a run to Time machine, managed to find a very nice AMT Chevy 3100 kit, and picked up a revell 67 chevelle SS 396 kit. Happy early bday to me.. lol.
  6. I never seem to be able to get any clear parts on without getting some form of hazing. no matter what glue, or how sparingly i apply it. >_<
  7. I still dream of modern truck models, like, 06 dodge ram mega cab with the cummins, crew cab chevies with the duramax, or even some of the newer fords with 7.3's or even the 6.4's. >_< I have an obsession with duallies...
  8. And engine is a mechanical device that uses a fuel source to create an output. A motor converts electricity or other forms of kinetic energy into a mechanical motion. It really only matters on the person you're talking to. Either way it gets the point across really. Junkman, if I ever come across 4.5m, i may take you up on that offer. Hehe.
  9. I actually usually picture a waitress running with coffee to the next diner.... but my mind is a bit twisted..
  10. This past weekend I picked up the Tamiya CB1100R re-issue. Now I can't decide to go full on Cafe Racer with it, or do a hard tail bobber. >_< any ideas? lol.
  11. If you're talking Diamond plate, the only stuff I've come across has been like, 1/16th or 1/48th "O-Scale" the o-scale actually doesn't look too shabby.
  12. I would buy the wheels and the cab in a heartbeat. Been looking for a 1.5 ton Chevy for ages now. And I love those wheels!
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