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  1. Who's that Sidney? I want to brag to my friends I talked to a celebrity too lol. Thanks for the fun and kind words my friend.
  2. Sidney, it is the same either way. Washer fluid lays down smoother and is a lot cheaper than floor polish. Thank you Carlos Franco.
  3. I just barely had my hood on a 70 Plymouth roadrunner crack on me. Everything was flawless. I polished it and waxed it and next morning it had fine cracks all over in it. Another person contacted me and had the same problem. We have determined that it has to be from cold. He was able to fix his by lightly sanding with 2000 grit sandpaper and then putting on 2 thin coats of floor polish. I already put mine in to removes the paint.
  4. Like Tony said. It can go over everything and make sure each coat is dry.
  5. Very nice so far. Looks like a great start.
  6. With acrylics you can use any kind of clear spray can clearcoat.Same with the pastel chalks Lone wolf was talking about. You can get an acrylic clear enamel clear or lacquer based clear. I myself use pledge floor care. I airbrush mine on but you can use a brush to apply it as well and it is self leveling. I then brush Testors duu coat lacquer on it to take away the shine.
  7. Acrylic cl to ear can be sprayed over any type of or brand of paint. It just takes some learning. Thanks for watching my video's. On thing with future is inches back and let it mist it. As you build it up it will get shinier and shinier. A lot of people start seeing that shine and so they move the airbrush closer to put on heavier coats of which just clouds it.
  8. Hey there JD. Your product lived up to exactly what you claimed when I used it on spoons. I tried five different types of applications and three got poor results like most of the comments by some who have tried it. One came out decent and one came out great. As with anything people need to take the time to experiment and find a way to make it work properly. It is different from one coat lacquer of which you can put on a fairly heavy coat. But if the time is taken this can be just as good and cheaper. That said. I can still get the one coat lacquer look, and the same look with this Tree house product with Pledge floor care. which is even a whole lot cheaper. But I have an airbrush and spent a lot of time practicing with it to get the results that I do. Your product is a great product for those without an airbrush as long as the time is taken to play and practice to get the great results. Here is what I can get with floor polish.
  9. Yes. Go get the light gray CRAFT acrylic and mix it the same way real runny and milky. I would suggest using a sponge. dip it into the paint and then dab on paper towel. then lightly dab on areas to be faded. Use a Q-Tip to dab little areas or creases along trunk or body. Let dry. Keep adding until you get the look you want. Then again sand along edges to feather into the paint.
  10. Start jumping for joy my friend. I did not mean aircraft I meant CRAFT paint. The Walmart .59 cent for two ounce bottles of cheap goo. Out of curiosity, are you using an airbrush? If so Painting with these craft paints will be a lot of fun. Also, it helps with fades. When you get your main colors down you can thin light gray or white paint with pledge floor care way way thin. 1 drop paint to 15 to 20 drops pledge. This is so it will bond. It needs to be thinned to where it looks like milky water and somewhat see through. Then spray light mist coats on the areas you want to look faded. This will show the color but have a dingy faded hue to it. You can also make it shiny. Add rubber cement where you want it to look shiny. Then spritz a little water and add some kitchen salt along the edges of the glue. Let dry for a few hours. Then spray a dull coat or a light mist of pledge around the edges. When you remove the salt and rubber cement it will have a faded dull look to it. You can now lightly sand with 1000 grit sand paper to blend in along the edges.
  11. I have tried this on spoons and wet coats do not work well. I sprayed mist coats on it and let it slowly build to a shine drying for a few minutes between the first three coats then a little heavier coats for two coats and it dried with no orange peel or no shrinking. I sprayed on a heavy coat on another and yes it looked great for 30 to 40 minutes and then it shrunk and orange pealed on me. With patience this stuff is pretty good. I do however believe I get better results with Pledge floor care that is a lot cheaper for what you get.
  12. Jacob, First off let me thank you for your service to this great country. It's unfortunate that you have been disabled but please know, If the disabilities came from your service you have more than the utmost respect from my self and many, many others. I can no express my gratitude for you and your sacrifices. Second, please check out the YouTube model building community. I myself have learned everything I know between here on the forums and from YouTube modelers. There are a number of great groups to get involved in on Google plus as well. I will be more than glad to share a few links if you are interested. I will let you know you will meet a bunch of GREAT builders and have friendships from around the world. We get on and have ten members doing hangouts whee we just get online and build and chat. YouTube is a HUGE source of information of all kinds of ways to do things, I mostly work with craft acrylics in my video's but others use enamels and lacquers. All kinds of info there and you can see it happen. It is also a great place to show off your build projects and updates. to a wide group of people or get help if it is needed. I do hope you enjoy this hobby, there is a lot more than building a plastic toy knwadays lol. Great community of people. again if you need any assistance I will be glad to help if I can.
  13. Welcome to the hobby. There are many ways and many great builders here who can help so please listen and check out their assistance as well. That said I will share my first link that will show you an easy way to weather a vehicle and do the entire thing for less than $3.00 worth of paint. Of course you will have to spend more for the four bottles But they will only cost around 4.50. You will also have enough left over to do another ten to fifteen models with it. The second link is to my tutorial page on YouTube. There you will find all kinds of ways to do stuff. I have glossy and I have beaters. I tried to list them based on what I was doing at the time. So take a few and browse down and if there is a title that sounds interesting hit the play button. I hope you enjoy the hobby and if you need any help just ask I will be glad to help if I can. Here are those links. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWmDDhf1nNnxvW9Jh_uNc9PkIUZm167M6
  14. Thanks again for all the comments here. I am learning so much and appreciate it. No knowledge of military has kept me away from building military. Thanks to you guys for adding another aspect to building them. The history lessons to go along with it.
  15. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. I also use acrylic paints. I get the craft stuff where you find your clear. I have always used pledge but this is worth trying out.
  16. Man, this has been quite enjoyable. I have steered away from military because I know nothing about them. This has been quite an enjoyable learning lesson. Thanks guys.
  17. Thanks everyone for the comments. I was not aware they leaked oil and ran on gasoline. So glad I posted. I learned more about it.
  18. My first attempt at a military Helicopter. All paints are craft acrylic paint from Walmart.
  19. Very nice Teddy. Cool you were able to do this with acrylic paints.
  20. This is one of the monthly pics winners for Dr. Cranky's 2015 calender contest. All craft acrylic paints on this.
  21. I just use a hair dryer outside. High output low heat.
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