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  1. Thanks Dragline. Wasn't sure how much interest this build would get on this forum! Do you have one?
  2. Update time! Finished running all the fiber optics. And yes, I used all 160 feet of fiber with just trimmings left over. I got all my LEDs wired up and fiber cups installed. Below are some progress pictures. Pre wired LEDs ready to install. And a quick lighting test.
  3. Looks nice. I built one last year, quick easy build!
  4. Thanks guys! Got a lot done on the kit this weekend. I cut out the back of the spine and built a full garbage chute complete with space junk and a Slave 1. I also drilled out all the windows for the fiber optics. Started mods to the engines as well for lighting. Very productive weekend! Space junk the Slave 1 will sit with. Lots and lots of holes... Looking pretty jimongous compared to the Revell snapper!
  5. Got all the trench pieces installed. There are some "bare" spots that will need some greeblies added to them. Again, love the way this kit is going together. I need to order .5mm fiber optic this week. I'll start on the other super structure assemblies today and then start drilling holes. Engines will need to be drilled out as well. Here are some new pics and where she sits now. Port side trench detail. The inside edges of the starboard side trench. You'll have to drill thru both to run fiber. Bare spots needing details. And the upper and lower hulls resting together.
  6. This is a Russian made kit of the Star Wars Star Destroyer, a Holy Grail kit for SW modelers for the last 40 years. Quality, fit, and finish are top notch. The sides of the super structures are separate detail panels applied to the hull. The edges are beveled resulting in excellent fit. The side trenches assemble the same way. They are also keyed so you can't put them in the wrong place or position. For me, I'll be building the major sub assemblies then drilling and running fiber. I'll then assemble the sub assemblies. My impression so far is excellent. I originally thought the Anigrand was better detailed, but with this being a plastic kit, the details are so much sharper. Given a choice between the two, I'd opt for the Zvezda. Assembly starts with adding the detail panels to the lower super structures. Then on to the trenches. Comparison of the lower hull with the new lights/sound Revell snap together.
  7. Thanks for the compliments guys!
  8. Thanks guys. I printed some newspapers up yesterday to lay on the ground. Dipped in black coffee to give them that old newspaper look. I'm making a wine bottle tonight to lay on the sidewalk as well. Well, I have an idea, we'll see if it works! Pics tonight after work.
  9. Thanks, it's getting there. Been sick lately so the going has been slow....
  10. Been a bit under the weather this past weekend. More progress made though. Getting close to the finish line on this build. Still need to add "street trash" and do a little more weathering.
  11. The base is further along than what these pictures show. In fact, it's almost done. But here is what I started with. I grabbed a wood picture frame from HobbyLobby and removed the glass. For the asphalt, I used a roll of cork, also from HobbyLobby. It was cut to size. I took some chunks out and made a few rips. Save the chunks as they can be used for debris later after painting. I then marked on the backing board where the holes were. I glued RR ballast down to show under the potholes and cracks. The cork was then glued down and the whole thing painted flat black. It will be weathered later. Next I created a sidewalk from foam core board. I drew on some lines to show the curb and expansion gaps. I took my Xacto and cut these slits. I then took a ball point pen and ran it along the cuts. This deepened the cuts and rounded them for the next step. The sidewalk section was glued in place. It was then covered in a napkin soaked in diluted white glue. This gave texture to the sidewalk and also allowed the napkin to settle down into the joints. And finally you can see my mock up of a streetlamp in the last picture. Yes, it is lighted as well. I should be able to finish this all up this weekend. Thanks for following along!
  12. Thanks a lot guys. I have the war torn street base almost done. Hope to have that finished this weekend.
  13. Thanks guys. If anyone else builds this, have a strong shelf to put it on. For being a plastic model it weighs a ton!
  14. Finished this up the other day. I'll work on the base for it this weekend, a street scene.
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