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  1. Depending on how I feel, I switch out between these 3 pick-ups.
  2. Looks great! That torsion bar rear suspension is a pain but you did a fine job on it.
  3. Very nice job on yours. I had a 1:1 butternut yellow one with the black stripes and a black vinal top which I repainted the same color as the box art minus the black stripes but keeping the black vinal top. I received two kits this past week and plan on building my before and after versions.
  4. Truck came out very nice. Are those the photo etch head lights too?
  5. Excellent build. I love those resin conversions.
  6. Very nice work on that Big Horn. It takes skills to work with resin like you did here, especially the windshield work.
  7. Here is the hood for the original blazer with the bow tie molded on.
  8. Yes I do. I have friends and some family that live on that road.
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