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  1. thispartisrequired added a post in a topic Stanced BMW Z3   

    They are pretty common over in europe, I quite often see a lowered beemer.
    Any idea on where to get low profile tyres? Its a bit of a dry area on the model front where I am (only one shop on the Island where I live that sells styrene, usually its always in sizes you dont want or need :/ )
  2. thispartisrequired added a topic in Under Glass   

    Stanced BMW Z3
    Hi all
    Thought I'd post this up, as I'm pretty happy with it, starting to get to a point where I'm half satisfied with what I'm turning out.

    Built from the Tamiya kit, albeit with highly modified suspension, rear wheels modified with cutom barrells and then trimming to change the offset, tyres spun on the drill to get the stretchy look .
    Pulled the arches a bit and modded the lower part of the bumper, other than that bone stock .
    Cheap satin black, clearcoated same with the wheels, subtle browns, all tamiya for the interior.
    All comments negative or otherwise welcome.
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  3. thispartisrequired added a post in a topic Scratch build challenge entry IR Suspension pics 10/2   

    Whoa... ...
    Looks amazing,
  4. thispartisrequired added a post in a topic Revell VW Samba   

    haha, would be a good name, shows how bad my brushmanship is, cos' that aint' what its meant to say .

    I didnt base it on anyones bus, but i I expect its been done before. So I created my own
  5. thispartisrequired added a post in a topic post apocalyptic 2CV   

    I'd like to see more photos, looks proper mental
  6. thispartisrequired added a post in a topic Revell VW Samba   

    I wasn't too impressed with the fit and finish of the kit, i dont know if yo guys are familiar with it, but i feel that the body came in far too many bits, it does lend itself to making a model like the above, but I couldn't get the shell put together accurately enough to make look concours or to a show standard which was the original plan.
    Also the wheels supplied (not used) if scaled up to 1:1 they'd come out at nearly 20", not exactly accurate imo.
  7. thispartisrequired added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Revell VW Samba
    A samba of many panels really, I based it on the idea of it being cobbled together from salvaged parts, basically a cherrypicked vehicle.

    Comments welcome.

    First go at doing a mural type thing

    It looks ok in the flesh, the photos make the boundary between the colour and the white so rough, like I said any comments and pointers welcome.

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