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  1. Why don't you try dowloading photobucket app and from there you can upload pics through your iPhone. It worked for me
  2. Incredibly unique I have no words to describe this kind of art. Now I'm eager to see the shiny one keep it going Doc
  3. Wow I'm amazed right here (no kidding guys)
  4. Sorry my question is what car kit would match the rear part of this car if I were to build it?
  5. I found this on the Internet and I really liked it, even though I'm not a racing car fan. what car is the rear part from?
  6. Nice proyect and you've started it with the right foot
  7. OMG really Doc or Sir Doctor you're creating art and not only that. You're for sure leaving a mark for all of us (new builders) to follow you and 4ever and ever keep in our minds who is Doctor Cranky. I'll be honored to show your art to my children in a future great
  8. Oh holly styrene addictions!!!! It's magnificent and sure it'll let anyone speechless
  9. Great proyect its hard to keep the calm waiting to see more. You have everyone stuck to the forum checking for an update LOL
  10. Great come back Dr Cranky and what other thing than a great proyect to begin with. Keep on creating
  11. Really impressive don't put the tools down and keep giving us eye-candy.
  12. Awesome and impressive keep on doing your creation and let our mouths opened by the impression.
  13. Where can I order mr hobby products? please let me know
  14. Please styrene experts who's gonna build it. We'd love to see it done.
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